The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Footprint Found

#21 Research Considerations
#22  Making Signs

July 19, 2015
Visit #15
Conditions: 97, partly sunny with high clouds, very hot. 
On site from 5:15-6:35 p.m.

I was anticipating new events with this visit. Seems like something has always happened no matter how little the change. Is there possible Sasquatch activity? To me, I think so. I'll keep coming until I get some hard answers. I hope in September to put out some active cameras to at least see if animals are moving thru the site moving things around and taking the food from the buckets. If the Sasquatch are responsible, I hope to have built up enough trust with them that putting out the active cameras will not be offensive.

Another item is I'm not spending a lengthy amount of time at the sites. Just enough to record what has taken place previously. I hope when things cool off in the late fall to spend more time during the day and possibly over night.

I arrived at the parking area at 4:50 p.m. I get geared up and by 5 p.m., I'm on the way to the bridge. I arrive at the bridge at 5:15PM. The grass has grown higher now on both sides of the ditch.
I picked up another rock from the fire pit for site 1B. Only one rock is left at the fire pit. I will remove it next visit. I entered the site area with my standard tune whistling and announcing vocally that I was now on site. I also do my own 'whoops', use a flute and owl hoots at different time during the visit.

What's different on this visit?

The pair of limbs left vertically at the 'bottles' limb, one was moved against the other. I had left the 2 as a 'door-gate' formation approx. 3-4' apart across the top.

Around tree bucket #1 more wrappers on the ground.

On the ground below bucket #1 was a peach pit. In the bucket, another peach pit was found which I removed and put on the ground to photo with the other.

At the ground formation arrow pointer, the water container at the point was now on its side. At the rear of the arrow, the 2 small limbs as a cross had been moved.

The deer corn left at the fringe of the immediate site was taken again. This time in the dirt were the deer corn has been left, it looked to me as a left foot impression was at the spot. I measured with the tape and took a photo. The measurements are approximately 12"x 4.5"x 2.5". ???

At bucket tree #2, the bucket was on the ground, torn from the wooden 2"x4" stud that it was attached to on the tree. The antler, comb, and belt buckle which is attached to the bucket was on the ground by the bucket with cords. The food wrappers are on the ground around the tree also. The tire looked to be slightly moved and the hammer on the ground by the tire.

At the green Frisbee, on the backside of bucket tree #2, the sweet treats left previously with the 2 rocks and quarter left stacked on the sweet treats (1 mini-Snickers bar, 1 mini-Baby Ruth bar were taken. The 2 rocks and quarter were moved on the Frisbee and not knocked onto the ground. It seems to me they were deliberately moved away but not carelessly.
At bucket #1, the 6"galvanized nail left hanging on a long cord has the cord moved to the rear of the bucket. It was at the front on the bucket. Last fall, at the site 1A food bucket, a set of long, dark blue beads was left hanging at the front of the bucket and upon return the beads had been moved to the far back of the bucket. ?????

I don't know what happened at bucket #2??? Maybe a large raccoon or possum could have pulled on the bucket metal carrying piece and tore it off the stud. The bucket was 7' off the ground to the opening. We'll see what happens when a real trail camera(s) is(are) put up by September.

Changes made this visit:

I moved the downed bucket to the bush/tree near the balls corral. I wedged it between a number of limbs approximately 6' off the ground. This is temporary and will be changed in a few more visits. I attached 2 of the deer bones from bucket #1, belt buckle, 6" tent peg nail and comb to the metal carrying part of the bucket.

I attached the antlers, the hammer and 2 other bones from bucket #1 to the parallel limb above the balls corral.

I restocked both buckets with food items: bagged popcorn, unshelled peanuts, mini-snickers almond bars, mini-baby ruth bars, cinnamon rolls, honey bun, fried apple pie.

At the green Frisbee, I left a fried cherry pie and again stacked the 2 rocks and quarter on top. I really want the rocks and quarter to be taken and something left but it hasn't happened yet.

I moved the blue tire to the front of the ground formation and place the yellow tire vertically on the blue tire.

At the ground formation, I put the rear limbs back but reinforced with extra limbs across and put the 15lb. kettle bell were they all meet. I stood the water container again at the point and put a rock below the point to hold all in place. I put then the wooden limb piece on top of the rock.

I was given 2 more broken game/trail cameras by job co-workers. I put one on the opposite side of bucket #1 from the south. This is camera #3. Camera #4 is pointed towards the balls corral and the moved bucket. Camera #1 is pointed at the green Frisbee gifting tree (backside of old bucket tree #2). Camera #2 is pointed at bucket #1 from the north.

I re-adjusted the 'door-gate' limbs to thei
r original position.

I put out another pile of deer corn at the same spot as usual.

I took 42 photos this visit. Photos with explanations:

#1. Entering the main site 1B, 2 vertical limbs, one has been pushed over to the other at the top almost like a tepee. I had them in a 'door-gate' formation.

#2. thru #4. Food wrappers on the ground around bucket tree #1.

#5. Peach pits. One was on the ground. The other I took from the bucket and placed on the ground by the other to photo.

#6. Water container on its side.

#7. Cross limbs at the rear of the arrow messed with or moved slightly again.

#8. Deer corn pile has been taken.

#9.  Possible left foot impression: 12" x 4.5" x 2.5".

#10. thru #13, #15, #16----Destruction of food bucket #2 with attached items and food wrappers on the ground around the tree.

#14. Bucket #2, 2"x4" wood stud still attached to the tree.

#17. Sweet treats have been removed and the 2 rocks and quarter left on the Frisbee.

#18.  Food buckets restock items.

#19. thru #23. Readjusting the ground formation with additions.

#24. thru #27. The 6" galvanized nail has been moved to the rear of the bucket on the cord. I moved back to the front of the bucket.

#28. thru #30. Extra items I have added to the parallel limb above the balls corral. also the food bucket which I moved to this new spot with hangings.

#31. Camera #2 looking at food bucket #1 from the north.

#32. Camera #4 looking at the balls corral and bucket #2.

#33. Camera #3 looking at food bucket #1 from the south.

#34. From camera #3 looking at food bucket #1 and camera #2.

#35. and #36. Close-up photos of items attached to parallel limb and bucket #2.

#37 and #38. 'Door-Gate' limbs formation into site 1B from both sides of the formation.

#39 and #40. New deer corn pile.

#41 and #42. I use this small backpack to keep small trash bags in to carry immediate trash out to the trail containers. On this visit the pack was unzipped. remember leaving it open. I take this now to check on the next visit.

Enough time has passed that I am certain whatever is here is comfortable enough and secure enough with interacting with this space that live cameras are ready to be set up in coming weeks.

***Tomorrow is a new installment of "Stalker Between the Worlds" and things are getting intense again in this rural location***