Don Monroe Case Files: Rope-Knotting Bandit Strikes Again and Again!

In a prior post in the Don Monroe Case files I shared what he was going through with someone randomly tying his ropes around his remote cabin. LINK TO POST

Recently, this has escalated and I'm hoping to find people who might know more about knots than I do. 

Someone entered the locked cabin. 

They took the time to knot up ropes inside, incorporating items in the home like a belt and a toilet paper roll insert in elaborate designs. 

They left the lights on and relocked the cabin and left. 

Once Don checked the cabin for missing items, he settled back in after an excursion, unpacking his items and getting to bed early.

Late in the night, he was awakened by a soft knocking at the door. 

He reached for his gun but found it unloaded. It was never unloaded! 

Someone wanted to meet him, but didn't want him to panic. 

He had four potential culprits and three of them were feral. He had tracked them in their woods. Now, it was possible they tracked him at his home!

A couple years ago it was just ropes laying around on his property that were found knotted and laid out or tied to the ladder near his cabin. Don found it unusual, but not threatening. Someone was being playful. 

But, since the light and gun incident, the ropes have shown up tied to the ladder outside and also to the boat he recently acquired and is storing nearby. 

First, let's look at the knots - 

I did a little asking around with climbers and ranchers and they saw some knotting that looked familiar. If you have any good info on knot techniques, I'd love to hear from you.

There are some feral individuals that Don has visited over the years in caves where they were residing. He would leave them items and they would respond by rearranging items left and lining things up, etc. The innocent back and forth was reassurance for Don that they acknowledged his presence in their homes.

Could it be that one had tracked him back to his cabin and was returning the favor? 

One possible culprit was a fraction of a tribe that went up into the mountains in the late 1800s. Don came across a cave that showed evidence of habitation by a group of feral people. He had been leaving them treats and useful and pretty objects with a back and forth for some time. 

Another was the "Massey Man" from a cave he had found hidden. 

Another highly unusual possibility of the "feral" options was Bigfoot. As Don has made an over 2-decade study of horse mane braiding on the full moon by Bigfoot at ranches, perhaps one realized that the man was onto their knotting techniques. 

There leaves a possibility of a human element in all of this. In a town of barely 200 people in a remote area of the Northwest, it's rather doubtful it's a prankster in the town who knows when they can sneak in and tie ropes undetected. It's possible, of course, but strange that it would begin in the past couple years? 

Any insights into the kinds of knotting shown here would be greatly appreciated. The case is wide open and it's our hope to test a few possibilities as to who the talented prankster is.

I have made a suggestion to Don for another approach to this interaction. We will see how that unfolds. 

Note: I'd like to thank Dennis Guern, James Carroll, and Ken Gentry for input on this case. 

*Updates will continue on this strange set of strange events**


  1. That's very strange. It's very interesting. May I ask where you found the story? I'm looking for a paranormal newspaper of sorts.


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