The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Between Storms

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field Visit #33

October 30, 2015

I took 16 photos during this field visit. They will be posted with my explanation of happenings.

Last Saturday and Sunday, we had heavy rains leading to the area flooding again. I decided to come again on Friday due to more heavy rains and more flooding.

I arrived at the parking area approximately 3:50 PM. Temperature 78, cloudy, overcast with rain in the area. I have my bike and planned on going just to the sites. This changed. I went ahead and did my 7+ miles riding anyway. I made it to the P.R.O.W around 4:26 PM and made my observations.

I did go to the previous spot were I saw the drawings cover sheet. I laid a limb at the exact spot with small sticks coming off the limb perpendicular to the limb. 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side.

#1. and #2. Off the south side of the bike, hike paved trail.

At the P. R.O.W., 1st east side trail entry, the limbs I had standing vertically at the tree near the trail entry are now on the ground. Of course, last weekends storms probably knocked them all to the ground, but I note it anyway.

#3. and #4. Note the above comment.

#5. and #6. Note the new set-up. I made an arch opening and angled branches across it.

After completing the set-up, I moved on to the second entry. Here are my observations including the photos.

The ball has been removed from the main set-up.

#8. On the left side of the vertical limb at the set-up formation, some of the marbles are missing.

#9. One marble is on the ground near the formation. It's on top of the leaves ground clutter.

#10. I moved the ball into a crook of one of the close-by trees. I also took the native American drawings sheet and hung behind a tight vine on the tree above the ball.

#11. and #12. I hung another 'BF' drawings sheet on the gifting tree. The knife, phillips screwdriver and poncho are still there.

I left the P.R.O.W at 5 PM for site 1B. I arrived at site 1B and noticed I small item. A small ball was on the ground near the ball buckets tree. I took it and left it on the exterior of one of the buckets. I did this to show that I received it. Actually, I wanted 'them' to put it in the bucket.

#13. thru #15. See the above comment.

#16. I left the 3 sticks around a ball on top of one of the 'BF' drawings sheets. The sticks were recently laid out on one of the pipes.

This visit was short. I left the site before it got dark.

This concludes field report #33 for Friday Oct. 30 2015.

**Tomorrow is a new installment of Stalker Between the Worlds**