Monday, August 29, 2016

The Wookie Whisperer: Footprints Around the Homestead

(This is a series about a real-life Bigfoot habituation situation in the Midwest and the man who has learned to coexist in a most playful and remarkable way).

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About 200 feet from the house there were 4 prints (above) at an angle through the ditch coming from a logging trail that runs parallel to the road. They were 31 inches long and spaced at an average of 10 feet from heel to heel, Using the formula that seems to be very accurate of 2 inches of print per foot of height makes this big boy 15 1/2 feet tall. We shall call this one "Kong," as he is without a doubt the King of the Forest.

We found 24 inch prints about 20 feet from this track line last summer.

We did not continue to back track as the poison ivy was too heavy to pass in shorts.

This (below) was when Little Andy could not resist checking out my prospecting mini sluice to try to figure out what I was doing. This was made in broad daylight next to the house.

Some other prints were ruined by my room mate when he stepped on them.

This set of tracks (below) was in my front yard behind where I park my truck and as you can see they came very close to being driven over. One is from each foot and in opposite directions. One can tell they were made by a very young female because of the narrow heel a male would have a heel as wide as the toes are.

This (below) was on my deck and made by a teenage female that could not resist the smell of french fries cooking. We had used the fryer outside so as not to heat up the house. My roommate had left about a basket worth of fries on the table and most of them were gone by morning, but she did leave one foot print.

This (below) was one of several prints found 200 feet from the house and came off the logging trail on the property just east of mine. they were spaced at 6 ft from heel to heel and would be from a 12 foot tall one.


We had a little action here last night.

There was one of the Bigfoots calling out using an owl like call about 30 feet from the house. I exchanged calls with her for a while. Trying to encourage her to come to me as her calls had an affectionate sounding trill on the end of them. After she stopped calling I came inside and got ready to leave to go to WalMart. 

When we returned she was still hanging out. 

Its kind of nice knowing they watch over my home when I am gone. I pity the fool that comes here with ill intent. She was doing lots of calls and likely wanted me to leave a snack for them out by the barn. Too bad my knee was killing me or I would have.

I get accused of talking to them like a girlfriend and I probably do. But, when a woman is literally strong enough to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end of it, I think it's better to stay on the good side of her. How much of what I say she understands is anybody's guess but the tones of my speech are what counts.

They are kind and sweet and they love their children, so not so different after all. I just wish I could get past the language barrier. 

After several years of interacting with them I no longer have any fear of them wanting to harm me. They are peaceful by nature and really are not sure what to make of me. I don't think they ever had a human reach out to them before and show them kindness. It makes you wonder what stories they tell their children about humans and what kind of monsters they see us as.

They are so curious about what I do and often peek in the windows to see what is going on inside the house, far more than I am aware of for sure. But sometimes I catch them and get a glimpse of one looking in at me.

Not too many people would go outside when they had just seen a 10 ft tall Bigfoot looking in the window at them. But the whole point is to try to interact with them and learn. I went out and was not afraid as he retreated to the woods when he knew he was busted looking in. lol 

It seems Bigfoot are so misunderstood and people can be so afraid of them because of their size. Folks fail to really observe the behavior with a clear mind. To face one's fear is not often an easy thing to do. It's even harder to overcome ones fear especially of the unknown.

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