The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Perspective on the Site

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Volume 3
Field Visit #6
February 12, 2016

Today's report will include 48 photos with observations.

I put my vehicle in the shop to have work done on it. I took off from work for the day. Since the shop is approximately 2 miles from site 1B and 1.5 miles from the levee which goes around the flood control area, I decided to take my bike and ride the first section of the levee. Also, if I saw some interesting areas to explore, I would. I had been wanting to do this for sometime. I enjoyed very much this ride with bits of exploration.

I left the auto shop around 7:42 AM and rode to the levee. There was serious fog along the levee. The temperature was 53 and cool.

I entered the levee trail from the west and proceeded to the east.

#1. and #2.  This was off the levee towards the north.

#3.  I'm back on the levee looking at the trail road to the north.

#4.  I'm on the levee looking back to the west and south. An office building can be seen to the SW.

#5.  I'm looking to the west. the north side tree line is noted.

#6. A vast opening in the woods to the north.

#7.  I'm further down the levee trail road . On the right is the north tree line. South tree line to the left. Another building in the upper left of photo.

#8.  To the south of the levee is more office buildings. There is no fence here. At least 6 trash containers are easy pickings from the levee wilderness side.

#9.  I turned to the north and took this photo. A small lake of flood waters can be seen in the distance.

#10. I rode further towards the end of this section. Looking back to the west and south. Apartments are on the south side of the levee. Real close.

#11. and #12.  To the north is a gas pipeline-right-of-way.

#13 thru #17.  I get off the levee and explore the flood plain below. I find an interesting, large snail shell. Also some limbs interwoven. ???? Could be from the flooding.

#18. thru #25. I walk further north and come to the main area creek. As typical along the points I see, there is a lot of trash in the creek. I also continue to find balls and other plastic items to take back to 1B.

I get back on the levee and head east.

#26.  I noticed an opening into the north tree line and determined to explore some more.

#27. thru #30.  Upon entering the opening and going in approximately 40' to the SW, I noticed these limbs in the formation found. ???? Also close by was a right foot impression measuring 10"-3.5"-2". ????

#31. thru #37.  Doing more exploration, I found 2 sets of deer bones within 15' of each other. ????? The heads with antlers from the 2 were missing. I took the 2 sets and put them an a clearer spot and took the photos.

#38.  My backpack can be seen on the ground in the clearing. The 2 groups of deer bones were found in close proximity. The vine like trees? were perfect ambush sites as game trails went thru the area.

#39.  I'm riding back to the west.  The tree line to the south or left of the levee can be seen. Behind the tree line are office buildings with fences. The wilderness side is to the right.

#40.  I see another trail opening on the north side and again leave the levee to explore.

#41. thru #47.  I enter into the area and find game trails everywhere. Also, there seemed to be brush, limbs, and branches used as ambush sites. Photos #45-#47, looks like a built ambush blind site. ????Trails go on both sides of the blind.

#48.  I'm on the levee again leaving the area. To the south side is another set of buildings with no fence.

From this visit, it is obvious that a creature could venture from the wilderness side of the levee, to the side open thru unfenced business areas. This way they could get into trash containers, etc. or explore our areas, apartments & office building parking lots, to their leisure at night.

At 10:40 AM, I left the levee and headed back to the shop, picked up my vehicle and went home. the ride on the levee and exploring new areas were invigorating. Just a pinpoint fraction of 14,000 acres. There are 3 more sections around the levee to ride. I hope to complete all this year.

This concludes field report #6 for Friday February 12, 2016.