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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Being Watched

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Visit #7
February 13, 2016

Today's report includes 81 photos with observations.

The goal of this visit was to spend the day at the park at each both interaction sites plus explore the woods west of the ditch.

Before leaving for the park, I discovered my bike had a flat. That meant of course not using my bike today but hiking around. This I didn't prefer but gave into doing.

I arrived at the park around 6 AM and it was dark but I could tell is was partly cloudy with no breeze and cool with a temperature of 55. After gearing up, I left the parking area at 6:15 AM.

On the way, past the .25 marker, at the mid-size cedar tree, I saw the sticks behind the tree. My large limb that I laid across the sticks was gone. I was to take a photo on the way out this afternoon as it was still dark.

Approaching the site 1B entry, a coyote passed in front on me coming out of the ditch moving into the east tree line. At 6:33 AM I arrived at the pipes at site 1B. It was still dark. I limited my movement to just around the pipes. 

I announced my arrival by calling out my name, doing 3 tree knocks, playing notes on my flute and whistling my particular tune. I brought a trash bag to police the area of trash. As I waited for dawn, I was thinking of finding more balls and plastic items later in the day. I also thought of finishing relocating all items to the central deeper interaction area. At 6:45 AM, I blew more notes on my flute. Many birds are singing close-by. Dawn was now breaking. I love being in the woods on a cool morning like today.

My photo observations begin at this point:

#1. thru #3. At pipe #1, my longer, thicker stick is still there with 3 small sticks in place of the past group of larger sticks.???? Also, ball #2 from the storage pipe has been taken and moved to the middle base of the pipe on the east side. ???? Also the sticks that were on the pipe now surround the ball in a particular way.???

#4.  At pipe #2, the bottom stick is now missing??? refer to the previous visit photo.

#5. At pipe #3, the separated left stick, which was set parallel at the previous site visit, is now more angled.????

Photos of new set ups on all 3 pipes:

#6. and #7.  Pipe #1.

#8. and #9. Pipe #2.

#10. Pipe #3.

After doing these new stick set-ups on the pipes, I completed a walk thru the immediate area. I observed the following:

Looked like hogs visited the area just west of the pipes this past week. There were over 30+ rooting spots. All were within a 100' circular area west of the pipes. There also seemed to be possible foot impressions. Following the hogs?

#11. and #12.  The dark patches are the possible rooting spots.

#13. thru #15. A possible right foot impression.????? This was located near the stick bucket on a tree by a ground limb.12"-5"-3.5".

At the ball buckets, the buckets have not been moved.

#16. and #17. At the rocks, the stick was adjusted again.???? The white rock was off the red rock with sticks now over the white rock.????

#18. On the yellow rimmed tire, several balls have been moved some.???? See the previous set-up from a few visits back.

I began to move all the set-ups from this spot to the deeper, central location with the gifting food map case.

At this spot, the following was noted.

#19. thru #24.  The food items were taken from the map case. ????? The wrappers were scattered over the area. The case was still snapped.

#25. and #26. The butter finger candy bar bag. Instead of being unzipped, the corner of the bag was ripped open and the candy bar taken.???? The wrapper I had pinned to the bag was on the ground on the opposite side of the tree it was hanging from.

#27. The red and white tires have been removed from the tree.???? (just like the my original study site). 

#28. The yellow painted bottles have been knocked over and scattered.????

#29. 'Wilson' and cap are now on the ground. Removed from the tree it was in.????

#30.  Food for the gifting map case.

#31.  The map case has been re-stocked with the food and now re-hung.

New set-ups at the central, deeper location follows. Includes the items moved from the balls buckets area to here.

#32. and #33.  The 4 ball buckets mounted to a new tree location.

#34.  I moved the 4 painted teepee limbs here.

#35.  The tan painted sticks bucket.

#36.  Frog doll with other hanging items.

#37. My green poncho.

#38. '
Wilson' with cap in the crook of a small tree.

#39. and #40.  Tires, rocks and balls.

#41. Larger ground limbs laid out in formation with 2 balls, 2 plastic cups and the painted water container.

#42. Re-did the blue stickman with blue antelope.

#43. Attached the blue, red and white limbs to a nearby tree.

#44.  Moved the arch opening limbs to this spot .

#45. Brought the umbrella to near the arch opening limbs.

At 10:40 AM I left site 1B to hike to the P.R.O.W. The hike is around 2 miles. After walking to the 1.25 miles marker, I realized I could not make it with my heavy pack. I decided I needed my bike. I hiked back to the parking area and drove home. This was around 11:30 AM. I got home made lunch, hung out at home for awhile then picked up my bike, went to the shop and had the flat fixed. It was 1:45 PM when I left the bike shop. The temperature was 73, partly cloudy and just beautiful. I arrived back at the park just after 2 PM. I then geared up to ride to the P.R.O.W.

#46. and #47. I stopped again past the .25 mile marker at the cedar tree. I note what I said earlier at this location.

#48. I added another limb to replace the one now gone.

I arrived at the P.R.O.W approximately 2:45 PM. The following observations were noted:

#49. thru #54. All the food items were taken. ?????the bag had been obviously unzipped to remove the large items. It was zipped back to within 3" of fully being closed. The bottom of the bag seems to be ripped at the seam approximately 3" near the bottom hole with the bottom expanded. The wrappers are scattered across the site.

#55. The painted red ball with face was on the ground again.?????

#56. Two of the marbles left in the knot hole were gone.????

#57. The small bag with small items were on the ground approximately 4' from the tree.?????

#58. One stick is now off the chicken wire, on the ground to the right.????

The red stickman layout seems undisturbed.

#59.  Food re-stock items for the hanging backpack.

#60.  Food items seen in the pack before zipping.

#61. Pack zipped up with food items inside.

#62. Pack with food re-hung at regular height: 7'+

#63. Re-set the red ball with face back into the tree crook.

#64. I filled the knot hole with small items.

#65. Re-hung on the top nail, the small container bag.

#66.  This time I left a trash bag to see what would happen.

#67. On top of the chicken wire I put 3 small limbs.

#68. and #69. I was picking up items of trash to the east to throw away when going further to the east, I discovered the missing Native American drawings sheet I was missing. ??????? This had been on a tree in the close-by clearing area. It had been removed and missing for over a month. When I began to consider more the trash items found not fat from the sheet, this may have been a juvenile playground or 'human' education area. The items found included a rubber boot, gas line stick flags( blue and red), PVC piping pieces, 1/2 plastic container and square metal piece.

#70 and #71. Turtles in the close-by clearing area.

#72. I re-hung the Native American drawings sheet near the food pack.

#73. The items found that may be a part of a 'play ground', 'learning' area.

#74. Close-up of the red ball face in the tree crook.

#75. The trash bag with trash items hung on the main tree of the area.

I completed my time at the P.R.O.W. and headed back to site 1B. The time was approximately 3:55 PM. I arrived back at the site approximately 4:20 PM. I've been gone from the site for 5 hours. Looks like a few subtle things have taken place since leaving earlier.

#76. At pipe #3, the large stick is now at an angle.????

#77. At pipe #2, the tiny stick was removed from off the coins and is now besides the dice & rock.????

I left all items as is. Nothing else noticed at the site. I did 3 more knocks. At 4:40 PM, I left to explore the wooded area to the west of the ditch.

#78. thru #80. In passing over the ditch, I found what looked like a ground sticks sign.????

For the next 30+ minutes, I explored the area and eventually found items to bring back to the pipes. These included: 15 balls, 1 plastic, wheeled trash can, a tire, 2 water meter covers, 2 plastic cups and 1 plastic toy. I plan on using all items.

#81. My finds from the wooded area west of the ditch.

Ok. I had a full day and believe I was being watched while at site 1B. I left the area at 5:20 PM.

This concludes field report #7 for Saturday February 13, 2016. 

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  1. Those are wonderfully Brilliant Pictures you've captured. One may simply assume that the items"props" are only being played with,kinda like a Toy. However, from personal experience, if you happen to be communicating with someone/or something whose "senses" of awareness seem to be quite different WHEN compared to our (5) "common senses" we Humans are familiar with.the tools we use WHEN experiencing our human counsioness. If and when you come into some form of communication with another intelligence,"good or bad" and they make some form of contact, physical, mental, gifts, whispers...Those on the other side probably are trying to convey a message of great importance, either to you personally, or as a benefit for the whole. Here's an example that jumped out to me upon scrolling through post above for first time. The photo of the red,white tire, blue ball, green hat., my first instincts was that someone or something is trying to get across a message of what may be LURKING ABOVE OUR HEADS . RED TIRE=SUN: BBLUE BALL=EARTH: WHITE TIRE=APPROACH OF INBOUND/OUTBOUND STAR,PLANETS COMETS SYSTEM"PLANET X, TYCHE,DESTROYER,NIBIRU NEMESIS BLACK SUN! what if these animated pics have a much deeper TRUTH that they are TRYING to possibly pass on to you personally. Remember,THOSE WHO EYES,SHALL SEE!!!. Great job on your efforts. God is good, life if blessed, and may GOOD LUCK,health,and ABSOLUTE TRUTH be with you friends..