Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Training For Cameras

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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June 14, 2015 

Visit #8

Temp: 84 degrees, humid, rain clouds w/ sprinkles

I arrived at the trail bridge approximately 2:30 p.m. I walked to the old fire pit and took a rock to place at site 1B. Each future visit to the site, I will stop and take a rock from the old fire pit and place it at site 1B. My routine stays the same. before entering site 1B, I walk the east side grassy area to the creek and whistle my tune and say my name vocally as being here in the area.

All the food items left from previous visit in the food buckets have been taken. (photos below) Many wrappers are on the ground. The bone I left hanging by the gifting bag is now on the ground in front of the yellow tire with kettle bell and tennis ball on the inside rim. 

The dummy camera may have been moved slightly to look away from tree bucket #2. I readjusted the camera to look directly at tree bucket #2 and the green Frisbee gifting holder. 

The 2 piles of corn-on-the-cobs are not in piles now. They have been spread out. I would have thought that some animal would have eaten the corn-on-the-cobs. Nothing was eaten.These are the only changes noticed.

The changes I made this trip include:

I am taking four of the tires and making a new ground set-up and adding some gift items on the tires: nail tent peg, belt buckle, kettle bell, yellow handled hammer.

I am moving the t-shirt and cap back to the limb with circled cord.

I am adding a large pile of deer corn near the spread out corn-on-the-cobs.

I am putting some sweet treats into both buckets.

I am moving the bone found on the ground to food bucket #1 hanging with the other 3 bones.

I am adding a small dream catcher to the handle of bucket #2.

I have readjusted the dummy camera to be aimed at tree bucket #2 and green Frisbee gifting holder.

I am moving the plastic garbage lid to another tree and not bending it.

I making one ground direction arrow pointer towards the tires set-up. I am putting a fire pit rock at the point of the arrow.

I have spelled my name with sticks (BUDE) on the ground and stood up a limb at both ends with a colored ball (blue and yellow) on both sticks.

I am placing a small flute in the hanging gifting bag.

I am removing the quarter and large marble from the green Frisbee holder and adding a pretty yellow small rock.

Around 3:50 p.m., I am hiking out of the area. I hope to add another dummy camera for tree bucket #1. With no flashes or motors making noises, maybe the creatures will get used to them. When the dummy cameras are finally replaced by real cameras, maybe the creatures will be lax and not pay attention to the real ones. At that point, maybe we can get to the bottom of the mystery of the food taker(s).


#1. Before getting to the trail bridge, off the paved trail, these sticks were on the ground. What's noticeable is there is a 4-foot-plus-wide mowed grassy section running on both sides of the trail for a long ways. This grouping looks like a stick formation to me. These were the only sticks on the ground on both sides of the trail for a long distance.

#2. Food wrapper near bucket #1

#3. Two food wrappers near bucket #1

#4.------more wrappers at bucket #1

#5. Blurred photo of up-right yellow tire with kettle bell and tennis ball. The hanging bone next to the gifting bag is now on the ground in front of the tire

#6. Blurred empty, dry cereal bag near food bucket #1

#7. Another wrapper near bucket #1

#8. Another wrapper near bucket #1

#9. More wrappers bucket #2

#10. Corn-on-the-cobs moved from piles to being spread out. None have been eaten.

#11. Three tires moved to a new set-up w/ kettle bell, tennis ball, nail tent peg, belt buckle

#12. Sweet treat items left for both buckets

#13. Bucket #2 wrapper and container on the ground

#14. Bone on the white cord at the top just added to food bucket #1

#15. Plastic garbage can lid I moved to a tree

#16. Huge pile of deer corn I put down near the corn-on-the-cobs.

#17. My t-shirt and cap I hung back up with the wrapped cord on limb

#18. Added another tire to the set-up with a gifted yellow-handled hammer

#19. Not sure what is in this photo besides this being the middle of my research site

#20. My ground arrow direction pointer towards the tires

#21. Dry cereal wrapper bucket #2

#22. Another wrapper bucket #2

#23. Small flute in gifting bag

#24. My name spelled out with limbs/sticks with 2 colored balls at both ends of the letter.

#25. Another photo of #24

#26. Small dream catcher added to metal handle bucket

#27. Neat, yellow rock left has a gift on the green Frisbee gifting holder

I look forward to the time that I put in real cameras and see what is happening at the sites, but in the mean time, I can be patient. Good research never happens overnight. 

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