Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Curious Interactions

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NOTE: Green highlighter is done on the items that were moved between visits.

The primary research areas in the urban location are these, although the research intends to branch out to some other periphery locales over time.

Area #1= the ditch, grassy right-of-way with trail entry opening and the cedar tree break.
Area #2= pipeline right-of-way / P-ROW. Using the bike/hike trail is just the way to get to the P-ROW. This area includes the east side trail entry with large limbs signature stack and the nearby 3 tree breaks location.This is 2 miles east of area #1.

Friday, September 12, 2014

This day, it was just me out there. I arrived at the park at 7:50 a.m.  The temperature was 82 degrees, clear, and warming quickly. A Canadian front was supposed to come through that afternoon with rain to follow and over the weekend, so I had a short amount of time to get things done.

I wanted to get these things done:

1.  Check for any signs of changes.
2.  Paint the other 3 t ires; white, red and blue.
3.  Paint the 2 x 4 ladder steps at the big tree #2.
4.  Nail the longer 3 foot camo 2 x 2 wooden steps to the big tree #2 up from the base. 
5.  Add food.
6.  Take photos.

I arrived in area #1 at approximately 8:20 a.m.  I observed the following:

1.  Bucket #1:  All the food, sweet treat itmes were gone. Wrappers and container on the ground; granola bar, peanuts bag, honey container and lid. The gift beads were left hanging at the front on the bucket were moved to the rear of the bucket.

2.  Two of the hanging bottles were now on the ground. Both were brown beer bottles.  This was on the west side of the site. The strings attached to both were gone. I could not see them in the immediate vicinity, either on the ground or tree. I decided to have a closer look at the next visit.

3.  At the new ball setup, the following was found:

Outside lid #1 with tennis balls - 1 ball.

Outside lid #2 with the large balls - 2 balls.

Outside lid #3 with sporting balls - 3 balls. 


4.  At the plastic bottles and sticks design, some in each of the 3 groupings were now on the ground. Was it a hog, deer, or Sasquatch? 

5.  Another of my old arrow pointers now looked like some other ground limb/stick formation.

6.  Bucket #2, all the food, sweet treat items were gone. The following wrappers and bag found near the tree; cornflakes, honey bun, granola bar.

7.  The rock circle seemed to have the rocks not in a clear, good single circle.

8.  The toy lizard, toy harmonica, and two writing pens were on the ground by the log and plastic bottle setup.

I added the hair brush from the gifting rack to bucket #1.  I did this to see if it understood that the brush can be taken, used and kept.  I also finished painting the other three tires, white, blue and red. I then moved to a spot on the east side of the big tree #1 behind bushes, etc, making it a little bit harder to see from the grassy area and the east tree line. I managed to get all the things done I wanted to do.

I had to leave the area, it was approximately 10:30 am. Soon, I would set up a game camera and digital recorder. I needed to know what was happening at the spot and who was doing it. I wanted conformation and verification. At least I needed to see what other wildlife, etc, was moving around in there. 

Saturday Sept. 27, 2014

73 Degrees, Cloudy.

I haven't been to the site in 15 days. During the 15 days, we have had more extended rain than I can remember for the 3 years I have now been in this area. My helper R, met me around 7:45AM. A little after 8AM, we were at the site. 

The grassy area outside the treeline was different. All the logs, limbs, loose grass were now all against the treeline. Even the trail opening had debris blocking the way onto the trail proper. R made the comment of high water having moved all this. 

We entered the site area and lot of loose grasses, limbs, branches, logs had moved from their previous positions. All the balls, I left in plastic garbage can lids had been scattered and moved. Some far away. 3 of the tires were still close to the location set-up but 2 were at least 30' away. 

R showed me a high water mark, around 2', on the trees close to bucket #1. It looked as if the water from the ditch and creek had gone over the banks and ran off into the lower ground area of most of this site. This flooding affected all my ground setups.

The two buckets were not affected by the flooding. Both food buckets were empty except for a container of Red Plum Jam. This was in bucket #2 and not taken. Some wrappers were found at both spots.I had a hair brush and a set of beads added to bucket #1. The hair brush was gone but the beads were on the ground approx. 30' away from the bucket tree, to the north.

I had planned on doing a number of new things this visit, but was discouraged by the recent flooding. We did restock the food buckets. I moved all the plastic lids, etc, to a new spot. I re-stacked the tires further back to the east. I put all the balls I found into the opening of the stacked tires. We also picked up some trash to haul to the trash barrels along the hiking trail.

Next time we have anything close to flooding for this area, I plan to visit and see for myself how this looks and how bad it really is. R and I stayed in the area till 11AM, then headed back to the parking area. I plan to visit on Monday, Sept. 29 to see if any quick activity.

Monday Sept. 29, 2014

93 degrees, Sunny.

I arrived at the Park, parking area around 4:45 PM and was over at the site by 5:10 PM. I stayed only a short while on this visit. I checked all items and nothing had changed. I was still in a state of discouragement. I had hoped something would have happened since Saturday,but alas nothing. 

At this point, I decided to go to the western treeline and check the area I had been growled from, back in August. I knew the approximate location. I went inside the treeline at the approximate point of the growl sound. It was a great spot to look over to the east treeline and the east grassy area. I stayed in this spot for awhile. I observed and photographed an interesting tree/limbs/branches structure. Over all, I stayed maybe 1 hour before heading back.

So much for this trip. I couldn't be sure what was going on with the recent flooding. This situation does not seem to be a good one if I want to have a face-to-face, as I can only stay in the public park for certain hours. It is different than the previous research site on someone's property where they were used to our presence. It seems trust is a long-earned thing with the Sasquatch.

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