The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Most Shocking Discovery!

August 9, 2015

Volume 2, visit 20 

Conditions: Temp. 102, sunny, extremely hot, no clouds.

I arrived at the parking lot at 5:51 p.m., reached the bridge 6:10 p.m. and entered the site 6:15 p.m. I left the site approximately 7:25 p.m. heading back to the parking lot.

I took my bike this trip. Taking the bike, of course, helps give me more time at the site. I was planning on biking to the pipeline-right-of-way (approx. 2 miles) after my visit to site 1B. I was going to spend time using binoculars to observe along the tree lines for activity. I never made it. What I observed on entering site 1B totally FLOORED, SHOCKED, and STUNNED me. I had no thought of seeing the following:

When one enters the site from a opening in the tree line, approximately 75'-100' in is a group (9 or 10) of old, concrete drainage pipes. They have been there a long time. The pipes are approximately 4'-5' in length and with a height of approximately 30"-36".1 pipe is on top of 2 horizonally. I use the top pipe to store items. I have the food bucket that had been torn off bucket tree #2 in the pipe with a small back pack inside. I keep trash bags in the backpack. I use the trash bags to clean up all the food wrappers left on the site plus remove other trash found. I also keep a military map case with various colored spray paints (7) for different experiments I'm conducting.

I entered the opening and the sunlight was bright behind me and bright openings through the trees. As I was walking toward the pipes, I whistled my entry tune and and called out that I'm here. 

I saw the pipes at a distance. It looked like a blue color on some of the old, grayish pipes. My first thought was someone (another person like me) had come in and put grafitti on the pipes ????? 

There was a lot of glare on the pipes and it was hard to make out what I was seeing. Then, my brain finally registered. It looked like some kind of PICTOGRAPH DRAWINGS using the spray paints I left in the map case, in the pipe. 

I was stunned

The spray paint colors used were royal blue, sky blue, white, dark green and yellow. 

When I looked into the pipe, the map case was on its side behind the bucket. All the cans were neatly in the map case with the flap as it should be. I was impressed with the handling of the cans and map case. 

Was this another person like me just messing with me??? When you see the drawings/paintings in person, it was as if an ancient story was being shared. 

Could this be the 'Forest People' sharing something of their past with me? Also, in the midst of the pipes was a tree approximately 6"-8" in diameter. It has been painted across at intervals up to 9'-9". I'm 5'-9" which means if I got on top of the pipe to paint the top mark on the tree, I would really have to stretch. 

Later, as I was leaving the site, it was darker. I was better able to see all the paintings much clearer. You will see in the photos below.

Last fall, I spray painted the five tires: red, royal blue, white and 2 shades of yellow. Since then, the paint started to wear off. Before my last visit, I decided to buy more paint and repaint the tires. I also wanted to paint all the rocks I brought to the site. 

The 2 'arch-doorway' opening vertical long limbs, I spot painted white. The 2 long vertical limbs, I have as a tepee formation within the site, I spotted painted one limb with royal blue paint and the other spot painted with dark green. 

I found a hub cap on the way to the site and attached it to the cord with the 6" galvanized nail around food bucket #1. I painted the front of the hub cap with the royal blue. I also painted the black kettle bell white and moved it onto 3 of the freshly repainted tires.

Could one or more of the 'Forest People' been observing my painting activities and felt they could convey something to me?? 

After returning home that evening, I contacted a trusted fellow researcher and shared with him the experience and the photos you will see. After looking at the photos, it seems something ancient was being shared with me. He could see ancient symbols in the paintings. When he saw my painted rock circle with the wood piece in the center, this reminded him of the ancient symbol for Deity. 

Last year, I tried to use a rock circle with small rocks of the same color. Sometimes rocks would be moved or sticks placed around or on it but I knew no real meaning. Whatever, I did not expect this! I will cover the photos involved shortly.

I need to share about the rest of the time on site:

The white rock, I left under the 'arch-doorway' horizontal limb, was turned over exposing the bottom side which I did not paint last time. 

At food bucket #1, the food wrappers were on the ground around the tree. 

The deer corn piles at both old and new spots have been taken. 

The white kettle bell was knocked over and the ground arrow pointer limbs scattered.

The 2 sweet treats on the green Frisbee have been taken. The 2 rocks (larger one, small yellow one) and the quarter remain on the Frisbee.

The fried Apple pie empty box is at the bottom of the tree.

The fried Cherry pie empty box from the Frisbee is near bucket tree #1.

When I took paints from the map case to finish this days painting, I was pranked. All the lids are the colors for the cans of paint. I began painting the bottom of the white rock which had been turned over. Green paint was coming out of the can. The white lid was on the green paint. I checked all the cans. The green lid was on the white paint. I was tricked. They were probably having a good chuckle when I began painting the white rock green.

More of my activities:

I added 1 package of mini-snickers bars sweet treats and 2 plastic containers: one containing blackberries and the other strawberries. I put the 2 rocks and quarter on top of the snickers package.

I re-stocked food bucket #1.

I dumped a pile of deer corn and put out 4 ears of corn, 2 apples and 1 pear at the same spot at the fringe of the site.

I added the large royal blue, painted rock back into food bucket #1. It will remain until removed.

I added a hub cap on the cord hanging on food bucket #1. I also painted it royal blue.

I chained 2 tires to a small bushy tree.

The circle rocks, I complete painting the bottoms.

I moved the white kettle bell onto the 3 tires stack.

I moved the water container next to the balls corral.

I removed the ground arrow pointer limbs.

I took a large tool bag with exterior small pouches and hanged it from added 2"x4"s. I added sweet treats in the exterior pouches and in the bag added a bag of peanuts, a honey bun, a small mirror, and a grooming comb, both as gifts. To the sweet treat pouches off the ground measures 5'-3".

I added 1 bag of peanuts to the bucket in the top concrete pipe. It is on top of the backpack in the bucket.

Now to the photos. There are 54 for this visit. Explanations follow:

#1. thru #4. Paintings on the pipes. What do you think?

#5. Map case with paints inside. Not in original spot.

#6. I opened the case to show the paints. They are in the case neatly.

#7. thru #12. More paintings on the pipes. Again, what do you see? Inside the pipe, male private parts?? procreation???

#13. The white rock turned to its exposed side.

#14. Food wrappers on the ground around bucket tree #1.

#15. Fried Cherry pie box on the ground near bucket tree #1.

#16. Deer corn pile near bucket tree #1 is gone.

#17. thru #19. More wrappers near bucket tree #1.

#20. Deer corn pile at the fringe site area is gone.

#21. At the ground arrow formation, the kettle bell has been knocked over and the limbs moved around.

#22. There's something in the photo but can't tell. I don't remember this being dark like this.????

#23. Fried Apple pie empty box at the base of the Frisbee tree.

#24. The above box again in a larger photo.

#25. The 2 rocks and quarter left on the Frisbee.

#26. Frisbee re-stocked with 2 rocks and quarter on the snickers package.

#27. New deer corn pile with 4 ears of corn, 2 apples and 1 pear. At the fringe of the site.

#28. Re-stock food items for bucket #1.

#29. Food bucket #1 with large painted royal blue rock, restocked with food items and hub cap added.

#30 and 31. 2 Tires chained to small bushy tree.

#32. Painted teepee limbs with painted green rock beneath.

#33. Three tires stack with white pained kettle bell and long thin limb spot painted, royal blue.

#34. Balls corral with hanging items and water container.

#35. Inside large tool bag. Peanuts bag, honey bun, grooming comb, small mirror.

#36. Sweet treats in exterior pouches on tool bag.

#37. Tool bag with treats and gifts hanging from old bucket #2 location.

#38. Old food bucket now moved to top concrete pipe for storage use. Storage backpack and bag of peanuts in the bucket.

#39. The 2 prankster, trickster spray paint cans. As they were. Check the lids with the cans.

#40. My current painted rocks circle with old piece of wood in the center. Symbol of Deity???

#41. I put the paint cans back in the map case in this order. Will they be taken out again???

#42. This how I positioned the map case. Upright, behind the bucket.

#43. I painted the hub cap royal blue.

As I was leaving the site, I got a better view of all the concrete pipe paintings, etc. Here they are again.

#44. Royal blue star burst, wavy royal blue, white arch???

#45. White arch, man figure green???

#46. The pipes from front to rear with paintings. Star burst, water, sky, clouds, ocean.????

#47.-----Moved slightly to take the group of pipes again.

#48. The tree among the pipes with white painted, angled marks. The top mark is 9'-9".

#49. This is the tree as it goes higher.

#50.-----Ancient hunter and antelope ?? Royal blue.

#51. The earth??? Royal blue and green.

#52. Three-toed print??? face??? Royal blue, sky blue, green, white.

#53. Star burst, wavy, earth??? royal blue, sky blue, white.

#54. Wavy, sky, clouds??? royal blue, sky blue, white.

I wasn't expecting this. Is this the start of some higher interaction? We'll see. I have some experiments in mind.

This completes the Field report for visit #20 Sunday August 9, 2015. Report e-mailed on Friday August 14, 2015 10:08 p.m.


  1. The paintings on the pipes are an exciting addition. Riveting as always.


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