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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Extended Visit

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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August 15, 2015

Volume 2, Visit #22

The plan for this day was to stay until dusk at the site area. I wanted to practice some more items and use my camcorder. I also wanted to go over to the pipeline-right-of-way (P-R-O-W)and explore some. I ended up leaving from home around 9:01 a.m. I arrived at the park at 9:27 a.m. 

The temperature on arrival was 87, sunny with a clear blue sky. It was going to be a hot one today. I brought a number of items to the site so I used my bike. The bike allowed me to get where I needed to go much faster. 

The first trip in I brought a camp chair, my camcorder w/ tripod and personal water and snack items, extra spray paint cans, etc.

The second trip, I brought in food and gifting items. Also, from this report forward, I will refer to the 'Bigfoots', 'Sasquatch', 'Forest People' as 'Locals'.

I made it to the site by 9:58 a.m. for the first trip. I dropped off the first group of items, did an initial walk of the site to see what prior activity had happened before my arrival, I then set up the tripod and camcorder. The camcorder was videoing the area while I rode back to the vehicle to bring in the next items. I set up the camcorder to the south of the concrete pipes and focused it on the top pipe opening. The top pipe is where I store items at the site. I then got my backpack and left for my vehicle. 

This was approximately 10:08 a.m. I made it back to the site by 10:30 a.m. I stopped the video and did a measurement of the concrete pipes. Using a tape measure, the length of the pipes differed slightly. Some were 48" others 50" in length. Across the pipe opening is 30". The height across the opening, concrete to concrete is 37". The top storage pipe is 74" to the top off the ground as the pipe is on top of 2 of the pipes.

I took 61 photos today. I will start to go thru them at this time with explanations. I will also fill in with other information as I go thru these. Thanks for your patience.

#1. thru #3. These 3 show an empty peanut bag on the ground in front of 3 pipes. I had left it in the bucket in the pipe the previous visit. The close up of the backpack in the bucket has peanut shells on the pack. There is also a pile of shells on the ground outside the lower left pipe.

#4. and #5.----shows a Y long limb/branch 13' in length, 12" in diameter and approximately 6' from the painted white rock in the 'arch-door gate' opening. This is a new addition from the 'Locals'. The 2nd photo is looking from the east thru the 'arch-door gate' opening to see the Y limb on the other side.

#6. thru #8. At bucket tree #1, we see food wrappers on the ground around the tree at various distances.

#9. and #10. The large rock has been pushed into the bucket. I had it partially out on the Tuesday visit. All the fruit has now been taken from the rear of the bucket.

#11. and #12. These show the 6" galvanized nail attached to the cord at bucket #1. It is behind the blue painted hub cap. It has been adjusted to it's present position. I can tell by the paint on the nail that it's position has been moved since my last visit. The paint on the lower part of the nail could not have been accomplished at it's present position. When the hub cap was painted blue, the paint sprayed thru the hub cap openings and the nail was more horizontal.

#13. thru #15. At the tool bag/Frisbee gifting tree, the tree is surrounded by trashed food wrappers.

#16. The larger rock that has been used on the Frisbee is now on the ground below the Frisbee. The small yellow rock and quarter are missing?? I couldn't find them on the ground.

#17. On the Frisbee is an empty plastic berry container.

#18. The gifting tool bag shows the front 2 external Velcro pouches back in the sticking position. 'Someone' or 'something' put the Velcro in the proper position after taking the sweet treats.

#19. The grooming comb has been removed from inside the tool bag and left hanging from the left rear attachment ring.

#20. I took the bag down from the tree. On top of the bag are many peanut shells remains.

#21. The tool bag has been partially zipped up on the right side. The bag cannot open unless fully zipped down. This is not an easy bag to unzip and zip.

#22. On opening the tool bag, the 2 apples and bananas remain. The peanuts are now fully gone since Tuesdays visit. The apples and bananas were removed to the deer corn pile at the fringe of the site.

#23. and #24. The hand mirror was in the tool bag Tuesday. I found it face down among wrappers and leaf clutter near the gifting tree. 'Someone' or 'something' didn't like what was seen in the mirror???? 'Locals'??

I stopped at this time to cleanup all the wrapper trash and other trash items in and around the site. I also took measurements from the ground to the eye lens of the 4 dummy cameras: #1 was 66 3/4"; #2 was 77"; #3 was 62"; #4 was 60 1/2". 

Back to the photos:

#25. I spray painted all the hanging glass bottles yellow. I hope to use them to draw or mark on in future visits using Native American drawings and symbols. Maybe the 'Locals' will draw, mark on them also.

#26. I spray painted the Y log. Red paint from the bottom of the log to the connection of the Y. Next on both split branches I painted sky blue then white. My paint reach is 74" off the ground.

#27. Food re-stock items for bucket #1.

#28. Food #1 with items in the bucket plus the rock. 'They' need to move the rock out of the bucket to a ground location.

#29. Food items for the tool bag and Frisbee.

#30. The top storage pipe with food bucket and food items.

#31. Inside the tool bag I placed the bag of peanuts and bottled water.

#32. I zipped the tool bag tight.

#33. and #34. The tool bag with sweet treats in the external pouches.

#35. I put 2 fried pies on Frisbee and put 3 rocks and 1 large marble to be taken as gifts.

#36. and #37. The limb/branch which had been left on the ground at the arrow pointer and rocks formation, I had placed in the 3 tires and today the direction was changed and actually behind a nearby vine. The left Y of the branch is behind the vine. The wind??? The direction was more towards the deer corn pile at the fringe of the site??? I also spray painted blue spots on the limb.

#38. I moved the limb back to it's original direction towards the balls corral.

#39. I spray painted the back side of the hanging hub cap and the 6" galvanized nail the royal blue.

#40. I decided to mimic the spray paint drawing of the hunter/antelope??. I did a ground drawing, using limbs and branches. This was with the royal blue spray paint. Will this provoke a reaction/interaction??

#41. I readjusted the 4 tires seen. I moved them to the 4 directions. The blue tire to the east. The yellow tire to the west. the smaller, yellow tire with no rim to the north. The red tire to the south. I laid the small Y limb/branch on top of the tires with the Y pointing to the west.

#42. I used the white tire and chain has a crude swing. Maybe a juvenile 'Local' will be tempted to mess with this tire??

#43. I added the white painted kettle bell to the middle of the tires set-up.

#44. and #45. I took the basketball from the balls corral and painted it to look like a face. This is my 'Wilson' as from the movie "Castaway." Years ago, while involved at a habituation site, we did the same thing. Our 'Wilson', a painted soccer ball, was moved all over the property (33 acres) of the land owners.

I hope for the same kind of interaction?? Also in the 2nd photo I have my camcorder tripod set up with a green poncho over it.

#46. At this time, I decided to walk the area between sites 1A and 1B. I took my time to see if I could find any more scattered balls from the past fall and spring flooding. The flooding brought more trash items into site 1A. Walking between the sites I found a bone. I take it as a deer bone???

#47. I walked over the area and as I got over to the old site, I saw a number of scattered balls and collected them and other plastic items for the corral at site 1B. Here is the photo of those items. I left 2 large rocks from last year at the site 1A. I decided to go back and get them. When I got over to the site, I got side tracked looking at fresh trash areas to the south end of the site.

#48. A close up photo of the stick figure painted hunter upper chest and head. I did a few small changes to the figure. I used a painted, small ball for the head with 3 horizontal small sticks below the head and above the shoulders. I used a reflector found as part of a kind of necklace with small colored rocks making the chain or cord to the shou
lders/neck area.

#49. I think this blurry photo is near stick hunter but not sure???

Up to now I have been on site since approximately 10 a.m. I have been doing a lot of activity but one of the things I decided to do is slow down and take it easy at times while here. I have brought my camp chair. I take breaks occasionally. I will read, blow notes on my wooden flute, do hoots, barred owl hoots, whoops, mediate towards the 'Locals', whistle, sing, speak out verbally what's on my mind. I stay in the 'boundary' I have set and don't move beyond it. I let the 'Locals' come to me.

I decided to leave the site for a time. I wanted to do a bike circuit on the trail. Also this allowed me to go over to the Pipeline R-O-W. I wanted to do a little exploring down the P-R-O-W if possible. I then would go back to my vehicle, leave the park, then go eat and relax at a convenience store just outside the park. Before leaving, I set up my camcorder to cover food bucket #1. All the food items had been out at the proper spots. I had to choose a strategic spot to video and I chose food bucket #1. My problem was this. I had 30 minutes recording time left on that particular cassette. I didn't know how long I would be gone. I left the site.

Around 3 p.m., I left the site and rode my bike to the east were the trail ends and you have to return to the west. On the way back, I stopped at the P-R-O-W. Someone had driven down the P-R-O-W just recent flattening the high grass. This made riding the bike easier to the south. I was probably 25-30 yards into the P-R-O-W when I saw a head bobbing up and down in the tall grass. I stopped and whistled several times. The head was from a large hog. It took notice of me and moved around. I then saw another 3 smaller piglets of various sizes moving close by the sow. Obviously, they were feeding. They all noticed me a began to move into the east tree line. I decided to move further to the south, as I thought they were moving on to the east in the woods. As I walked my bike further to the south, the sow came back onto the P-R-O-W. I stopped and whistle a again. The head of the sow went up and it looked as if she looked in my direction. It seemed next, she staring moving my direction. I didn't hesitate. I turned my bike and took off in a sprint back to the trail. I didn't look back. I was hoping not to be caught from behind. I wasn't confident enough to be able to jump on my bike and ride off. What if I fell? So I made it to the trail, got on my bike and looked back. Apparently, she stopped after the initial move towards me. The piglets had come back on the P-R-O-W and all 4 moved into the west tree line. After the sprint to the trail, I was out of breath but glad to have not confronted the sow. As I thought back, I probably could have taken a photo of this event but at the moment it didn't enter my mind.

Wow! What a happening. In my nearly 2 yrs. out here going to limited locations, this was my 4th sighting of hogs. I do not like encountering them. The first was further south on the P-R-O-W last year, twice on site 1A last year, and Saturday. I finished the bike circuit back to my vehicle. I then left the park and returned too site 1B around 4:50 p.m. I was gone from the site approximately 1-3/4 hrs. I will report on the next happenings and final photos from 4:50 p.m. till leaving the site at approximately 7:25 p.m. Here goes.

The temperature at arriving at my vehicle to leave the park was 102. When I got back to the site at 4:50 p.m. it was 96. Upon arriving back at the site, I went over to the camcorder and of course it was off as the time had expired on the tape. I then walked over the site to see if anything was out of order from the last few hours. Wow! something happened while I was gone.

#50. thru #52. At the tool bag, the sweet treats left in the external pouches have been taken. The wrappers are on the ground below the bag and around the tree. One snickers almonds mini-bars have been opened and some taken but the package left in the far left pouch. A wrapper can be seen on the top of the bag.

#53. The apple and cherry fried pies have been moved on the Frisbee. 

I don't know what to think. The 'Locals' must be observing me and knew when I left the site. They couldn't resist of taking some of the sweet treats. Juvenile(s)??

#54. and #55. At the little trail, in front of the pipes , are 2 small trees/branches pulled over the trail. Both are intertwined. The height is 5'-2". I have already bumped my head on the branches several times today. They were not in this position this past Tuesday. Till today, I have not had to go under any obstruction on this little trail. This seems to be something of the 'trickster' making me bend over each time I go thru. I do not want to remove as I like the interaction. I spray painted the intertwined limbs with royal blue spots.

#56. I brought a small bag of pine cones from home. In the site there are no pine trees just hardwoods. I put the pine cones in the formation of a cross and spray painted them yellow. Will they be messed with??

#57. thru #59. I put inside the tool bag a bag of peanuts, a bottle of water, min-candy bars found on the ground not opened but scattered with those opened and eaten and wrappers left.

#60. The collected trash at the site. I will drop off in one of the trash containers along the trail upon leaving.

#61. I added a few more items to the pipe bucket: bag of peanuts, apple, pear, the grooming comb and the hand mirror.

I did some more sitting and relaxing. I actually dozed off for awhile. I want the 'Locals' to be comfortable enough to mess with me as much as they want.

I decided before leaving to go east of the tool bag/Frisbee tree and video that area. I took the camcorder and started from the site entry and videoed the whole site. I ended up at the tool bag/Frisbee tree and began moving off to the east, panning left to right etc. slowly. I would stop and concentrate ahead for a few seconds and then pan more. As I moved further into the woods, panned the camcorder to the right, something caught my eye. It looked like a dark outline to the right of a tree looking like a head. I zoomed in and saw what looked like eyes, a nose and mouth. There was brush covering what would be the lower extremities. I was shocked. I kept in this position for a number of seconds to verify what I was seeing. Again, it looked like face with noticeable eyes, nose and mouth. I could not make out any ears as it was looking straight forward. The video recording was in black & white. I don't know if this was due to the late afternoon lighting or what?? There seemed to be dark streaks in the face. I stayed in the same position and continued panning slowly on to the right as if I had not seen it. I then panned slowly back to the left. At the spot, the face now seemed to be half-way behind the tree. The tree was not large and was in a leaning Y position, leaning to the left. In the crook of the tree to me there seemed to be the top of a small round head and with an eye peering thru the crook. I panned on to the far left slowly then back again to the right. This time the face was not noticeable. It had moved away or possibly further back as there seemed to be something blending further back and not noticeable as before. I was really excited but tried to curb my actions. I moved to a different spot and acted like I noticed nothing and panned another area. That was my mistake. After a while I turned back to locate the exact spot to move to it and could not find it for whatever reason. If this was to take place again, I would move towards the position until something happened. I would force quick movement or a reaction.

This was an awesome field visit. I have some thoughts on some future field experiments. We'll see what happens next??

I left the site approximately 7:25 p.m. This was the longest amount of time I've spent here since starting last year. I hope to spend more Saturdays here.

After arriving home, I went over the video footage at least a half dozen times. The footage is approximately 1-1/2 minutes. I was convinced something was there. I contacted a researcher friend who is expert in checking all kinds of video footage. I went over my observations with him and decided to send the Sony Hi-8 cassette to him for review. I trust his judgment completely. If he says I'm seeing something not real or reading something into it then so be it. I'll keep trying my best to interact as best I know how and move forward.

This concludes field report#22 for Saturday August 15, 2015.

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