The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Opening Communications

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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August 11, 2015
Volume 2, Field visit #21

There are no photos with this report. I decided not to wait until Sunday to visit the site. I was very anxious to see what had taken place in the past 2 days.

On the drive home my thoughts were preoccupied about the site. I got home about 5:15 p.m. and began to get ready to go over there. Thunder storms were rolling through the greater metropolitan area. 

When I left home the temperature was 105 degrees. This was approximately 6 p.m. I was determined to take my bike and go to the site no matter what the weather. The traffic to the site was heavier than usual due to the changing weather. It usually takes 20 minutes to drive to the park. That day it took over 30 minutes. 

When I reached the parking lot the temperature had dropped 92 degrees. The skies were getting darker as the rain began moving thru the area. There was lightening, thunder and light rain. I didn't have it bad as the rains never came down hard, just light the whole time. Miles to the south, there were bad thunderstorms, high winds, etc. I ended up staying less than an hour (leaving just after 7 p.m.) at the site. When I headed back to my vehicle, the temperature was then 82 degrees.

I rode my bike to the sight and had my rain gear on with backpack. I wasn't sure how long I would be on site. When entered the site, it was very dark in there. I decided not to take photos but comment on what I could see instead. I was still stunned at the spray paint pictures on the various concrete pipes. I took some time to look at them some more. 

Again, it looks like some kind of story is being told. One item I plan on doing is to purchase a sketchbook and a variety of color markers . I bought a Native American book of designs. I want to take a page of designs from the book and leave with the sketchbook and color markers. I will draw items in the sketchbook and hope drawings will be reciprocated. I will add a page with each weekly visit. These I will leave inside the top concrete pipe next to the small backpack, spray paint storage map case and food/misc. gifting bucket. I will start doing this the weekend of the 22nd/23rd August.

Ok, now for the observations of items having taken place the last 2 days:

In the top concrete storage pipe, the bag of unshelled peanuts has not been moved or opened. I laid the peanuts bag on the small back pack left flat in the food gifting bucket.

The map case used to keep the spray paints has been moved but all can within are neatly secured. I previously left the case at the rear of the food gifting bucket in a upright, vertical position and both snaps tight. It was found laying flat with the flaps of the case open but secure.

At bucket tree #1, the food items in wrappers have been removed from the bucket and eaten as the wrappers are scattered on the ground around the base of the tree. The large rock plus the fruit in the rear of the bucket are all there. I will not move the rock out this time. It has to be moved by 'them'????

The dirt area were I leave a pile of deer corn plus ears of corn and fruit is now minus all these items???

At the gifting Frisbee, the regular 2 sweet treats were taken but the 2 plastic containers of berries were left on the Frisbee. I couldn't find the 2 rocks and quarter which are left on the Frisbee when all else is taken??? It was to dark to locate on the ground, etc. I will look close next visit.

The tool bag feeder and gift holder that I hung at the old bucket feeder #2 position had all the sweet treats taken from the exterior pouch pockets. The wrappers were all around the tree on the ground. In the tool bag itself, I had put a bag of unshelled peanuts, a grooming comb, and mirror as gifts. The peanuts were opened and partially taken. The comb remained but the mirror was missing???

It seems I may have brought to many food items the last visit. I will have to try and make a specific list of what to bring for each station and stick with it.

The last time I came on a Tuesday, all the items not taken right away (some mini-candy bars scattered on the ground and fruits left in the buckets) were eventually taken by the following Sunday visit. I will see this Sunday if the same thing repeats itself.

The last interesting item noticed on the way out but now when entering is a large 'Y' shaped log. around 6" in diameter and 12' tall. This just my estimate. I didn't measure with my tape at this time. It was jammed up into over hanging foliage from surrounding small trees. This is near the 'arch-door' formation with a painted white rock, I set up recently. As I was leaving, I said to myself 'that something looked different and not right'. I then noticed the log. For some reason earlier, I ended walking right by it and not seeing the difference. I left the site after this.

This concludes Field Report # 21.

This completes the Field Report for visit #21 Tuesday August 11, 2015. Report e-mailed on Friday August 21 2:03 p.m.