The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Answering My Thoughts?

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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"Answering My Thoughts?"

May 25, 2015

Temp: 88 degrees, cloudy, humid

I arrived at the park parking lot 2:58 pm and hiked over to the Site 1B area. The last time here I thought and voiced my feelings out loud about something needing to happen by today's next visit. 

It never fails that when I do this, something happens. This is the third time I recall having this happen. 

Reading my mind, feel my vibes???? 

Also, it has been raining daily. Tonight, a heavy thunderstorm has come through. We are under a flood watch all night. 

Here are thing that have happened since my last visit:

One of the yellow tires which had been in the crook of a tree is now on the ground with 2 small sticks lying across the inner tire rim.

Both food buckets are empty of all food items.
Bucket #1 had a large double handful of leaves, sticks material in it like nesting material???

The food wrappers (unshelled peanuts, granola bars, sandwich bags with Mexican pastries, snickers bars) from both buckets are found on the ground by the bucket trees.

No remains of the pears are found.

Bucket #1:  The deer corn in the sandwich bag, I cannot not find. The deer corn from bucket #2, I found approx. 50 feet away, north of bucket #2 with sandwich bag torn open and the deer corn in a pile. 

Approximately 5 feet away to the SE, I find a blue ball. From my ball corral or new ???

(ball corral)

(found blue ball)

My hat and T-shirt left on the long limb attached with a cord wrap are on the ground below the long limb.

A limb next to the bucket #1 tree is broken on the ground.

The tennis ball container with one tennis ball that I wedged into a crook of a tree have been angled up and the blue cord that was rolled up as a gift, is on the ground below.

I find what looks like a limbs arrow marker laid out pointing to the north??? I move in the direction of the pointer, but cannot not figure out what to look for ???

Wow, it is raining hard right now as I write this up.

Needless to say, I'm pretty amazed at the continued response to my thoughts or vocally mentioning about needing something to happen for my continued visits to sites 1A and 1B, etc., at specific times.

Things I am doing or changing:

1) I am leaving one sweet treat in each bucket.

2) I am picking up the wrapper litter and other litter in the immediate area but not site 1B.

3) I am going to site 1B and bringing back bottles and a water meter cover to site 1A to hang.

4) I took the single blue ball I found and putting it in a garbage can lid by itself in the ball corral.

5) I am taking the yellow tire found on the ground and putting it in a tree near bucket tree #1.

6) I am getting the blue and white tires and relocating them into trees also.

7) I am grabbing my cap and t-shirt and putting them with the blue tire.

8) The other yellow and red tires in trees I am not moving, but leaving as is.

I am taking photos of the above new finds and my changes etc. I am not videoing this time in the rain.

Next trip, I will attach to a tree, an old, broken game camera in an obvious location close by a food bucket and see what happens to it.

I'm aware this move could break the potential interaction, but I'm hoping it won't....