The Wookie Whisperer: Infrasound Zapped!

(This is a series about a real-life Bigfoot habituation situation in the Midwest and the man who has learned to coexist in a most playful and remarkable way).

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#6 Night Moves 

Infrasound: Sound waves at a frequency lower than the human ear can perceive. 

(SOURCE LINKAs humans, we can hear the rumble of distant thunder but can’t hear the crack of lightning unless it strikes close by. We hear the bass but not the treble because powerful low-frequency sound travels long distances well. But the bass humans hear cuts off at about 20 Hz – below that, you can only feel the sound at close range as it vibrates your chest. If we were capable of hearing bass frequencies lower than 20Hz, we would be able to hear our own muscles moving.

In comparison, there are many animals who appear to hear and produce sounds well below our range, known as infrasound. These include:

Guinea fowl

Sound consists of waves of high and low air pressure. When they reach the eardrum the waves push it in and pull it out, creating a vibration transmitted through the middle ear bones to the cochlea, where specialized cells produce nerve impulses and our brains interpret these as sound. The waves we hear best range from a fraction of an inch to about a metre, whereas infrasound waves range from tens of metres to miles.

There is much debate in the Bigfoot community of researchers as to whether Bigfoots use infrasound or not. We are not talking about crossing dimensions or UFO encounters, psychic skills or anything else extraordinary, simply an ability to make and perceive a frequency that incidentally has an effect on human beings who cannot hear it, but can feel it.

Now, let's move forward to discuss Dave's experiences with infrasound in relation to his "Wookie" clan - 

(audio clip) 

Twilight one evening, when it was just about to turn dark, Dave stood by the fence where the dogs run. He was leaving the usual coffee can of goodies out for the hairy owl ladies. 

He headed over and set down the can with the mixture of dog food, bacon, and raw whole eggs and called out his usual greeting "Are you hungry?" Then, he walked away a good 100 feet, turning back to see if the ladies were coming.

About 15 feet away from him, his roommate, Ralph, was snapping sticks and putting them into a burn can. 

He couldn't make them out clearly, but he saw figures at the feeding can and knew the ladies were getting their snack.

Not far away, Ralph snapped twigs over and over again, putting them into the can. Dave kept the recorder going, curious if he could get the sounds of the ladies or perhaps some of their guardian sentinels in the forest.

Ralph began to feel very odd, hair standing on end, spooked, like he needed to leave. Dave talked to him, surprised that he was showing symptoms of being "zapped" by infrasound when Dave had not felt it. Why direct it at Ralph? Perhaps because he was snapping sticks. They either saw the sound as possibly aggressive or didn't like the scent of fire and knew what they would be doing at the burn barrel.

Dave talked to Ralph about it, explaining calmly that he needed to go back to the house, wipe his face down with a cool cloth and lay down and sleep about an hour. It seemed to reset one after being zapped. Dave then admonished the Wookies to do no more zapping (end of audio)

An hour later, Dave shook Ralph, trying to awaken him. He was deep in his sleep. It took some wrestling to get him to come-to, but when he did, he felt like himself again.

Dave learned about this from being zapped himself a few times, one time he suspected it was Little Andy a bit too close to the house.

Dave had waited until after dark to burn trash because the wind died down. He could hear the sounds of the Wookies near, as he suspected they do not like fire, but it could have been the smell of the trash he was burning that made them uncomfortable. 

So, he turned off all the stuff in the house and came out on the deck. He had his .357 mag along with a tall drink and his spotlight. In the early days on the property, he wasn't sure what to make of  the nights and what was out there. He was prepared to see for himself with the spotlight, that is until he learned they had eye shine and it bothered them. 

He could hear the females along the top of the ridge line to the east.

Then, Dave heard the kitchen window behind him vibrating, as if from a bass sound similar to when you have a TV by the window. 

He got a kinda creeped out feeling and the hair on his arms stood up. Then, suddenly something on 2 legs took off running like the Devil was after it! 

Dave had shined the spotlight, but it was too far away in seconds. In the short time it took him to jump to his feet, the culprit had crossed the yard, the road, the ditch, jumped a 5-foot high fence and never missed a beat!

The big heavy footsteps came down so hard and so fast they almost merged into one sound. It had to be going at least 45 mph or more! 

Dave shined the light in another spot where he had heard a noise and saw one duck down. He let his finger off the trigger of the light for a few seconds and hit it again and caught a young female in the light. She was all black and kinda scrawny. She had been eating raspberries, as they were in season. Dave was able to see her full on as she moved to where the adults were and was slightly hunched over as she walked. Like the other Wookies, she had a thick mop of hair on her head and her eyes had a very bright green glow. She had a round head. She was covered in hair except for around the nose and eyes. The hair on her head was kind of like a mushroom cap and stringy like a Raggedy Anne doll.

Later on, Dave suspected it was little Andy that had been next to the garage hitting him with infrasound to spook him into going inside. 

That time, the Wookies got to hear Dave's mean voice as he told them to quit trying to scare him. 

They moved off and Dave heard what sounded like the young one getting hit with a stick 2 times. He could hear the swish like a fencing foil cutting through the air and then an almost feline sounding "RAWR." That happened 2 times as they moved off.

Note: Dave's experiences with infrasound showcase things other researchers have experienced. I, myself, was tracking what I believed to be two sentinel males on the Mogollon Rim when I stopped. I knew where the one was that I wanted to go toward. My mind was eager to go there, but my legs didn't move. It was as if I forgot how to will my legs forward. I stood there like a statue, mind going forward, body staying there. When my research partner came up to me and started talking, I turned to him and was able to walk to him. Soon after, I began vomiting profusely, going in and out of consciousness for the entire more than one hour ride back to the valley. When I arrived back in town, I was completely alert and fine. 

Some researchers report wandering off from camp and not knowing why they walked off, or walking and coming "conscious" as they arrived at a bush or tree, wondering why they went there. Others suddenly turn and go back, some get headaches, others nausea, some go left instead of the right as they intended, or just feel uncomfortable and rush from the area. The reactions to infrasound are varied, but the commonality is that they stop us in our tracks and make us change course. It is a most helpful tool to someone who wants to discourage us from getting a bit too close to sensitive areas. As a side note - here is what infrasound can do to water -

Here is a man who can make infrasound because he has extra long vocal chords (how long do you think Bigfoot's vocal chords are?) - 

Sound used to put out fires - 

What might infrasound effects do to small game and birds? Could this be utilized to stun or kill? There are lots of implications to the capabilities of Bigfoot when you consider a very natural and explainable method of disorienting.


  1. The window rattling is the first really good evidence I've heard that supports an infrasound component to the zapping. I remember reading somewhere that healers are able to pulse the muscles in their arms at ~12 hz to produce the healing effect. From the standpoint of the Chinese paradigm, this pumps Chi into the sick individual. I believe that something like this energy is involved in the zapping. They grow up feeling their parents energy and learn to direct it easily.


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