The Urban Sasquatch Journal: 2015 Year in Review and 2016 Begins!

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior Installments

2015 Review

What shall I say? This past year has really been fun. Even though I haven't used sound recorders or trail cameras, a number of awesome events have intrigued me which includes the following: 1) ground glyph stick signs including pointer sticks 2) corn-on-the cob stuck upright in front of a food gifting tree with bucket 3) tires still being moved around 4) foot impressions 5) large rock removed from food bucket and place in tire opening 6) pictograph painted drawings on concrete pipes 7) Possible face in seen thru my camcorder 8) Montage of 'BF' drawings on the side of the bike/hike trail 9) blue ball with painted face missing then brought back 10) feces smell at 2 different locations 2 miles apart off the bike/hike trail. These are the major items. The following is a break down of the possible interactions that happen thru the year 2015 by each visit:

February: 1 visit, 1 possible interaction
May: 5 visits, 27 possible interactions
June: 4 visits, 24 possible interactions
July: 8 visits, 32 possible interactions
August: 8 visits, 65 possible interactions
September: 2 visits , 11 possible interactions
October: 5 visits, 38 possible interactions
November: 4 visits, 16 possible interactions
December: 4 visits, 31 possible interactions

Total: 41 visits with 245 possible interactions*. *Actually, out of these 41 visits only 4 had no interactions that were noticeable.

2016 may be my final year at these 2 sites. I need to setup a digital listening/recording device and trail camera at both research locations. I do not trust in using the trail cameras, but maybe they'll be messed with. Maybe using the dummy cameras again in conjunction with 2 real ones may produce something positive. I do need to hear what's happening overnight out here.

This is the start of my third year researching this area. The first report for 2016 follows. Attached to this report are 49 photos They are in order. As usual, the photos will have my comments and observations added. My current 2 research areas are referred to as the following: my primary site: 1B; secondary site: P.R.O.W.---pipeline-right-of-way; old, original site: 1A. When interaction(s) may have occurred, I had question marks to the report.


Field Visit #1 
Friday January 15, 2016

It was a beautiful day. I took a 1/2 day PTO from work. There was more rain expected for Saturday so I went to the sites this day. Also, I hadn't been to the sites for 23 days. I was hoping something different had taken place during this time of absence. 

I left home around 2:30 PM and arrived at the parking area approximately 2:50 PM. Again, it was an awesomely beautiful day. the temp. was 72 with a clear, blue, sunny sky and a light breeze.

As per my routine, I did the close bike ride before heading to the research sites. At 3:10 PM, I was back at my car and preparing my back pack for the next ride. Photo comments and observations will start now:

#1. thru #3.  There is a major creek that runs thru the park. Part of the trail is next to this creek. During heavy rains, this area is flooded along the creek and many items including trash is brought up over the banks into the surrounding area. Along the trail while riding, I did see a number of balls that were in the trash groups along the bank by the trail. I stopped and picked up a number of tennis balls and a small, white plastic ball. There are many more such trash spots along this creek. The balls collected are added to those I have at site 1B. The balls collected from all areas along the creek I will also use for experiments. I can paint them and put them out singly or in groups and see what reaction takes place to them.



I started my ride to the east side of the park heading to the P.R.O.W this was approximately 3.75 miles. On my return ride, I stop at the P.R.O.W.

#4. thru #8.  At the quarter mile marker of the bike/hike trail, riding east, there were 3 small sticks stuck in cracks on the top of the mileage marker post???? This is the first time, this has been observed. Maybe a hiker placed these on the post? It was just unusual and out of the ordinary. In #8, I added a rock on top by the sticks.

#9. thru #12.  At the 3.25 miles marker, water from recent rains have made the wooded areas on both sides of the trail a swamp.

I arrived at the P.R.O.W. at 3:56 PM.

At the P.R.O.W, I had 2 spots I was going to. The first is approximately 75' off the bike, hike trail at the east tree line. There is a trail entering at this point. I have left limbs next to the trail entry in a specific pattern. This was done many months ago and nothing has happen to the formation. I don't use this spot anymore. The 2nd spot is my main area. Another 75'-100' to the south off the P.R.O.W., was my main area for many visits. This area has trees growing, scattered with no other growth around them ( shrubs, bushes etc.). There was some interaction here but it is to open. I decided to move into the trees not for away. This spot is a little better for less detection from other unwanted intruders. This is were I now go. It's at this spot were the following observations with photos are recorded:

#13. thru # 16. At this new spot at the P.R.O.W, the new food gifting back pack was left hanging with all items inside. It has been moved around the limb. It was unzipped and all items gone. The opening of the pack is approximately 7' off the ground from were it was at 6'-3" prior.


I have looked for foot impressions and found nothing I'm used to seeing. The ground is pretty hard in this area.

#17. and #18.  The drawings sheets and yellow, caution tape were still in place. There was 1 marble in the small, knot hole opening. I had 3??  Two visits back, I had placed 3 marbles. Two are now gone. On the ground??? I didn't see them.

#19. and #20. At the base of the old knife gifting tree, there was a possible sticks, ground glyph. These sticks were not here previous. ???? Even though I have moved setups, etc. into the new tree line. I still walk this old spot and look for items.

#21.  This is the old spot. You can see how open the area is around the trees. When it rains, this area stays like a swamp and takes a long time to dry out.

#22. thru #25.  I had previously put 3 ground arrow markers starting from near the knife gifting tree and continuing to near the tree line. These were to point the way to the new set-ups and food gifting backpack. 2 of the 3 have been altered. ???? From the rain, water??

Also, all over this muddy area, there seems to be numerous impressions, left and right feet, but no toes. ??? The painted red ball with a painted face and the drawings sheet are still in place. 

#26. thru #28.  I found the empty, hefty, self-lock food bag approximately 23' form the back pack to the S-SE. I did not find any wrappers or apples cores in the immediate vicinity. ????? I did not bring any new food items to replace what was taken.

At 4:52 PM, I left the P.R.O.W. I arrived at 1B approximately 5:02 PM.

#29. thru #32. On the concrete pipe #2 previous set-up, items have been moved around and some are on the ground???? Raccoons, squirrels, possums?? Maybe.


#33. A small, new sticks set-up from me.

#34.  The storage concrete pipe with items just inside the opening.

#35.  I put the bear-bee doll attached to the white kettle bell on the limb.

#36. and #37.  At the ball buckets tree, the bucket I had laid an 18" partially painted blue limb across, is now on the ground and the bucket tilted. ????

#38.  Cammo Balls bucket tilted.????

#39.  I reset the painted blue stick back across the opening as previous. I readjusted the buckets vertical again.

#40. and #41. This Butterfinger candy bar wrapper appeared on the ground near the ball buckets tree.????  The tree in the past had been used with a food gifting bucket for leaving various food items including sweet treats. Last year, when I videoed with my camcorder, raccoons taking items from the tools gifting bag pockets hanging from the tree, I stopped leaving food items. This find is interesting. Was this wrapper brought and left for me to find as a hint? Are they wanting me to resume leaving sweet treats again. I will reconsider.

#42. The balls found along the creek this morning, I added to the yellow tire.

The painted rocks set were still as set-up.

#43. and #44.  At the deeper spot in the woods at 1B, the cammo map case as a food gifting holder was gotten into and is now at the ground. The various food wrappers can be seen on the ground close-by. ?????

#45. The red ball with green painted sticks have been moved. ????

#46.  The 'BF' montage of drawings sheet is now on the ground below were if was hanging. ???

#47.  I re-hung the drawings on a limb.

#48.  Next to the yellow tire with added balls, I moved the red ball, green sticks and yellow painted rock to here as a an additional set-up.

#49.  I re-setup the painted rocks to this configuration.

This concludes field report #1 for Friday January 15, 2016.