The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Making Themselves Known

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field Visit #4
January 31, 2016 

This field visit has 55 photos of observations with explanations.

I left home at 2:30 PM and arrived at the parking lot at 2:47 PM. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and high clouds. The temperature was 78. I loaded my back pack and headed to the P.R.O.W as quick as possible. I was on the trail by 2:54 PM. 

Just past the 1/4 mile marker, on the north side of the trail 2 limbs were laid in an 'L' shape??? Then just down the trail, off the south side of the trail, I saw this (below) interesting pair of limbs leaning against the rear of a small cedar tree. I stopped to take this in. Wow! This was thought provoking. Were the 'Forest People' doing this, knowing me and when I will be on the way to the site? I took photos of both groups. It was just not ordinary.

#1. and #2.  The 'L' glyph????? on the north side of the bike/hike trail.

#3. thru #5.  The 2 limbs are vertical and leaning against the rear of the tree. ????? This is just down the trail from the 'L' glyph on the south side of the trail. I added a long limb on the ground to the rear of the cedar tree.

I thought about this for awhile then moved on to the P.R.O.W.

#6.  Near the 1 mile marker, off the south side of the trail, I saw these limbs around a tree. I parked my bike and took those limbs and made my own ground glyph. Will they be moved at some point?

I biked on over to the P.R.O.W. I arrived approximately 3:20 PM.

I parked my bike inside the tree line and made my observations:

#7. The food gifting backpack was unzipped and open and all food items gone.

#8. Several empty wrappers are located underneath the pack. ??????

#9. thru #11.  The empty cereal/bag/wrapper, trail mix bag/wrapper, and unshelled peanuts bag/wrapper. ????? 

#12. and #13.  The limbs square with balls have been moved around. Balls and limbs. ?????

#14. and #15. The black 'BF' drawings folder was removed from the tree and placed at the base of the tree as seen in the 2 photos.?????

#16. thru #18.  Different photo angles of the limbs square with balls. There is a longer limb that has been laid near the square, close to the right side.???? This is seen in all 3 photos.

#19.  I removed the yellow caution tape and the other drawings from the site. My cap was left in place.

#20.  New food items for the zippered back pack: Dry cereal, smores bar, granola bar, 3 candy bars, cookie, honey bun.

#21.  The pack is refilled with the food items and zippered and pulled back to the regular height, approximately 7' off the ground to the zippered opening.

#22.  I removed the red painted ball and plastic garbage can lid from it's prior set-up to the large tree. The ball was put in the lower crook of the tree. The lid , I hung on a nail.

#23.  The chicken wire mesh was still intact with nothing changed. I took 4 sticks and added them inside the mesh.

#24. and #25.  Near the limbs square and long ground limb there seemed to be a possible, strange looking, right foot impression. The measurement is 12"-5.5"-2.5".?????

#26. and #27.  These small items (3 rocks, penny, marble, nail, and round piece of plastic) I put in the small bag and hung from the nail with the plastic garbage can lid.

#28. and #29.  I painted these limbs red and put on the ground as a 'stick' person. I took the balls from the square and laid out as a head figure.

#30. There were still several marbles in the tree knothole opening.

I continued to be intrigued by the happenings here at the end of the park. I left the P.R.O.W. at 4:20 PM and arrived at site 1B around 4:40 PM.

Site 1B observations:

#31.  On pipe #2, the 2 smaller side sticks have been moved.???? The one next to the coin has been moved approximately 1/2" from the coin. The other side stick by the rock was angled.

#32.  I re-arranged these into a new set-up on the same pipe.

#33. and #34.  On pipe #1, a group of sticks have been placed.???? Some seem to be interwoven??? Wow!

#35. I added this stick perpendicular to those in place and left them as is.

#36. and #37. This could possibly be another stick glyph in front of pipe #2, the right side.?????

#38.  I took the sticks from the possible ground glyph and placed on pipe #3, in this particular set-up. Will they be moved?

#39. and #40.  Further into the site, at the rocks and balls set-up. the smaller blue rock on the right side was on the ground. ??? Some of the balls have been repositioned. ???? Refer to a previous visit set-up.

#41.  At the yellow tire, 2 balls around the rim have been repositioned.????

#42.  I added to the yellow tire set-up, 7 small sticks I painted green, the red ball and yellow rock.

#43.  I re-stacked the rocks and re-positioned the balls into a new set-up.

#44.  I moved the bear/bee doll to this spot near the rocks and balls.

#45.  Again, further into the site. Wow! 2 of the tires, blue and red are now on the ground removed from the trees.????? To the right side of the photo, the 'BF' drawings sheet was on the ground near the white painted kettle bell. ????

#46.  The empty map case was still snapped shut. Currently,it seems, if I go a few visits and do not being some treats, the tires are removed from the trees as a reminder to get it in gear with the food items.

#47.  Food items for 1B: dry cereal, 3 candy bar treats, cookie, honey bun, smores bar, granola bar.

#48.  Food gifting map case re-stocked, snapped closed, and pulled up to approximately 7' off the ground.

#49.  I set up the 2 tires as seen with a large log holding the red tire vertical. This was put beneath the map case.

#50. I put my 'Wilson' in the crook of the tree and have the painted plastic garbage can lids hanging together.

#51. This shows the feeding spot with other items in place, etc.

#52.  I put these 3 bottles into a new position. Will they be messed with?

#53.  I brought the painted tire rim with painted 6" nail to the tree. All these are familiar items.

#54.  The deer antler and 6" nail left for me in the past. I hung as an appreciation for receiving. Also, the other 2 tires left in the tree are seen.

#55.  Dream catchers I moved from other spots to the main tree.

Another interesting visit. I never know what will happen next; however, I do expect something to have happened.

I left the area approximately 5:45 PM.
This concludes field report #4 for Sunday January 31, 2016