Chickies Rock: Vortex of Strangeness

This lovely quartzite rock formation in Lancaster County, PA is not just a lovely and some would say powerful rock, but it appears to be in the center of weirdness like some kind of ancient rock conduit.

The lovely wooded and curving Susquehanna River winds below the rock and over the centuries, it has been an attraction for those wishing to end their lives. But, the history of tragedy and unexplained goes way back on this eerie location.

In the 1940s, a group of coworkers went to picnic there and when a few of them left to go get water, they ran into one of the most hideous sights imaginable. In their path stood a figure perhaps as much as 16 feet tall with no arms or legs, its head bandaged and knives sticking out of its body.

Many say an abandoned home from the 1700s in this area is perhaps the most haunted place in PA. It is said the hooves of the past owner's horses can be heard clomping around the grounds. It gets creepier. The owner wanted to discourage any Natives from creeping onto the grounds and set traps, one of which he decapitated himself. 

It is said a robber left his gold there in the area and then died, leaving the knowledge of where unknown. It is reported to be cursed.

There are reports of Bigfoot sightings, but also albawitches. What the heck is that, you ask?  These are said to be 4-foot tall little beings that inhabit the area. This is most intriguing as such bodies were found by the hundreds in Tennessee showing a population of "little people." Interestingly, they were a race of people said to go nearly extinct in the 19th Century and went into hiding to survive. This is totally in alignment with other very rare but credible sightings of "little people" near where Bigfoot live.

This is only a small amount of the history of this area which also includes murders, missing people, sightings of other creatures and ghostly figures, lights and more. This has to be one of the biggest "weird" spots in the Northeast, along with Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts and Bennington Triangle in Vermont. 



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