The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Weather, Birds and Unexplained Signals

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior installments
#17 Training for Cameras

June 21, 2015
Visit #9
91 degrees, partly sunny, humid, possible rain clouds
I arrived at the parking lot round 4 p.m. By 4:30 p.m, I was at the trail bridge and began walking to site 1B. 

I noticed nothing new on the east grassy area. This visit, I'm not sure about all the happenings within the site. Earlier in the week, we had a tropical storm pass through the area; however, it mainly passed away from this area now. There was rain with some winds but not as bad as what was expected. Other areas to the SW, W and NW were hit hard. With this being said, here are this week's possible happenings:
  • At both food gifting buckets, all items were taken. At bucket #1, 5 wrappers were on the ground. At bucket #2, 4 wrappers were on the ground. One of  the 2 feathers at the rear of bucket #2 was on the ground.
  • The 15-pound kettle bell that was on top of one of the yellow tires was now on the ground a foot from the tires formation. All other gifting items: the yellow handle hammer, belt buckle, tennis ball and tent peg nail were still on the tires.
  • The garbage can lid, I had put up into a crook of one of a small tree  was also on the ground near the base of the tree.
  • The deer corn pile and the 12 corn-on-the-cobs looked left as it was. There are shoots of growth coming from the corn. After looking closer, one of the cobs had bites on it; two to be specific ????
  • The ball backpack, I left in the tree that had the garbage can lid, had a kind of nesting material (leaves, limbs) in it. This looked like what was in bucket #1 during a recent visit. I reached in and began putting the materials on the ground. There were 3 small eggs. Wow!  birds had made a nest in the backpack since the previous visit. So, I take it that birds had also tried to make a nest in bucket #1 which I rudely got rid of. Maybe the same birds.
  • In the gifting bag, last visit, I replaced the hammer with a toy, wooden flute. I had laid it flat at the bottom of the bag. It was now up and leaning against the side of the bag????
*Photos below with explanations*

The weather may have done some of the changes noted, but the food bucket items being taken remains steadfast. Also the dummy camera was not moved. It's still pointed at the bucket #2 tree.

Again, more changes:
  • Each visit now, I do pickup the trash left from the bucket items and take them out to a trail trash receptacle.
  • I removed the 11 non eaten corn-on-the-cobs but kept the one eaten from.
  • I did put the nesting materials with the 3 eggs back into the balls backpack.
  • I hung the fallen garbage can lid to the limb with the water meter cover.
  • I added rocks to the stick layout of my name on the ground.
  • I moved the water container to the point of the ground arrow pointer.
  • I restacked the tires and left the same gifting items.
  • In the Frisbee, I left a base rock from Alabama, with a quarter, then a smooth yellow rock from TN.
  • I removed the wooden flute from the bag and put it into bucket #1 to see what takes place.
  • I brought more deer corn and have piled it outside the immediate site. Maybe further out it will be eaten, taken.
  • I restocked both buckets with various food items.
I took some time to walk over to site 1A and bring back items for further use. I found 4 balls, another water meter cover (who is taking these from residents?), an orange Frisbee, and several of the bottles I left hanging at the site. Also, at the base of the site 1A bucket tree was a plastic jar of peanut butter left in the fall that was not opened. I opened the jar, took the security wrap off and left at the tree base. Maybe it will be taken??? The items brought back to site 1B were added as follows:
  • Put the 2 bottles on the limb with the other bottles.
  • Put the water meter cover on the limb with cover #1 and garbage can lid.
  • Put the 4 balls into the gifting bag. As I find more balls, they will be put in this bag.
I took 37 photos this visit. I will try to give a short explanation with the photos.

#1 and #2.  These 2 limbs were found in a location along the bike/hike trail before the trail bridge. Except for these 2 limbs the rest of the area along the trail is clean. Is it some kind of 'BF' ground marker? This is the 2nd visit in a row with some kind of particular limbs/sticks layout. The main thing being nothing else on the ground at all close by making it look odd.

#3, #4. Food items for both buckets. This includes: various sweet treats, popcorn, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apples, pears, sweet potatoes.

#5. Bucket #1 re-stocked.

#6. Bucket #2 re-stocked. Both openings are 7' off the ground.

#7, #8. Wrappers located near the base of bucket tree #1, front, side and rear.

#9, #10, #11.  Wrappers at bucket #2 to the rear side.

#12. Feather from the right side rear of bucket #2 now on the ground at the base of the tree.

#13. Plastic garbage can lid now of the ground at the base of tree it was in.

#14. Closer photo of the above.

#15. Kettle bell on the ground near the tires formation. It was on the top of the yellow, up-right tire.

#16. Corn-on-the-cobs with sprouts growing from them. Only 1 had been partially eaten.

#17. Deer corn not eaten but sprouting.

#18. Both corn-on-the-cobs and the deer corn together.

#19. Balls backpack with nesting material inside. One of the 3 eggs can be seen in the back.

#20. Wooden flute inside the gifting bag up and leaning at an angle .

#21. Added rock to my ground limbs/sticks formation.

#22. Garbage can lid from previous photos now hanging on the limb.

#23. New tires formation with my ground arrow direction pointer. The water jug at the point of the arrow.

#24. New tires formation with gifting items: kettle bell, hammer, belt buckle, tennis ball, tent peg nail.

#25. Tires formation, ground pointer, bucket #2 tree in the distance.

#26. Added another rock to my ground limbs/sticks formation.

#27. Close-up of the Frisbee with 2 gift rocks and quarter.

#28. The one corn-on-the-cob with 2 bite spots on this side.

#29. I added a comb and 6" galvanized nail to the Frisbee or gifting.

#30. Site 1A open peanut butter jar for gifting.

#31. Items brought back from site1A to 1B; orange Frisbee, 4 balls, plastic water meter cover, 2 glass bottles.

#32. Bucket # 1 with the wooden flute added.

#33. Limb with glass bottles hanging; the 2 just brought from site 1A added.

#34. I added the small Frisbee and water meter cover #2 to this limb.

#35. New pile of deer corn, away from the immediate site.

#36. Same pile a different look.

#37. Looking from behind the new deer corn pile towards site 1B.

It is my hope that the weather clears up enough to make some real strides. When it seems favorable, I will soon switch out the fake cams with real ones. Then, I hope to be able to capture who is moving things around. One thing about research, it can be tedious building up a back and forth and evaluating just who is moving the items around, but over the long run, it is well worth it.

Expect upcoming installments to include a lot of photographs and details about this setting, as well as other urban Sasquatch settings, the characteristics, and how they use closeness to us to make their lives a bit more easy and innovative.