The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Smelling Something Close

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior Installments

Field Visit #41

December 24, 2015

This turned out to be my last field visit for the year 2015. What a year! At the start of the first report for 2016, I will review my major events which impressed me. Now to the final report for 2015.

I arrived at the parking area at 10:05 AM. The conditions were temperature 76, totally cloudy and overcast with high humidity. Showers were expected that afternoon. 

I did bring some food items to be split between the 2 sites: 4 apples, one 12oz. bag peppermint kettle corn, one 12 oz. bag of cinnamon sugar kettle corn, and 2 large snickers bars. 

I did the close bike ride first. I really took my time getting going that morning. After riding and getting geared up to go, I started my ride to the P.R.O.W. approximately 11:10 AM.

I had something happen that had not happened to me since 2001. I encountered 2 terrible smells on this ride. Less than a 1/4 mile form the parking area and riding my bike east, I encountered an awful feces odor that just blew me away. There were some walkers on the trail and I wondered what they thought.  
To me, it was like a Port-a-Potty or out house had been turned over. There are none in those woods. 

I traveled on. As I rode past the P.R.O.W. towards the end of the trail, The same earlier smell engulfed the trail. This was approximately 2.5 miles from the previous smell and a 1/4 mile past the P.R.O.W.. I was surprised. It almost made me want to gag. It was an awful smell. 

I rode on thru to the trail end. As I turned at the trail end to come back to the P.R.O..W., I wondered if the smell would still be lingering. As I got to the spot in the trail, it was still in the air, strongly. No one else was close by on the trail. I got off my bike and began to call out , "Hey, I know you're in those woods somewhere close." 

It was like my first smell from 2001 at Cooper Lake State Park S. Sulfur Unit. I took a research newbie out to show him some things and we encountered an awful smell overcoming us as we moved up a small ridge. There was slow movement near us with the smell. Again, it was like feces, outhouse, etc. ????? This was the big event for me today. I arrived at the P.R.O.W. approximately 11:40AM.

Okay, I did take 28 photos of observations and more changes in set-ups. Here we go!

At the P.R.O.W.:

#1. and #2.  At the gifting tree, the backpack and poncho are now on the ground. The stick from the hollow large hole in now broke and also on the ground. The stick was added to the hole to hold the backpack & poncho in place. I tested it earlier and it was able to take the pressure. Also in view was the empty container which held the trail mix and health bars. Photo #2 is looking directly down onto stick, poncho and pack. ?????

I had already decided to do some other set-ups just to the north approximately 50 yards to the north just inside the tree line. This area I have been using had less cover and was more swampy during rains. The other has slightly higher ground.

#3. thru #7.  These photos show the a group of ground stick arrows that point the way from this low area to the new set-up spot within the north tree line.

#8. and #9.  This bag of food was put into the back pack that was used at the gifting tree in the low area.

#10.  This large tree I'm now using. You see the drawings and caution tape added last visit. The back pack with food is hanging nearby. The P.R.O.W is just outside the tree line. After hanging the back pack it was time to go. I left the P.R.O.W. at 12:20 PM. I arrived at 1B at 12:40 PM.

Site 1B observations and photos:

#11. and #12.  Stack set-up has been messed with. The bear-bee doll has been moved from the top to being face down (always seems to be face down) on the pipe behind the stack. The small sticks have been moved around.????

#13. thru #16.  On pipe #2, I did this new set-up.

#17. and #18. I have moved more items deeper into the woods near my self-imposed boundary. Her I put the red tire into a crook of a small tree. I jammed it in tight.

#19.  The food items to be gifted at this spot. This include items left on the tool bag not taken from the previous visit.

#20. and #21.  You can see the other tires have been place in this tree. This is mainly to invoke a response. The 2 snap map case is being used at this time to hold the gifted food items. It is over 7' off the ground.

#22. This the area near the ball buckets. I have the yellow tire with rim just laying there. Also the painted rocks are close to the tire. I just to see them there to see if they would be relocated in an orderly way.

#23. and #24. The food items left on the tool bag previous had not been taken???? I added these to the other food items inside the map case. I took the tool bag back over to the storage pipe and put items back in the bag.

#25.  Items currently being stored in the top pipe.

#26.  I put the frog doll in the crook of limb and added the rock and washer attachment on a blue line. I also added the 2 balls, line attachments to the limb in front of the frog doll.

#27.  I added the painted, blue letters to see if they would be moved around with the other items.

#28.  To make it more difficult to take the bear-bee doll, I added the ball-line attachment around it. We'll see what happens.

It was time to leave the site. I left at 1:30 PM. What a smelly visit. This is one to remember!  Final report for 2015.

This concludes field report #41 for Thursday December 24, 2016.