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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Lots of Tinkering

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field Visit #31
October 18, 2015

Today's report will include 40 photos with explanations.

I left home in the morning at 6:53 AM. It was still dark as I was driving over to the park. As I was about 10 minutes from the park, it began to dawn. I arrived at the park at 7:11 AM. The temperature was 53 with a clear, blue sky. 

I rode my bike on the close trail first. I left my vehicle at 7:15 AM to do the first part of the trail ride. At 7:25 AM I was back at the vehicle. 

I began to gear up my backpack to go to site 1B first. I went to take the painted red ball from site 1B to the P.R.O.W. site set-up. I prepared to get it. I left my vehicle at 7:45 AM and arrived at 1B at 7:53 AM. 

The grassy areas on both sides of the ditch had been mowed. After entering the site, I noticed a few subtle items. My observations will be shared later after I return from the P.R.O.W. I left for the P.R.O.W at 8:11 AM after procuring the ball. I began to bike towards the east end of the trail.

I will now start to use the photos with explanations for the rest of the report.

#1. and #2. These photos show a bench along the north side of the trail close to the east end. It is bowed down in the middle. I sat on the bench and whatever made the bow had to be heavy????

At 8:38 AM, I arrived at the P.R.O.W.

#3. thru #6. Show the tree at the 1st east side entry. I pissed on it last visit and stood 3 limbs against and around the tree. 2 of the 3 limbs are now on the ground. ????? I used a y-branch with limbs and hung from another limb. I also stood against the main tree 6 limbs vertically.

#7. This was at the 2nd P.R.O.W. site further to the south. I had one horizontal limb that I previously put marbles and polished rocks on. This shows the left side of the set-up with 2 marbles left. The 2 marbles left are now closer. ???? Some of the rocks and marbles are missing. ?????

#8. Close-up of the previous photo.

#9. and #10. Both photos show the leaf, limbs, and dirt/ground clutter around the set-up. Also, you can see one of the polished rocks on top of the ground clutter.

#11. Approximately 10-15 yds. further to the east from the set-up was an old, low-height tree. I decided to use it as a gifting tree. I left a nice pocket knife laid across 2 nails. I also hung a montage of Bigfoot drawings and likenesses. These I taped onto copier paper put into a plastic cover, taped and stapled the open end, then hung on a nail. You can see my shadow in the photo. This side is opposite of the P.R.O.W. This side of the tree cannot be seen form there.

#12. and #13. Back to the main set-up. On both sides of the horizontal limb, I add more marbles and polished and regular rocks.

#14. At the base of the set-up is a live tree. I had added branches, limbs, etc. around the tree. The photo shows the base in which I put 2 long and 2 short limbs at this base. One of the base limbs had been moved. ????

#15. and #16. These show the painted red ball 'face' that I placed at the point of the ground direction pointer arrow. You can see the face looking to the SW. The ground arrow with ball was pointed and looking to the sites 1A and 1B areas approximately 2+ miles away. This was for the 'Forest People' or 'Person' to know it was me at both locations. I have tried projecting by mind or through speaking that I would like something I leave at this site to get back to site 1B or vice versa.

At 9:25 AM, I left the P.R.O.W. sites biking back to site 1B.

#17. Not far to the west off the trail on the south side was a bench with large tree to the rear. I noticed behind the tree along the tree line these branches and limbs laying about. I decide to take some and leave leaning against the tree vertically and others in formation. I wanted to see if they will eventually be moved.

At 9:40 AM, I arrived at site 1B.

As noted earlier, some things had been moved. These were my observations:

#18. and #19. Softball #4 was found on the ground near a pipe with the number up. ?????

#20. I had taken some items from my backpack and left them on top of those items already in the pipe. There seems to have been adjustments in location; especially, my flute which I left flat on the tool bag. It is now against the pipe and angled. Two other items seemed to have been moved. I didn't take a photo of the position of items left in the pipe before going to the P.R.O.W. ?????? It would seem, I was being observed. ???

#21. The white rock in the rock circle had been moved from the center closer to the red on green rocks. ????

#22. thru #24. Three of the balls buckets had been tilted to the left at the top. ?????

#25. thru #32. New set-ups and re-adjustments of others.

At 10:30 AM, I went over to site 1A to look for more scattered balls, water meter covers, toys, general plastic items and plastic garbage can lids. After every flooding event, more of these items were added to site 1A.

#33. Items I recovered from my walk thru site 1A.

#34. thru #39. More set-ups using various items.

#40. I didn't notice this before, a small tree near the painted pipes, had blue paint on the side of the tree. Apparently, this was done when the pipes and one other tree were painted with figures, etc. back in August.?????

I don't know what to say. It's still an adventure and gets my adrenaline going. You never know what will happen next.

This concludes field report #31 for Sunday Oct. 18 20

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