The Urban Sasquatch Journal: The Calm Before the Storm?

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior Installments: 

Field Visit #36

Sunday November 22, 2015

I left home for the park at 2:26 PM. I arrived at the parking area around 2:46 PM. The temperature was 55, sunny, no clouds. This was the first colder weather for the area. I brought the bike and did my normal riding routine, first close-by, then to the P.R.O.W., then onto site 1B.

As I rode to the east, 2 deer crossed the trail. I arrived at the P.R.O.W around 3:35 PM. I was there for 25 minutes. I left at 4 PM for site 1B.

While at the 2nd spot, I removed the knife and Phillips screwdriver. I left a marble under the bark on the tree. There was no other activity that I noticed.

#1. thru #4.  The marble can be seen beneath the picture sheet under the bark on the tree. I also moved the poncho to be held by thee attached string to the tree.

After being there for approximately 25 minutes I began to leave the area. Before going, I observed further south on the P.R.O.W, 4 deer were feeding.

#5.  Sorry. a blurry photo of the P.R.O.W to the south. I was hoping to get the deer in the photo.

#6.  A clear photo but the deer cannot be seen on it.

I arrived at 1B and stayed for just a short time, maybe 20 minutes.

#7.  I changed the rocks set-up on the tire.

#8. and #9.  I leaned the white tire against the tree and laid the other 3 flat on the ground.

#10.  The 'Wilson' ball with cap was now on the ground by the tree it was in. This is by the pipes.?????? It was solidly in the crook of the tree.

#11. and #13, 15-17.  Water meter cover set-ups with many small items. Some of the items have been slightly adjusted, moved, etc.

#12.  Marble on the ground by the pipe beneath the set-ups.

#18. and 19.-----Dice on the ground also beneath the set-ups by the pipe.

#14.  I relocated the 'Wilson' ball and cap onto the Y- branch crook near the arch opening.

Nothing else was noted. I left the site at 4:40 PM.

This concludes field report #36 for Sunday November 22, 2015.