The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Trail Cam Sham

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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#1 What is Urban Sasquatch?

Trail Cam Sham

Visit #7, Thursday, June 4, 2015 

Temp: 83 degrees, sunny, humid

Around 10:02 a.m., I arrived at the trail bridge and headed south to site 1B. After leaving the bridge, I checked out the old fire pit, something I do every visit. There was nothing new at the fire pit. 

I continued to walk all the way to the creek. The water is higher in the creek and ditch due to recent rains. I saw nothing different along the east side grassy area of the ditch. As I approached sites 1A and 1B, I whistled my signature tune and called out my name to announce my arrival to the area.

I did not go to site 1A, but proceeded to site 1B. Every time I enter the site I announce my arrival by whistling the specific tune and verbally saying my name and coming as a friend. 

When I come into the site I first look for any new changes or additions, etc. After taking photos and writing notes, I then make changes as I see interesting and necessary. All the visits this year so far have been barely tolerable due to the swarms of mosquitoes at both sites.

Now, to proceed with the new items different on this visit:

Some of the food items were left in both food buckets, not taken. It's interesting to that some of the items on the ground were not taken by animals??? This includes, at tree food bucket #1, all 3 unshelled corn-on-the-cobs, 2 left in the bucket, a small plastic bottle of honey and a empty plastic container for blueberries was empty in the food bucket. I took it out and laid on the ground to be photographed. 

At site 1A in the past, the bottles of honey would be opened and the honey gone. An unusual item had one of the unshelled corn-on-the-cobs stuck in the ground up-right, below food bucket #1. In front of this unshelled corn-on-the-cob approximately 2' away, was a possible ground stick formation which included a 6" galvanized nail I had left at the site this past Sept. or October as a gift and has been missing. This was very unexpected, awesome! All other food items taken.

At tree food bucket # 2, all 3 corn-on-the-cobs were on the ground, another small plastic bottle of honey not opened and one plastic container with blackberries not opened and left in the bucket. All other food items taken.

Everything else looked as no changes.

Changes I made:

I took all the unshelled corn-on-the-cobs, 6 already on site and 6 I bought for this visit and made 2 piles and added the berries from the plastic container not taken and poured the contents from the 2 honey bottles on site and 2 more I brought also for this visit onto the corn and berries. I'll if any animals eat from these piles next visit.

I moved the yellow tire with the kettle bell from it's previous location to the tree with hanging gift bag. I leaned the tire upright against the tree and put the kettle bell with a yellow tennis ball on the inside rim.
I took the 6" galvanized nail from the ground stick formation and hung it next to the hanging gift bag.
I removed the large marble from the hanging gift bag and replaced it with my yellow handle hammer.
I nailed to the rear of tree food bucket #2, a green Frisbee gift holder made with a 18" 2X4 and green Frisbee upside down. I put on the Frisbee a shiny quarter and large marble. Will they be taken??
Attached a dummy game camera to a tree facing tree food bucket #2 and the Frisbee gifting holder. Will it be moved, taken down?


1. Yellow tire w/ kettle bell I stood upright at the tree w/ added hanging bone. This is before adding the tennis ball.

2. I took these from bucket #1. 2 corn-on-the-cobs w/ unopened honey bottle also placed on the ground the empty plastic blueberries container.

3. Granola bar wrapper found to the rear of bucket #1.

4. Same as photo #2, except it shows the deer corn I threw onto the ground. The deer corn was not taken.

5. Peanut bag w/ deer corn and peanut shells on the ground.

6. Possible ground stick formation w/ 6" galvanized nail. The nail was missing last fall and returned as part of the formation??? This was in front of standing corn in front of and under bucket #1.

7.  A corn-on-the-cob stuck up-right into the ground in front of bucket #1, under the bucket.

8. Other wrappers on the ground near bucket #2.

9. Items found, not taken at bucket #2: deer corn I emptied onto the ground from bucket, small bottle of honey, plastic container of blueberries, 3 corn-on-the-cobs.

10. Food items to add to food bucket #2: pear, red bag of unshelled peanuts, honey bun, blackberries, dry cereal, bag of fruit snacks, granola bar, cookie, snickers bar.

11. Food items to add to food bucket #1: blue bag of unshelled peanuts, dry cereal, honey bun, pear, granola bar, sweet potato, blackberries, snickers bar, peanut bar, oatmeal crème pie.

12. Shows the end of the corn-on-the-cob found stuck in the ground near bucket #1, The end of the corn has a 1"-11/2" stub that is able to be pushed into the ground.

13. Food bucket #2 w/ items added.

14. Food bucket #1 w/ items added.

15. Two piles of 12 corn-on-the-cobs, 1 container of blue berries, 4 small plastic bottles of honey poured onto piles.

16. The new, upside-down green Frisbee gifting holder.

17. The Frisbee gifting holder attached to the rear of food bucket tree #2 approx. 4' off the ground.

18. Another photo of food bucket tree #2 w/ Frisbee gifting holder on back side.

19. A tree bow in very close proximity of the site.

20.  Different view of same tree bow.

21. The gifting bag attached to vine. I put my yellow handled hammer inside as a gift.

22. Blurred photo of the backpack with balls at the wedged red tire tree.

23. A better photo of the backpack with balls at the wedged red tire tree.

24. Closed back pack ball holder at the limb w/ black plastic water meter cover.

25. The open backpack ball holder at the limb w/ black plastic water meter cover.

26. Yellow tire w. kettle bell and tennis ball added leaning against base of tree w/ hanging bone, hanging galvanized nail and gifting bag.

27. Photo of hanging bone, gifting bag, and galvanized nail.

I left the site approx. 11:10 a.m.

So far out here, the food items not being accepted: peanut butter, jelly, jams in containers, white potatoes, deer corn.


  1. It's a great post. The food bucket tree is a good idea. At the proper time, the food will be accepted.

  2. All in all a great day out with so much to see and do. I know I probably only took photos of half the stuff there. Even met a few fans of the legend there to so hello to anyone I spoke to.This is a great article thanks for sharing this informative information. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post

  3. When i leaned this roll up-right up against the pine in addition to fit this pot bell that has a orange golf baseball contained in the product rim. When i had taken this 6" galvanized nail bed on the surface keep sourcing in addition to installed the item near to this draping treat case.
    When i taken away this substantial marbled on the draping treat case in addition to substituted the item having the orange cope with claw.


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