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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Testing Animal Versus Sasquatch

July 23, 2015

Volume 2, Visit #16

I couldn't wait until Sunday to visit the site. I had to see now. I went over after work. I didn't take any food items. I would take the food items on Sunday the 26th. This visit was for observation only to see what had taken place before Sunday. I arrived at the park around 4:15 p.m. It was 100 degrees, sunny, hot with high clouds. I arrived at the bridge at 5 p.m. and both sides of the ditch grassy areas had been mowed. I proceeded to the site and began my observations. I left the area approximately 6:15 p.m. There were 33 photos taken with this visit. I will go straight into the explanations of what I saw and any changes made.

#1. thru #4. On the way to the bridge there was brush piled on the south side of the trail in an opening. Behind the brush pile were 3 limbs laid out in a parallel manner; two on one side of a small tree and one on the other side. All were in a north to south direction from the paved trail just inside the tree line. The x-limbs were just to the east of the brush pile. Photo #4 is taken on the north side of the trail looking directly at the brush pile opening.

#5. This another photo on the way to the bridge. This location in the small opening and tree is were the one broken limb had been laid out in a particular way. It is now gone. maybe moved by park workers.

#6. View of both sides of the ditch from the bridge before moving south to site 1B. The grassy areas on both sides have been recently mowed.

#7. thru #9. At bucket tree #1, food wrappers are scattered around the tree.

#10. thru # 15. At bucket #2, which I moved to above the balls corral, food wrappers were scattered around the 3 tires, in the balls corral and among the broken branches and limbs on the ground.

#16. The pile of corn has been taken.

#17. The piece of wood on top of the rock has been moved around some.

#18. I moved the wood onto the top of the yellow painted tire, in the tires set up.

#19. thru #21. The sweet treat left on the green Frisbee has been taken and the 2 rocks and quarter moved to a corner of the Frisbee. The sweet treat wrapper is seen in photo #20 and in #21 seen from the wrapper spot back towards the Frisbee tree approximately 40' away.

#22 and #23. My cap, which had been hanging up on the bottles limb, was on the ground approximately 5' from the limb.

#24. I re-hung my cap.

#25. I added a rock to the front of the tires set-up.

#26. I added this large rock to food bucket #2. The goal is for a possible creature to remove the rock from the bucket to make more room for the food or make it easier to get to the food. The rock is large enough that a raccoon or possum could not remove the rock.

#27. From bucket #1, to the north approx. 19' away is one of the 'dead' cameras looking directly at the bucket.

#28. From bucket #1, to the south approx. 19' away is another 'dead' camera looking directly at the bucket.

#29. My back pack, my hiking staff made for me by one of the outstanding researchers in this field, and trash bag. I carry out all trash left at this site.

#30. I went over to site 1A and brought back these items. They will be displayed on this site.

#31. The bottle limb with the added bottles from photo #30.

#32. I added another large rock to food bucket #1 with the same intention stated with bucket #2. I also moved the 6" galvanized nail into the bucket in front of the rock.

#33. I hung the 2 plastic lids from site 1A.

As a researcher, I like to read as much information on this subject from fellow researchers as I can. The purpose is to be open to experiences of other researchers and as much as possible try to implement what may bring interaction from those experiences. I'm fascinated with possible interaction with these 'Forest People' and learn their culture and ways. 

At this time, I limit my going into their domain to approximately 100 sq. yards out of 14,000 acres. I let them come to me as they wish. When this started last year with the tires interaction, I was stunned. On a whim from the past, I initiated the tire stacks, etc. They did not have to respond to this, but there was a response and it has slowly built to the present interaction. 

I have given thought to invading more of their domain but now realize I don't need to do this, but be more patient with their coming to me in this small area that I think they are comfortable with me being in. 

I hope everyone who follows this journal has the opportunity, if your situation allows, to put the many learned experiences of habituation researchers into practice. The main thing is to keep an open mind to what others experience and not ridicule because you have not experienced it.

This concludes field visit # 16 report for 07/23/2015.

Postscript: Things are developing at a rapid pace. That is how research goes in one area. It can take a year, two years or more for confidence to occur. In coming weeks of The Urban Sasquatch Journal, there is much to share!

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