The Wookie Whisperer: Night Moves

(This is a series about a real-life Bigfoot habituation situation in the Midwest and the man who has learned to coexist in a most playful and remarkable way).

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The nights were once a time of TV watching or getting indoor chores done, but over time, Dave couldn't help being drawn outside to the deck, to listen to the night. 

He got to know the sounds of the crickets and bullfrogs and other nightlife in the forest, but occasionally he would hear a new sound or a creature he wasn't certain of, or perhaps the call of a bird that sounded kind of wrong.

One night, Dave lifted his head and listened to the wavering sound of a siren like an ambulance. He turned his head. The sound was coming from the creek. There was nothing but woods and no roadways. There could not be an ambulance down there. But, damn if it didn't sound just like one!

Then, there was the night of the Jurassic bird call. Dave couldn't equate the sound to anything else he had heard. It was odd and a single call a few times, but one again one of those sounds he couldn't verify its origins. 

That evening, he set the audio recorder on the deck and walked down to the barn area to leave the food treats in the coffee can for the hairy owl ladies, as was the routine. 

As he approached the barn, he must have scared off something, as he heard the heavy footfalls as it took off to the northwest. It sounded as if it were about 100 feet from the barn. 

Dave left the food and went up to the deck to get his sound recorder, but heard some odd calls in the woods and no hairy owl ladies calling at all. It was as if everyone had retreated and something else was out there, something unsettling to the Wookies.

He gathered up his recorder and listened again to the odd calls he captured. 

Sounds heard (below) at  - 13 seconds, 21 seconds, 2:33 and 2:35.  

That evening was indeed odd, as the next morning, the food treats still had not been taken. It was as if his woodland family had avoided the homestead all together. 

It was usually active from dark to about 3:30 a.m. when Dave supposed they headed back to their bed down place. As best as he could guess, it was about a half mile from him, as there was a good location there. It had a hidden pond in the woods, lots of caves, abandoned coal mine and abandoned homestead with a remaining barn. 

It became apparent that the Wookie clan was very resourceful and did not waste a single resource. He figured they probably foraged at night time, managing to take every tasty morrel mushroom, acorns, mulberries, and more. There also appeared to be not one single poisonous snake on the property and that was very odd for such untouched woodlands. He figured they might clear them out to protect the young and they could do double duty as something to eat as well. 

The more Dave considered it, the more he was sure they spent some of the winters retreated into caves and eating the snakes that wintered in there. It would be an endless resource in such times. In fact, they did not seem to be out and about as much during snowy weather and it might have had something to do with the obvious tracks it would create. 

During lightning storms they also seemed to be quiet and retreated. He didn't know if it was the chance of being lit by the lightning or they simply knew it wasn't safe, but it was one time when the Wookies laid low. 

He had heard them imitate a lot of different creatures and he knew the tones of their imitations compared to the real thing. There were crows, birds, owls, bullfrogs, coyotes, and they even mocked the dogs to incite them upon occasion. He had also heard what sounded like a chimp scream and a howl that were very distinctively not an animal sound.

It was odd, the things one learned living among the hairy forest people - like how to handle being zapped with infrasound. One time, Dave's roommate got zapped and Dave told him to lay down and sleep it off and sure enough, an hour later Dave had to rattle his roommate hard to get him to awaken, but when he did, the symptoms were gone. 

Contemplating the times he had odd things happen before he understood there were Bigfoots on his property, Dave recalled one very telling incident. Realizing that they liked to peek into the bedroom windows on the west side of the house, Dave recalled their eye shine and light sensitivity and a strange occurrence that baffled him a while back suddenly made sense.

He had found the floodlight socket that was attached to the west side of the house pulled out, still attached to the 10-foot long board that was pried out, and lying on the ground. That was no accident. Someone wanted the light gone and they ripped the board down with light attached!

Over time, observations began to make sense, like saplings bent and pointing toward water sources. Such markers would be significant and helpful for the clan. 

Although he was making gains in understanding these night-based people, he did occasionally catch glimpses of them in the daytime. It seemed their real work was done when the sun went down. He was beginning to piece together a sense of their locations, their treks, but still much about them was a mystery. That was probably why there were so many stories about their abilities that grew over the years and telling. 

One thing Dave did notice about his property when comparing his experience with what was broadcast online, he had not run into a single dogman, portal, weird lights, battery drains, cloaking evidence, UFOs, or Bigfoot going missing in mid stride. He wasn't sure what to make of such claims. The clan he was dealing with were most definitely of this world.


  1. I very much enjoy Dave's stories about the Bigfoot clan. But, I would also like to hear from the man with the stalker. Hope he's OK.

    1. Sandy, thanks. Yes, there is a new Stalker edition coming up next week. That case continues to baffle us greatly.

  2. I very much enjoy Dave's stories about the Bigfoot clan. But, I would also like to hear from the man with the stalker. Hope he's OK.


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