Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Research Considerations

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior installments

July 5, 2015
Visit #12

Temp: 94, hot, humid, sunny with gathering afternoon rain clouds

Hiked over to the trail bridge arriving just after 5 p.m. After picking up another rock from the old fire pit, I went straight to site 1B. 

This year the mosquitoes have been bad in this area. I found my mosquito head net and it made a great difference in keeping the mosquitoes from being so annoying. I typically wear old jeans, a heavy duty, long sleeve, mossy oak shirt. Also heavy duty hiking socks and hiking boots and a camo cap. No bright colors. The only exposed skin has been my hands and face. I do use gloves and now my head net. I do use repellent also. Again, the head net makes a huge difference in helping me to stay longer in the woods. I stayed this evening till 6:45 p.m. 

Here are the changes noted at site 1B for this visit:
  • Both buckets were emptied of all food items left previously.
  • Most wrappers were found at both buckets on the ground not far from the trees. Some wrappers were not found and a few were found over 50 feet from a bucket.
  • A long limb (66 inches in length) that is perpendicular is now in front on the row of rocks in front of the plastic water jug with ground arrow pointer. ???
  • The sprouted deer corn in the site has been flattened.
  • The deer corn pile outside of the site perimeter has all been taken.
  • A snickers bar wrapper is approximately 50 feet from bucket #2 towards the outside deer corn spot.
  • The ground arrow direction pointer limbs has been moved again.
Here are my following new changes:
  • I added another rock in front of the new limb near the arrow pointer.
  • I had stood up a long log at a tree last visit. I added another long log vertically.
  • I laid a broken limb over the rocks and the new limb.
  • I removed all the balls from the back packs and piled them under the tree with the horizontal limb. I laid out a number of limbs again to make a new balls corral.
  • I put the blue tire and one of the yellow tires vertically at the base of the bucket trees.
  • the other tires were relocated near the new balls corral.
  • I moved the gifting bag, the dream catcher, flute and 6"galvanized nail to the limb above the balls corral.
  • I reset the moved limb pieces at the arrow pointer.
  • another sham camera was added near bucket tree #1.
  • I hung the belt buckle and comb off cords, over bucket #2. I also added the hammer in bucket #2 to see if it would be taken with the food items.
  • At bucket #1 I put in the tennis ball and also hung the nail tent peg and a 6" galvanized nail from cords over the bucket.
  • Added the 15lbs kettle bell to the end of the ground arrow.
Here are today's photos (32):

#1. I'm at the trail bridge looking south. The ditch water is a normal depth. Both east and west grassy areas are seen with both tree lines. Sites 1A and 1B are at the far end on the left side.

#2. thru #4. Shows the different wrappers on the ground around bucket tree #1.

#5. In site sprouted deer corn flattened.

#6. This limb added perpendicular at the end of my rocks row.

#7. My ground arrow direction limbs have been scattered slightly.

#8. thru #13. Food wrappers scattered around bucket tree #2.

#14. Deer corn spot outside of site 1B perimeter. The pile is no longer there.

#15. Empty peanuts bag at bucket #1.

#16. Food items for both buckets.

#17. I added an old, broken, short  branch on the new ground limb and rocks. Also the new rock is added.

#18.  I reset the limbs arrow ground pointer.

#19 thru #20. Food added to both tree buckets.

#21. thru #23. Sham camera added near bucket #1. 

#24. Two long limb/log poles I stood vertically at a tree.

#25. Bucket #1 with tent peg and nail additions.

#26. Kettle bell added to ground setup.

#27. Bucket #2 with comb, buckle and hammer additions.

#28. Yellow tire stood vertically at bucket tree #1.

#29. Three tires at the balls corral.

#30. Balls corral.

#31. Blue tire stood vertically at bucket tree #2.

#32. Limb above balls corral with hanging items.

*The Urban Sasquatch researcher has done a great job of giving plenty of stimulation, puzzles, curiosities, attempted communications, and rewards. As he has had this predictable back and forth, keeping things nonthreatening, he has built a trust and a curiosity. Now that an established pattern has developed, it is time for him to plot out the implication of live cameras. 

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