The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Amping Up the Challenges

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior Installments: 

Field Visit #35
Sunday November 15, 2015

I have 20 photos from this visit to the research area. I did not write any notes for this visit. I will use the photos as a guide for my observations.

I left home at 3:05 PM and arrived at the park around 3:25 PM. The temperature was 77, sunny, blue sky and high clouds. 
I had my bike with for my weekly ride thru the park. 

This time, I got everything together and ride directly to the P.R.O.W. I left the parking lot approximately 3:32 PM and arrive at the P.R.O.W 4PM. I checked things quickly. 

At east entry #1 no change in the set-up noted. In the 2nd entry area, the gifted knife was on the ground near the base of the tree.??? Also, the photos plastic cover sheet was on the ground.??? 

The mosquitoes were so thick I couldn't take a photo. I really didn't get bitten, but just the constant buzzing was maddening. I lasted just minutes in there. 

By 4:08 PM, I was on the trail going to site 1B. I thought the mosquitoes would be just as bad there, but went on any way. I got to the site around 4:23 PM.

The mosquitoes were annoying, but not as bad as at the P.R.O.W. I took the 20 photos at this time. Here is what I observed:

#1. The large, blue rock was removed from the tire set-up and turned over showing the yellow cross I painted on one side in the past.

#2.  The blue painted water jug top was slightly opened. No water was removed.????

#3. and #4. The tire painted white was removed from leaning against a nearby tree. It was flat on the ground.????

#5. and #6. A possible sticks sign grouping with a small blue painted stick part of the grouping.????

#7. One of the baseball's that I had found and use in various set-ups was on the ground by one of the pipes.????

#8.  One of my dice was on the ground at the side of the pipe.????

#9. thru #12. The set-ups had been messed with. Check the photos from the last visit to see the difference. Also the spray paint cans, softball, blue ball are on the ground near the pipe. Another dice was on the ground near another pipe.????

#13. and #14. Some of the items on the black water meter covers set-ups have been subtly adjusted etc.????

#15.  Another dice found on the ground.????

#16.  One of the marbles on the ground.????

#17.  I took the items from the ground, put them on the pipe and took the photo.

#18.  I hung the carrying bag from the small tree.

#19.  I decided to take all the partially painted blue limbs and put them at and in this bucket. I would like for some to be moved around in the immediate vicinity.

#20.  Some extra black water meter covers brought into the site 1A thru the recent flooding. I have put them onto the pipe next to the storage pipe. Also some of my wood stud 2"x4"'s.

As you can see things continue to be intriguing.

This concludes field report #35 for Sunday November 15, 2015.