The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Narrowing the Locations

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Field Report #40

December 20, 2015

I arrived at the parking area at 2:10 PM. The temperature was 73. It was also cloudy, overcast and breezy. I did my initial close by bike ride. 

I was back at my car by 2:28 PM. I geared up with my backpack, etc. I left the parking for the P.R.O.W around 2:35 PM. I arrived at the P.R.O.W approximately 3:03 PM.

During this visit I took 27 photos. My observations are the following with the photos:

@ the P.R.O.W: after arriving I use my survival whistle and blow several times to announce my arrival. I also do a few whoops.

#1. and #2.  This looking east towards the P.R.O.W. From this tree the P.R.O.W. is approximately 30-40 yds. away. The set-up items were all placed on the west side of the tree. The items would be hard to see from the P.R.O.W. The can with deer corn was taken from the small pack and left on the ground, empty approximately 15'-20' to the west of the tree in the water. The lid also. This approximately the exact spot the backpack was found on the ground the last visit. ????

#3. and #4.-----The yellow caution tape has been partially torn from the nail it was attached to. 2 pieces can been seen on the ground near the base of the tree. ????

#5.  A closer view of the empty can and lid close by. ????

#6.  The marble I had left recently, jammed under a loose piece of tree bark, was on the ground in the mud.????

#7.  I brought another container and added trail mix and health bar.

#8.  I put the container in the pack.

#9.  I put the marble back onto the tree. Also, the pocket knife I have left out for so long was taken and could not be located. It was on 2 parallel nails below the caution tape. ???

#10. and #11.  The plastic container with trail mix left at a past visit was left in the spot of the arched, bent tree. The contained was approximately 6'-8' from were originally located on the ground. It was busted open and the contents removed. I was hoping the lid would be removed conventionally. ????

#12. and #13.  Just inside the tree line to the north about 40 yds. I have put up new setups. I nailed 2 sheets of photos. One is "BF' drawings, the other drawings of ancient Native American items. I also put up yellow, caution tape. In the hollow of the tree, a knot hole, I filled with filler small sticks and put 3 marbles.

I completed my time at the P.R.O.W. I left at 3:48PM for site 1B. I arrived there at 4:03PM. I again blow the whistle several times, also whistle my particular tune, do 3 tree knocks near the pipes, also more whoops. If a sentinel is around, I will be watched.

#14.  The bear-bee doll is now on the ground again face down. ???

#15.  On the pipe, the dime & sticks have been moved.????

#16.  A new set-up. I stacked some of the water meter covers plus the green painted plastic piece. I added the bear-bee doll, white kettle bell, and sticks with dime.

#17. and 18. Two of the ball buckets are again at an angle.???

#19. and #20.  I adjust both back to being upright.

#21. and #22.  Two of the painted green sticks and the red ball have been moved.???

#23.  On the hanging tool bag, I leave food items.

#24.  A yellow ball has been left below the yellow ball bucket.????

#25.  I leave the ball on the outside of the white bucket.

#26. and 27.  On the small trail going to the buckets, I observe these sticks as if they are in a particular layout. One is a close photo, the other further away.???

Interesting that I have seemingly interaction at 2 separate spots in the park. Even though most of my time is at 1B, the P.R.O.W. is where it all started years ago ( the report) and I'm intrigued with the location.

This concludes field report #40 for Sunday December 20, 2015.


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