Sasquatch: Beware the Crow's Caw

It is interesting to note that Sasquatch utilize everything in the forest as masters of their domicile. They also imitate with great efficiency, many of the creatures within the woods to either incite them, get early warning of our comings and goings, or to pass messages without us catching on. In fact, their best friend in the woods is the blackbird or crow. Crows actually become quite insistent when someone enters the forest, warning all others of our coming. 

If you listen closely, you can either hear the crows warning of your approach or you can hear them call three times, followed by an echoed three calls that are slightly "off" in tone (mimicry on Sasquatch's part). 

I've talked before about the signs in the forest that are left that you walk right past, but there are also sounds. Becoming aware is part of the enlightenment about these people and their ways. 

Here is a video I was making while I went to a murder-suicide house in the Tidewater Virginia area when all of a sudden, my friend Julie and I both got a distinct feeling something else was there and then we started to note the clues - 

In a post I wrote about Sasquatch Language, you hear an example of this at 3:33 (you hear a crow 3 times, then an imitator 3 times)

Think like a culture of humans who grew up in the woods, with a goal to remain hidden, and imagine what they might utilize to help them to that goal. The very first thing is inciting noise from packs of coyotes by imitating them and getting the pack to sound off, the coyotes' noise covering up your comings and goings, or utilizing crows to be your alarm system.