Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: More Preparation For Filming

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Prior installments

June 28, 2015
Visit #10

The following weather conditions was taking place upon my arrival to the parking area at approximately 7:05 a.m.

Temp: 77 degrees, humid, heavy overcast, low dark clouds and they're moving swiftly to the south, the area was under a flashflood watch. There was thundering to the north and northeast. It had just rained and there was the threat of more to come. There was also lightening off to the north.

I left the parking lot at 7:15 a.m., walking to the trail bridge. I arrived at the bridge approx. 7:35 a.m. I typically stop at the bridge and readjust my back pack and spray on insect repellent on exposed skin. Also, due to the possibility of rain, I have my wet gear on. I measured the width of the bike/hike trail which is paved and it's 12' across. This is the trail that goes approx. 3.5 miles one way  from the parking lot. Looking south towards the creek, I notice 2 deer grazing down into the ditch area on the east side. The ditch water is very high due to the recent rains.  I try to take photos of the deer but I have a hard time using the zoom. The photos I take of the deer looks like pin pricks. Again there were 2 deer and as I approached they both moved into the east side tree line.

I stopped at the old fire pit and picked up another large rock to add to the 2 already brought before. I walked the length of the east side grassy area to the creek. Some of the photos will show the creek and ditch waters being very high due to recent rains and flooding in the area. I also took a photo of a possible foot impression on the grassy area. I laid my cap next to it and I also measured with my tape. To me it looked like a right foot that measure 16" in length and 7" and 5" across the possible foot impression. This was moving from the tree line towards the ditch.
At this time, it began sprinkling, then rained lightly thru the rest of my time at the site and on the walk back to the parking lot. I left the site approximately 9 a.m. 

What changes happened this time?
  • tree limbs and branches were piled next to one of the concrete pipes???
  • My t-shirt that was around the cord limb was now on the ground approx. 5' away.
  • Both food buckets had food wrappers on the ground around the tree.
  • both sweet potatoes were left in their respective buckets. the sweet potato in bucket #1 had been eaten on some. All other food items were taken.
  • The wooden flute left in bucket #1 was on the ground to the rear of the bucket tree #1.
  • My name, ground signature was scattered??? deer, hog, armadillo, raccoon???
  • the dream catcher left hanging on bucket #2 was on the ground beneath the bucket.
  • The limbs at the rear of the ground, arrow direction pointer were scattered??? possible animal from the above???
  • the deer corn pile outside of the immediate site was partially eaten???
My sense from what I observed this visit was uneasy. Whoever, whatever seemed to be aggressive or hostile. This reminded me of last year with the destroyed bumble bee bear toy doll. What's happening??? An interesting item was the deer corn I had left. The deer corn has sprouts coming out and looking like a plot of grass. Will something eat these sprouts???

I removed my t-shirt from the site. I took the 2 sweet potatoes and an apple and added to the deer corn pile outside the immediate site. maybe they will be eaten at this spot. I did move all the rocks in front of the water jug. I have been clearing the site of all ground clutter  (limbs, branches) has much as possible. I stack all in a pile at the perimeter of the site. I also started clearing obstacles from in front of the dummy camera towards bucket #2. Limbs, branches, vines and shrubs have been removed as much as possible. 

I received a 2nd dummy camera from one of my co-workers today ( 07.02.15). I will set this one up near bucket tree #2 my next field visit on July 5. I hope to receive 2 or more others from my co-workers and hang them over both sites 1A and 1B.

Here are the photos of this visit with a small explanation:

#1.thru #5. These look south from the trail bridge. They show east and west sides of the grassy area with ditch having high water from recent rains. The deer mentioned are in the photos as pin pricks. You can see them in the distance if you look real close. You can also see the east and west side tree lines.

#6. thru #8. Shows the flooded creek and ditch with a look from the south to north back to the bridge.

#9. On the grassy area, east tree line, these branches, limbs, logs in recent times have been spread across the grassy area. When flooding takes place they are pushed back to the tree line as you see.

#10. The possible foot impression on the grassy area moving from the tree line.

#11. and 12. Two different photos of my t-shirt now on the ground approx. 5' from the cord limb.

#13. thru 15. Wrappers from food items taken from bucket #1 with the wooden flute all now on the ground near the bucket tree.

#16. The sweet potato from bucket #1 I put on the rock. You can see it has been eaten some.

#17. The cord limb with my cap hanging. The t-shirt was hanging on the cord under the cap.

#18. The sticks, branches, limbs piled next to the concrete pipe. Maybe caused my weather???

#19. thru 21. These 3 photos show my ground signature scattered?????

#22. Sprouted deer corn.

#23. Deer corn pile #2 outside of the immediate site, looks as if 1/2 as been eaten from the previous week.

#24. and #25. Rear limbs, branches of the arrow direction pointer scattered.

#26 thru #28. Wrappers from food items taken from bucket #2.

#29. Deer corn pile #2 with added sweet potatoes.

#30. Food and sweet treat items for both buckets.

#31. Apple added to deer corn pile #2 with sweet potatoes.

#32. I put back limbs to the rear of the ground arrow direction pointer.

#33. I lined up the 3 rocks with the water jug.

#34. I readjusted the gifting items inside the tire formation: 15lb.kettle bell, hammer, tent nail peg, belt buckle.

#35. and #36. Food items put into both food buckets.

#37. The dream catcher no longer attached to bucket #2.

#38. The dream catcher on the ground below bucket #2.

#39. I hung the wooden flute from the limb with the gifting bag and 6" hanging galvanized nail.

#40. Single limb from along the bike/hike trail. there were 2 limbs the previous walk. One is now missing??? Refer to the last visit.

#41. and #42. This trash bag was  at the bridge of the main creek at the park entry. Maybe it fell out of someone's vehicle (park service??). Most bags like this one  are found left in the park containers near the picnic area, etc. Sasquatch related??? There are plenty of opportunities along the trail, at the picnic areas, soccer & ball fields close by to take advantage of using the trash.

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