Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Building Trust

July 28, 2015
Visit #18

Conditions: Temp. 91, hot, a little rain and sprinkles, rain clouds.

I came over to the area after work in the late afternoon during the week. I couldn't wait until Sunday to see if the food had already been taken and what other changes had taken place. I just had to visit today. 

I came from home and brought my bike. I did a circuit on the trail and visited the site. I just observed and took photos of the site, but made no changes. Next Sunday will be the time to do changes. 

I took 19 photos with this visit. Here they are with the explanations:

#1. Food bucket #1 still has the big rock in it with some food items. The galvanized 6' nail hanging on the cord has been pushed to the rear of the bucket. 

#2. and 3. Food wrappers in the vicinity of bucket tree #1.

#4. thru #8. Food wrappers below bucket #2 among the group of tires by the balls corral and in the corral and among nearby limbs.

#9. Fruit food items still in the rear of bucket #2. The large rock is still in place in the bucket opening.

#10. thru #14. The mini-Baby Ruth wrappers and unopened bars and the Cherry fried pie empty box are on the ground near the green Frisbee tree. Some of the Baby Ruth bars have been taken but some have not and are still on the ground unopened.

#15. and 16. The 2 rocks and quarter, I have left as a gift still remains on the Frisbee. A close-up of the photo #16 will show the quarter under the larger rock at the right corner.

#17. This photo shows more food wrappers below bucket #2 in the immediate vicinity.

#18. The deer corn has been taken from its spot.

#19. My storage backpack still in the concrete pipe and not messed with this time.

I'm really amazed with the back ad forth going on and don't know what to expect next. Again, every visit is with anticipation. 

To me, these are 'Forest People' not animals. I try to mentally project my coming and expectations with each visit to them/he/she. I want to set up some active cameras to see what/who apart from them could be doing the interaction and taking food etc., if that's the case. 

I do agonize to not destroy the trust that has built up since January 2014. In one sense, I do the cameras for all who has been reading the journal to take care of your doubts and concerns that I'm not genuine in my seeking the truth in this field. From the beginning, I have made it known that I'm not concerned about proving to others the scientific existence of these 'Forest People'. There are many other researchers who are doing this and that's great but that's not me. If you have been able to learn how to experience or attempt to practice interacting with these 'Forest People' thru this journal then the purpose has been accomplished.

This completes the Field report for visit # 18 Tuesday July 28, 2015. Report e-mailed on August 11, 2015 10:07 p.m.

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