Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pterodactyls: Are There Still Dinosaurs in the Sky?

People today report seeing pterodactyls. Is it a trick of the eye as we are viewing flying creatures from a distance or is there something highly unexpected still flying in our skies?

When I was deep into my studies of the tall feral humans in our wilderness, I stopped to ask myself "where would they be?" "Where did they come from?" an "What is their adapted habitat?" This is what led me on the path of Denisovans. 

When I hear of pterodactyl sightings today, I ask myself "where are people seeing them?" "Is this their adapted environment?" The answer is - the Pacific Region. 

What is especially true about this part of the world that would support their survival? Imagine thousands of islands, volcanic caves, unlimited warm sea with wildlife. If any place is feasible it is this region including Indonesia, Vietnam, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, California.... 

Perhaps the best way to hunt down their last known resting places is to look at what the locals drew on their rock faces. This last picture is a drawing by the New Zealand Maori People.

In 1944, a man witnessed the "Ropen" in New Guinea. Here is the account -

For some great information on the Maori and pterodactyls, go to this LINK.

Here's a great posting about an expedition in 2015 in New Guinea in search of pterodactyls (LINK).

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  1. My buddy from Tujunga, CA saw a "pterodactyl" across the street from his condo perched on a building, it was about 6 feet tall. saw it take off and then saw it a 2nd night flying over his condo's loft deck. He's an open-minded skeptic, but remembered very specific details. He told me, "they have it all wrong" and then detailed a strange articulating appendage coming off its head. Had heard the old timer's interview years ago, but when I re-listened, I caught that detail and that's exactly what my buddy saw too in 2016 in the LA area!!