The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Into the Thick Of It

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This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

"Into the Thick Of It"

Visit #3 Mon. May 11, 2015

I decided to go over to the site this afternoon and not wait for another day. I wanted to see if any thing my have taken place over the past 2 days. I arrived at the trail bridge approx. 6:45 pm. It had rained earlier in the day and it was wet, cloudy and humid. Both west and east side grassy areas had been mowed earlier today. 

By the tracks, it was a tractor mower (bush-hog). The east grassy area close to the site 1A entry with the logs, limbs, branches had not been moved by the mowing people. They mowed around them and left half the grass from there to the creek not mowed.

I did not have the camcorder with me today as I decided to go on the spur of the moment. I used my phone camera to take photos of the items I missed recording on Saturday.

I entered the site 1B area. There were a few changes noticed: 

1) The white and blue tires that had been wedged in trees were now on the ground. The other 3 were still in place. 

2) My t-shirt and cap which had been on top of one of the yellow tires was now on the ground by the tree. 

3) I found open snickers bar and granola bar wrappers on the ground. The granola bar was on the ground by a bush behind the food bucket #1. The Snickers wrapper was on the ground in the open area. 

4) I forgot I had left a roll of 1/4" rope cord as a gift back in October. It was on the ground, rolled up behind the base of the tree at food bucket #1. I took photos of these events.

The food in the buckets were still in place. I added 3 food items to each bucket. Bucket #1: Snickers bar, a Mexican homemade sugar pastry, and a pear. Bucket #2: A honey bun, a Mexican homemade sugar pastry, and; a pear. I took the 2 tires and stacked in the middle of the limb path. I put a garbage lid cover on the top tire. 

I took the rope cord and wrapped it around a long limb and put the t-shirt on the limb and stuck the cap between rope cord wraps. 

As I mentioned in the Saturday report, this particular spot in basically a clean area. What few items of trash I find, I'm taking back to the site 1A area and spread out with the trash items already in place.

I was encouraged that something seemed to take place in a short period of time. I may go again, on Thursday. Items I want to accomplish right away: Move the hanging bottles and plastic lid covers to site 1B, mark out 75 yds. x 75 yds. area marked with yellow strips of caution tape as a kind of limiting boundary for my immediate movement, put duct tape on tires to gather hairs. 

What will happen next?

Visit #4 Sat. May 16, 2015
Temp. 78 partly cloudy humid

It's been raining all week. It was a rain-free day in my area today. I decided to take advantage in the weather to go visit Sites 1A and 1B. I arrived at the trail bridge around 8:40AM and headed south to site1B. At the site, nothing had changed from Monday. Everything seemed the same. I was very disappointed. 

I added a few things and walked over to site 1A. The week-long soaking from the rains made it like a swamp. I couldn't move around like I wanted to and was not willing to get mud up to my ankles, etc. After 30 minutes I was ready to leave. 

Before leaving, I walked the grassy area by the ditch down to the creek looked around and was ready to leave. I looked over to the site 1A area and voiced how I felt loud to the woods. I was not happy. I gave voice to my thoughts. I expect something to happen between visits and soon, I want good footprints, vocals, mutual gift exchanges and a visual evidence of the interaction. If not, I'm wasting time and will not continue coming. After voicing what I felt, I hiked out. If the weather permits, I'll go visit during the week. I did use the camcorder for a few minutes and showed the current set-ups, etc.

With intense rains in this region of Texas, timing the visits and finding evidence that didn't wash away was a constant concern, but the Urban Sasquatch Journalist continued on through the dry-up period and better weather shows signs of great promise....