Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Portals of Strangeness

Portals of weirdness are reported around the world. These areas have certain characteristics that make locals fear and avoid these regions and with good reason. UFOs, Bigfoot, ghost lights, and other weird occurrences make them a dream focus of obsession for this gal who loves theories.

In Southwestern Vermont there is a region near Glastenbury that is known as the Bennington Triangle. In this region, an unusual number of people have gone missing over many decades. What is most peculiar about this region, besides people going missing into the wilderness, is that there are also a large amount of UFO and Bigfoot sightings, as well as strange lights.

Skinwalker Ranch in Northeast Utah became a famous site of supposed portals, UFOs, shapeshifters, Bigfoot, Earth lights and more. It became even more famous in the excellent book "Hunt For the Skinwalker." These locations apparently have usually limited windows of activity and then these "portals of strangeness" close off and activity is barely ever reported again or even not at all.

The Bridgewater Triangle is located in Southeastern Massachusetts and is a 200 square mile area with reported UFOs, poltergeists, orbs, Bigfoot sightings, Thunderbirds and cattle mutilations.

From this site filled with reports, a witness reported of Bridgewater Triangle; "My wife and my buddy and I were traveling home the other night on 195 towards Providence. My wife was asleep in the back seat and my buddy and I were discussing musical tastes when he suddenly swerved away from the shoulder and cursed: "What the Hell is that!" I had time enough to look and see a black orb on the side of the road. It wasn't set on the ground though, it was sort of hovering above the ground. We pulled over maybe a half mile past it and debated going back to check it out. We ultimately decided to head on home. We continued down what we thought was 195 when we realized we were in Taunton. We never got off on an exit, we were going straight on an empty 195 the entire time and we were now somehow miles from 195 in the center of the Bridgewater Triangle. We immediately whipped out the GPS and headed home. We both swear, as stupid as it sounds, that whatever was on the side of the road "warped" us to Taunton. My wife saw how scared we both were and, though she didn't see the orb, can't figure out how we got where we were either. We looked at maps and even if we somehow made an exit (we didn't) we still wouldn't have ended up where we were."

Some have theorized that these spots are actually located in areas where there are portals to a Middle Earth sort of birth place for all these strange events. Others report Bigfoot being associated with earth lights and that he comes and goes in a flash of light with UFOs overhead guiding the process. Others call them Stargates where other dimensions cross over and come and go, then shift their Stargate to a new location regularly.

There are a lot of interesting theories about these regions of weirdness. I have yet to come to my own conclusion, but we have a great deal of odd things reported and it's entirely possible that they are not unrelated. Supernatural occurrences would need supernatural means and that would mean they might all need the same means to exist.

Hope that keeps you wondering. 

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