The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Disarray

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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August 29, 2015 

Report #25

This day, the plan was to spend another long day at
the site. I left home just after 9 a.m. with the temperature at 76. The high for the day was supposed to be 94 with sunny, clear skies. The wind was blowing WSE 5-10 mph. The humidity was zero and there was to be a full moon starting at 7:50 p.m. 

I arrived at the parking area at 9:29 a.m. with the temperature at 79. I made several trips from my car to the site as I needed to bring in a number of items. The first load was backpacked in. 

At 9:47 a.m., I was geared up and biking to the site. I arrived at the site just before 10 a.m. I left the site at 7:15 p.m.

I left my bike just inside the tree line under cover. I arrived at the pipes and unloaded the items from my backpack and make initial observations. It had been 6 days since the previous visit. 

I have 60 photos from this visit. I will note my observations with included explanations from the photos and regular comments as needed. It was an interesting; yet, disappointing day.  

Here's the day's activities and observations.

#1. thru #4. At the pipes, the bucket, bear/bee doll, nail tent peg, rock, and honey bun wrapper are all on the ground????

#5. thru #7. To the rear of the top pipe, the sketchbook and markers were left. The markers pouch had been opened and markers scattered. Most in the pipe but one was on another pipe and one was on the ground between a pipe and tree base????

#8. thru #12.-----At food bucket tree #1, all the food items are gone. There are multiple wrappers around the tree. The large rock is still in the bucket. It has been pushed down into the bucket instead of being partially out of the bucket as I left it previous????

#13. thru #15. Previously, I had hung the hub cap and 6" nail on a long vertical limb near food bucket tree #1.They are both on the ground and the limb broken. The broke off large limb is now on top of the hub cap with a smaller stick across the large limb???

#16. At the stick figure antelope, the 2 horn sticks have been rearranged to not show the blue paint but the natural side of the sticks.

#17. The stick figure hunter now has a natural stick/limb across the chest area above the reflector???

#18. All the branches, limbs and sticks have been pushed into and over the balls.

#19. thru #21. At the deer corn pile spot, nearly all items taken left from previous visit. Several partially, bitten into sweet potatoes remain near the spot.

#22. and #23.---The white tire left hanging from a tree limb has some empty peanut shells inside the circular part of the tire.

#24. thru # 29. At the Frisbee/tool bag tree all food items are gone. Abundant wrappers are all over around the tree and a ways back into the woods.

Both rocks and the hanging yellow tent peg are still at the Frisbee. The large marble is gone. The tool bag has been turned on end hanging from the tree nails.

Actually, the trash food wrappers at this tree covers a radius of approximately 20'.

#30. and #31. I found the empty peanut bag from the pipe bucket approximately 50' from the pipes to the SW.

#32. and #33. Food re-stock items for food bucket #1.

#34. Deer corn pile and additional 4 ears of corn.

#35 thru #37. I spray painted the white bucket with a tan camo paint and put it into a crook of a tree approximately 11' from the pipes and 5'-1" off the ground to the bucket opening.

#38. thru # 43. Frisbee/tool bag food items re-stock.

#44. I took the balls & misc. items from the corral and put them into upside down painted garbage can lids. I moved all the branches and limbs from the corral area and piled them on a limbs pile close by. I also moved the painted white kettle bell in the center.

#45. I moved the 5 tires out to the east of the Frisbee/tool bag tree. I stacked them onto a small mound. I then chained them to a small tree and put the limb that had been left in the past standing vertical in the center of the tires. I hope to have some movement of the tires, etc.

#46. I moved the whiter rock from the 'arch-door' opening to just outside the rock circle.

#47. thru #49. These are the possible ground glyphs. I took 3 of the baseball's I have found and numbered them 1,2,3 and put one inside each glyph.

I just noticed the 3rd one earlier.

#50. I did a re-arrangement around my 'Wilson' ( painted basketball face). I attached the hub cap w/ 6" nail. I stood up a limb as the body and added ground sticks as feet then painted them red.

#51. I moved the small blue ball as a head on the hunter sticks to the crook of a nearby tree and replaced with a ball I painted red then added yellow paint for eyes, nose and mouth.

#52 The blue ball I added yellow eyes, nose and mouth. As noted previous, in the crook of a nearby tree.

#53. My camcorder tripod with a green poncho covering. I leave the tripod with the poncho covering on site. I move it around frequently.

#54. The new balls and misc. found items setup. I moved the water jug to the spot also. I have now painted the water jug blue.

#55. Added food items to new tan food bucket setup near the pipes.

#56. and #57. A possible right foot impression found near the tepee vertical limbs setup. It measures 15"-5.5"-4.5". My cap and tape measure used.

#58. On a pipe I made this small setup. I used a water meter cover and added the 3 various size rocks, comb and large marble. I hope they are taken at some point.

#59. and #60. At the Frisbee setup and hanging tool bag. I had already re-stocked with items this morning. I left the site this afternoon to see if the items would be taken after I leave. This did happen. Wrappers are scattered around the tree, etc. I will go into more detail below.

I used the time today to observe, change up items, clean-up the area, explore more of the sites 1A and B. I took time to just sit for extended periods thinking, speaking out loud, whistling, playing notes on my flute. I also set up my camcorder to record at different times. I rode by bike back to the parking area to bring more items to the site. I had the camcorder recording at this time. Actually, It's hard for me to sit still for extended periods of time. I want to be doing something. The most I could sit is probably 30 minutes. I did take a short nap. All the items photographed above took place thru out the day. I did not notice any other unusual sounds, vocals, etc. while being there.

I was planning on spending the night out here tonight but couldn't do it. I need to spend time at night to see if I can hear vocals, movement, tree knocks, etc. that I'm used to hearing in a research environment. I just can't do it by myself at this time.

I need to report that the camcorder cassette I sent to a researcher friend recently (read field visit #22) for analysis could not take place. For some weird reason, the cassette would not play past the first few seconds on his viewer. It would say ' will not play' ???? We were baffled. He is an expert in this type of analysis. It played perfectly on my Sony camcorder but not his. He decided to remove the tape from this cassette to another, which he has done in the past, it still didn't work. So I'm very disappointed that what I thought was a face could not be verified and I now only have the memory of what I thought I saw.

I actually had high hopes for this visit. As I have reported, some things have taken place this visit. Something seems to take place each visit. This year I have gone the route of trying to have more interaction thru leaving the food items. I was determined on this visit to again leave the site but this time have the camcorder set up to record what was going on at the Frisbee/hanging tool bag tree. Like on the 16th, I was going to leave the site around 3 p.m. for 2 hrs. then return. The Camcorder cassette records for 2 hrs. I would be back by 4 p.m., look over the site and check the tape. I was determined to bike ride over to the pipeline-right-of-way (P-R-O-W) and observe it for a short time. I did do this as part of biking the trail. During the ride my bike began to develop issues and I thought it would breakdown on the trail. I was able to finally ride it slowly to the parking lot. I had also ripped my pants. I made the decision to take the bike back to the house and change pants get a bite to eat and return to the park. Now I had no bike to get me quickly back to the site. I had to hike back in which takes longer. My goal was to be back on site by 5 p.m. or earlier. I didn't get back on site until 5:45 p.m. I was vey unhappy about being so late. My first item to take care of on return was to go over to the Frisbee/hanging tool bag tree. Wow! the sweet treat items on both had been gotten into. I was happy. I was puzzled that at food bucket #1, some of the items were on the ground but the bags were not torn open. Maybe I would have footage of who was taking the treats, etc. The question was when was this done? I hoped not between 5PM and my arriving to the site. I took the camcorder from the tripod and sat down to review. I decided to go back 15 minutes and start viewing at that point. I started viewing and after watching for 5 minutes 4 raccoons came into view climbing up or messing around the tree. One knocked the sweet treat items form the Frisbee and another was on top of the tool bag opening the candy packages and getting at the sweet treats. One of the raccoons could be seen partially on the backside of the tree. After viewing several times I was really disgusted. I wanted to take everything from the site and leave. I was not in a good mood the rest of the time. So I hike out of the site around 7:15 p.m. on a low note. Will I continue?

This concludes field report #25 for Saturday August 29 2015.