The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Amping Up the Exchange

August 2, 2015
Volume 2, Field Visit #19

The conditions today: Temp.: 101, extremely hot, a few high clouds.

I've tried to do some sit down planning for this visit:

1.) I will continue to remove all trash from 1B. 

2.) I want to re-paint the 5 tires. The paint has been wearing off since last fall.

3.) Should I bring extra tires? Should I make a tire totem? 

4.) Should I purchase a chain and chain some of the tires to a tree to see a possible reaction??

5.) This time I'll put out 2 piles of deer corn. One pile will be put at the current fringe spot, the other near bucket tree #1. 

6.) I will paint the rocks I've brought onto the site. 

7.) Also, I will scour site 1A for more items to bring to 1B ( glass bottles, major plastic items, any balls I can find). 

8.) I will remove food bucket #2 from above the balls corral to inside the top concrete pipe. I will use the bucket to keep my storage back pack in and other items.

I arrived at the trail bridge at 4 p.m. and started walking to the site. What will happen next? I really want one of these 'Forest People' to at least let me have a glimpse of their being here with me at the same time. I know at least one must be watching as I work at the site(s). They are too stealthy for me to see. I do try to talk out loud while on the site(s). When leaving and I have refilled the food bucket(s) and the Frisbee site, I use my machete to hit the bucket 3 times and it sends a distinct sound out thru the area. Letting them know, I'm now leaving the site.

Ok, now to recent happenings. I have 37 photos from this visit. I will now go thru these and give the explanations of what I observed and any changes I made.

#1 and #2. Some of the food wrappers on the ground near bucket #1.

#3 and #4.-----The 6" galvanized nail on the hanging cord again has been moved to the rear of bucket #1.

#5. A honey bun wrapper in the vicinity of bucket tree #1, but not as close as the previous wrappers.

#6 #7 and #9.------Awesome!! I'm blown away! The large rock has been removed from food bucket #2 above the balls corral. One of my wants (projected thought and also verbally expressed) was for one or both rocks to be removed from one or both buckets. The rocks are large enough that only a person, our type or a 'Forest Person' only, could remove. Also the white tire was moved from the front of the balls corral were it was leaning against branches and limbs. It had been in line with the red and yellow tires. The white tire was now on the ground, flat, with the rock in the opening on the ground. This is a type of communication to me. This is exciting to me!!

#8. I have removed food bucket #2 from above the balls corral. I will relocate to the top concrete pipe opening.

#10. Food wrappers from bucket #2, scattered next to the white tire and around the balls corral.

#11. Food items for re-stocking food bucket #1.

#12 and #13. Near bucket #1, wrapper items missing from Tuesday's visit are now on the ground in the vicinity of food bucket tree #1.

#14. The big rock was still in bucket #1. I finally removed it so I can eventually paint the rock. I found the hub cap off the side of one of the roads passing thru the park. I moved the cord back to the front of the bucket.

#15. I added the deer corn pile near bucket tree #2.

#16 and #17.----I added the deer corn pile at the fringe spot.

#18 thru #20. Sweet treat wrappers close to the green Frisbee tree.

#21. The sweet treats have been taken but the small, yellow rock and quarter remain on the Frisbee.

#22. and #23. The larger rock was found at the base of the tree below the Frisbee and to the left.

#24 and #25. I restacked 2 sweet treats on the Frisbee, along with re-stacking the quarter, and the 2 rocks on top of the treats.

#26 and #27. At the arch-gate entry to the site, I paint parts of both standing limbs with white dots. Also the rock, I place in the opening, I paint white.

#28 thru #30. At the tee pee formation, I also paint spots on the limbs. One is royal blue and the other green. I also paint the 2 large rocks from the buckets. One is painted royal blue and the other green.

#31. I have repainted the tires as best as I could. I have put them in formation towards the balls corral. The limb in the 3 stack formation is the one from the ground placed by ???? earlier. I have painted blue spots on it.

#32. Here are rocks I have brought from the old fire pit and other found rocks, I painted them to see if there will be some reaction. I placed them in a circle and put the old piece of wood in the middle. I am hoping the wood will be placed outside of the circle.

#33 and #34. At my arrow ground pointer I painted the kettle bell white and left at the rear of the arrow.

#35. A close photo of the limb in the tires opening and the blue paint on the limb.

#36. and #37. I have moved food bucket #2 to the top concrete pipe opening. I have been using this pipe for storage. The backpack is in the bucket. The other item seen is my military map case holder. It is large enough to hold all my spray paint cans. I will be using the paint more. The case in in an upright position between the bucket and the concrete side. also 3 small 2'x4' wood studs with large nails are in the pipe also. The bucket is attached to one of the nails on one of the studs.

You never know what's going to happen. We'll see what's new next visit.

This completes the Field Report for visit #19 Sunday August 2, 2015. Report e-mailed on August 12, 2015 2:38 p.m.