The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Feather Gift?

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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August 22, 2015
Field Visit #24

I arrived at the parking lot at 4:18 p.m. The temperature is 87 and cloudy. The area is wet due to recent rains. I took my time packing my gear, etc. I rode my bike to the site today and got arrived around 4:40PM. I stayed today until approximately 7:25 p.m.

I took 35 photos during this visit. The notes I share will mainly be from the photos.

Photo explanations follows:

#1. thru #5. My stored items inside the top pipe continues to be messed with. the bucket is on the ground and my backpack is also on the ground, opened and items scattered. The items from the bucket have been scattered: comb, mirror, empty peanut bag.

#6. The water jug, I had left upright was on it's side.

#7. The painted pine cones left in a cross setup has been partially scattered.

#8.  At the gifting Frisbee, the sweet treat items have been removed but the 2 rocks and marble are still on the Frisbee.

#9. and 10. The food items left in the external pouches and in the tool bag are gone. Inside the bag, the empty peanuts bag with scattered shells, etc. can be seen. The bottled and tent peg remain in the bag.

#11. thru #16. Two possible ground stick signs or glyphs. Photos #11 thru #13---- near the tires formation. Photos #14 thru #16----are near the painted pine cones. Photo #35 will be drawings of the 2 possible glyphs.

#17. thru #19. I added sweet treats to the external pouches and put trail mix, popcorn and a box of cereal inside the tool bag.

#20.  In the bucket inside the top pipe, I put 1 bag of unshelled peanuts and sweet treats.

#21. On the Frisbee, 2 sweet treats stacked with the 2 rocks and large marble on top. 

#22. In food bucket #1, The large rock can be seen along with added unshelled peanuts bag and sweet treats.

#23. and #24. Additional food items left at the deer corn pile spot: cantaloupes, apple, red potatoes, pear, bananas, and unshelled corn.

#25.  View of storage pipe with stored items.

#26. and #27. After picking up trash at the site, I left the bag near the pipes and noticed a feather on the bag???

#28. I moved the water jug near rock circle setup.

#29. and #30. I left a sketchbook with markers in the top pipe rear. I drew pictures on the top half of the sketchbook. I hope to get a response at some point.

#31. I added a rock to the bucket and put the bumble bee bear doll at the edge of the pipe.

#32. thru # 34. Shows trash in the creek and higher ground near the creek. I now believe much of the trash in the hog rooting areas near the creek comes from the flooding time as I have experienced this past 12 months (There have been at least 4 definite flooding times since last September). 

#35. A photo of my drawing the possible glyphs mentioned in comments under photos #11. thru #16.

Other items:
Time was spent clearing the area of trash.

Fruits were left in food bucket #1. I did remove and use at the deer corn pile.

I did leave the site around 6 p.m. and went to my vehicle and brought some items back to the site.

Upon returning, I checked the food items and nothing was taken while I was gone.

I did take time to layout a distance of 200 yards from the creek north along the ditch. I marked the 200 yard spot with a cord as my marker along the east tree line.

This concludes field report #24 for Saturday August 22, 2015.