The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Strategies Evolving

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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August 30, 2015

Field Visit #26

Even though I was disappointed with the raccoons taking the food, there are still mysteries (the pipe painting drawings??? Last year's ground arrow pointers in relation to finding more balls) here to be looked into. 

I think, after seeing the video and with consideration, the raccoons are probably responsible for a large amount of the food taken over the past months but not all the time. Example: the sweet treats left on the Frisbee with the rocks and quarter left on the top treat and then found later removed but the rocks and quarter intact on the Frisbee. It has only been recent that the rocks and quarter or large marble has been off the Frisbee in a haphazard way. Also, the food bucket near the ball corral when the large rock was removed from the bucket and placed in the opening of the nearby tire and food removed. 

I do not think for one minute that a raccoon could take the large rock from the bucket and purposely place it in the tire opening. So, I need to consider a different strategy if I want to still put the food out in a way to minimize the raccoons, etc. 

The use of the deer corn pile on the fringe of the site was to lure in mainly deer and hogs as a possible ambush site for the 'BF's'. None of this has happened to date. After a few more trips the deer corn pile will be discontinued.

Reading many accounts from other researchers and habituation sites around the country, not all have the same experiences or interactions in relation to gifting or 'Forest People' taking food left for them. 

The impression I have from what has happened here this past year+ is a testing of my resolve to keep coming here. At times, I would be ready to 'toss in the towel' but something would happen, even if small, to keep my interest in coming, especially when I voiced out loud or had thoughts about my displeasure. Is there one 'Forest Person' possibly interacting with me or multiple ones???? Juvenile or adult, a combination??? Some of the foot impressions from the past year+ indicate possibly both. Also the growl from across the ditch last August 2014. That experience seemed to be an adult to me.

I did return the following day to the site for a short followup. Due to problems with my bike yesterday at the park, I took it to the bike shop. After leaving my bike to be repaired, I drove on over to the park. I arrived at the parking lot around 4 p.m. The temperature was 93, cloudy, hot and humid. I geared up and began the hike to the site. I arrived approximately 4:45 p.m. I left the site approximately 6:10 p.m. I still was not happy about the raccoons from yesterdays trip. I had some changes in mind. I'll comment on these later.

Here is a list of my following activities and observations with photos included. I took only 11 photos on this visit. I always walk the site first to note any changes to setups etc. This trip I made changes but did not photograph them all but will comment on them.

At the pipes everything was as is from yesterday. 

At the tan food bucket location, no food items have been taken. 

The items left as gifts on the water meter cover at the pipes, nothing taken or moved. 

At the new balls setup, everything is still the same.
Nothing new at the tires setup. 

Nothing new with ground stick hunter & antelope or other setups.

#1. and #2. At the possible glyph near the past tires set up, the ball has been turned. I had the number 2 on the ball left up and now it has been turned so you cannot see the number. (the only new change this visit?). The glyph itself has not changed from some animal possibly moving across it.

#3 thru #7. Yesterday afternoon, a few sweet treat packages were unopened and on the ground near the base of food bucket tree #1. These photos shows all items have been opened and wrappers scattered all around the tree and immediate area. The blue rock is still in the bucket. I don't know if raccoons or 'Forest People' taking the food & treats. The thing with this bucket has been the hanging items in the past. Last year, at site 1A, a long set of purple beads was left hanging at the front of the bucket only to be moved, hanging at the rear of the bucket were the bucket is attached to the 2X4 wood stud nailed to the tree. A few visits later it was found on the ground 30'-40' from the tree. Raccoons ??? hard for me to envision. This year I have hung the 6" nail on a long cord at the front of the present bucket. Recently the nail on the cord has been moved to the rear of the bucket in like manner as what happened at site 1A. Then after the hub cap was added and then both painted blue, they have been found on the ground. I can't explain but again its hard for me to envision a raccoon doing this but I don't rule it out entirely.

#8. and #9. I removed both the sketchbook and markers from plastic cover holders to make more accessible. Hopefully some type of drawing interaction will take place.

#10. I added a new food bucket location yesterday with the addition of the tan painted bucket. I left food in it yesterday and strangely none was taken. It was all there today. Again, I was not happy about the food gifting experiences in sharing with raccoons; however, maybe the 'Forest People' like for me to leave food for other's besides them??? I guess I will find out soon because changes are in order. I removed the Frisbee and the hanging tool bag from tree #2. I removed the bucket from tree #1. On both I removed the nailed in wood stud 2X4's. All these I stored in one of the lower pipes, with these items to be moved out later. I then took the tan food bucket and attached it to a long cord and hung the bucket from a high limb in the central site area. The bucket can be raised or lowered and will not be accessible to any but the 'Forest People' . I stocked with a few items and will see what happens. At this visit, I left it at 8'.5" off the ground. It's also approximately 3' below the limb. Also, there should be a lot less trash to deal with for now. I will still remove other trash from the vicinity.

#11. Before leaving, I expanded this simple set up from yesterday. I added the small hand mirror and the yellow tent peg. I hope something is taken.

I did cleanup the trash from food bucket tree #1. I sat for a short time to take stock of the current situation. Eventually it was time to go. Again, I left the site around 6:10 p.m.

This concludes field report #26 for Sunday August 30, 2015