The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Dream Catcher and Gifting

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior Installments: 

Visit #39
December 11, 2015

I have 40 photos from this field visit.

On Saturday, heavy rain with possible high winds were expected in the afternoon thru noon Sunday. So for this reason, I left the job early to visit the sites today. 

I arrived at the parking lot around 2 PM. The conditions were awesome today: 82 degrees, blue sky with some clouds. 

I continued to do my typical bike riding routine. After biking near the parking area, I geared up and went to site 1B first. I arrived at the site 1B entry approximately 2:35 PM. The following items with photos were noted:

#1. thru #3. When I approached the pipes, the previous set-up from last visit looked undisturbed with no change. That was true for the stack with the kettle bell. As I looked closer, one of my coins was now behind the stack. If photos #1 and #3 are zoomed in, you can see the coin. Last visit, I had put all small setup items into a map case bag and left in the storage pipe. That included the 4 coins I have used in set-ups: a quarter, a nickel, a dime and a penny. The coin was removed from the map case bag and placed behind the set-up. I continually expect something big to happen but most of the events are small and subtle. ????

#4. and #5. At the boundary area tree, with the gifting tool bag, the ball previously left on top was on the ground. It was approximately 5' from the base of the tree. The bag still had all items in it. The zippers were still in place. ?????

#6. thru #8.  I opened the bag up approximately 3" and rerouted the chain. I added my U.S.M.C.K-Bar combat knife w/ sheath as a gift on the bag.

#9. and #10.  I took the painted rocks and moved them onto the one yellow tire still near the ball buckets.

#11.  I took one of the blue painted ground sticks and put on top of a ball bucket to the rear.

#12. and #13.  I went back to the pipes. The stack with kettle bell I left in place. I left the coin in place and added small sticks around it as if portraying a sun burst image.

#14.  I went back to the ball on the ground at the boundary. I painted the ball red. I then gathered some small sticks from close by and painted them green on the exposed side. I also made this into a sun burst image.

#15. thru #20.  I have 3 east boundary locations within 25- 30 yards of each other. I have hanging from limbs at each spot: 1) a painted, plastic garbage can lid with different colors & different designs, 2) a length of yellow, marked caution tape, 3) a montage of 'BF' drawings on a paper, on both sides, in a plastic document cover. The open end is stapled closed and then taped over to keep moisture out as much as possible.

#21.  On the gifting tool bag , I added a small 'dream catcher'.

#22. thru # 24., #30 and #31.  I added a limb to the teepee structure I made in the past. I painted the limb with blue paint. Two of the photos are blurry and hard to make out so disregard.

#25., #26, and #33.  On pipe#1, I added this rock on top of a stick. I later painted the rock red and left in place.

#27. thru #29. and #32.-----In the storage pipe, you can see the items I leave after a visit. I have a small folder with paper I've made designs on. The hope is that a marked response would appear. Also seen is the zippered map case. This is where the coin was removed from. Also this is where all the small set-up items are kept.

At 3:55 PM I left site 1B and biked to the P.R.O.W. I arrived at 4:25 PM. I initially observed with my binoculars the P.R.O.W to the North & South. No activity of any kind was noted. I then checked out the regular area.

#34.  I went to the arch tree and hung my old cap. I brought it from 1B.

#35. and #36.  I filled this plastic container with trail mix and placed on a low limb as a gift. My hope was the lid would be removed conventionally and the trail mix taken.

#37. and #38.  The ball I placed on top of the limbs formation previously, was found on the ground again. Also the plastic garbage can lid was on the ground. Note from last visit how they were placed on the limbs formation. ??????

#39.  I re-painted the ball red and put it into the crook of the tree again. I also put another drawings sheet behind the vine.

#40.  I took the garbage can lid and painted a red design on both sides and placed onto a small tree.

The other items at this location were still in place. The knife not taken, the poncho & backpack with deer corn not messed with. However, something is happening here. At 4:50 PM I left the P.R.O.W and rode back to my vehicle.

This concludes field report #39 for Friday December 11, 2015.