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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Twigs and Balls

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field report #2 

Friday, January 22, 2016

I took off again on Friday. It was a beautiful afternoon but cool with a gusty breeze. I arrived at the park at 3:02 PM. The temperature was 54 bur cold due to a gusty north wind. The sky was blue and clear.

I took 38 photos during this visit. The observations follows.

I did my routine close by bike ride. Again, as I was riding the trail close to the creek I noticed more pockets of balls among the trash pockets along the creek. I stopped at these spots to collect the balls.

#1.  Shows the balls I picked up. This photo is taken next to my car in the parking lot.

I next got my pack loaded and biked to site 1B. This was approximately 3:40 PM. I arrived at the 1B entry at 3:51 PM.

#2. and #3.  A tree limb is now bent over the small trail.????? I sprayed red paint onto the limb. Just bent over enough to make me bend over to get my head under. The highest point of the bent limb is 5'-10" then angles back.

#4. and #5.  Looks like a foot impression. ????? On this one, I can't tell if a right or left foot. It does measure 15" x 4.5" x 3.5". My toboggan cap is 11" at the widest point across the bottom. The direction was from the pipes towards the site 1B entry.

#6. At pipe #2, the small sticks have been moved. ????

#7. and #8.  The bear-bee doll with attached kettle bell was found upside down in a ground hole below where it was on the limb previous. The gusty wind may have caused the limb to bounce or move and it fell off the limb into the hole beneath. I have moved the doll to this present position seen in photo #7. I also added sticks to it between the KB and it's body.

#9. and #10.  At the yellow tire set-up, you have the tennis balls and a white ping pong ball. A close look will reveal 2 small stick twigs are now in the middle with the white ping pong ball in the V of the 2 twigs. ?????

#11.  At the setup with red ball, green sticks and yellow rock, a stick is now under the yellow rock and the right side of the green sticks have been moved. ????

3 of the 4 balls buckets have been tilted again.

#12.   A yellow ball is on the ground by the yellow bucket.????

#13. and #14.  The partially painted blue limb is on the ground again approximately 1.5' from the base of the tree and white bucket with attached drawings.???

#15. thru #18.  I added this Butterfinger candy bar setup. I used a small case with zipper. I attached the wrapper to the case using 2 safety pins. I left it dangling from a small limb extension on a nearby tree approximately 5'-7" off the ground. The candy bar is zipped up in the case.

#19.  The balls I found near the parking area, I left near the set-up of painted rocks.

I moved on into my newest set-up section.

#20. and #21.  Both the red and yellow painted tires have been removed from the stand of small trees and were found flat on the ground near the food gifting spot. ????? I had picked up wrapper trash the last visit but did not restock the food gifting case. I think the tires on the ground was to get my attention about bringing more food items, especially sweet treats. I should be tremendously excited about any tires activity. I guess, I just expect the interaction and am not super excited. But right now looking back it's exciting. There is something about the tires. A game???

#22. The 'BF' montage of drawings I had re-attached to the limb is on the ground again. ???? I guess the drawings are not welcome? Also the gifting map case is still on the ground as I found it last visit.

#23.  This visit I brought the food items.

#24. thru #26.  I put the food items in the map case and used the chain to pull into position. It is approximately 8' off the ground. I re-attached the drawing at the chain attachment on the tree.

#27. and # 28.  I stood both tires against lower tree spots.

While I was pulling the chain, moving the map case with food into position, something (a limb, log) was dropped or tossed somewhere behind me and something moved fast away from me for a short distance. I tried to act like I didn't notice and kept doing my work. I did speak out loud not to run off.

#29. thru #31.  At old boundary marker #3, the montage of 'BF' drawings at that location is now on the ground also. ???? In photo #31., I re-hung the drawings.

#32.  Back at the ball buckets area, I added a painted blue limb across the yellow painted tire rim.

#33. I took the yellow ball, found on the ground near this bucket, and wedged the ball between the bucket and wire handle.

#34. thru #37.  I readjusted all the buckets back to being up-right.

#38.  I went over to the yellow rock, green sticks and red ball set-up and placed a stick vertical in the ground, to acknowledge me noticing the sticks added under the rock, etc.

Before leaving 1B, I experimented by climbing a short ways into a large cedar tree near the 1b entry. Next visit, I will see how high I can go up in this cedar. Actually there are 2 cedar trees growing together. They look to be approximately 60' in height. I need to find a spot to spend the night safely, even if I have to rope myself to the tree.

Well. I had no time left to visit the P.R.O.W. I may be back tomorrow and I'll go there first. No telling what's happened there.

This concludes field report #2 for Friday January 22, 2016.

**Tomorrow is an installment of "The Stalker Between the Worlds" - the Walker caught it on game cam! (prior installments in the link on the right hand side of the blog that says The Stalker Between the Worlds under "popular posts"**

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