The Urban Sasquatch Journal: I'm Being Directed

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NOTE: Green highlighter is done on the items that were moved between visits.

The primary research areas in the urban location are these, although the research intends to branch out to some other periphery locales over time.

Area #1= the ditch, grassy right-of-way with trail entry opening and the cedar tree break.
Area #2= pipeline right-of-way / P-ROW. Using the bike/hike trail is just the way to get to the P-ROW. This area includes the east side trail entry with large limbs signature stack and the nearby 3 tree breaks location.This is 2 miles east of area #1.

August 7, 2014

Immediately upon this visit, I started dive right into the set-ups. Here's some of what I found and what I set up:

1.  In the set-up area an extra ball was found close by the new grouping set up recently. I moved the ball to the new grouping.

2.  The open bag of unshelled peanuts were eaten. The empty bag was left in the grocery carry bag handle. This bag is attached by a shoe string to a nail in the tree.

3.  Two sweet treats' wrappers were found on the ground.

4.  The toy music box had been shifted into the plastic disk on the wooden block. 

5.  The trash bag attached to the leaning log had been torn into. I had put the bag out to see if wrappers and other trash might be put into the bag. It didn't happen. 

6.  The jar of peanut butter was gone. 

August 9, 2014

Today's goal was to video the immediate area to document some of the junk/trash pockets. Here's some information concerning this location: I-10 is approximately a little over a mile to the south of my area #1 research/investigation location. Not far, huh? To the west, from the ditch approxiately 200 yards through the woods is a major highway going through the park. I'm still amazed that activity is going on at the present research location.

I arrived at the park at approximately 1:15 p.m. and started walking to area #1 at 1:30 p.m. Again, the walk to the location is approximately 20 minutes.

When I got to the bridge area, the grassy area both east and west sides had been mowed all the way to the creek. In the past, they mowed, but not all the way to the creek. Now that it had been mowed, I was certain the limbs, branches and twigs that I had laid out at the trail entry opening in the grassy area would be thrown back into the woods by the park workers mowing the grass. This was not the case, however. There was minimal movement of these items in the grassy area. Actually, it looked like they had mowed around it! Nearly all were still intact at that location.

I went into the woods to the main set-ups area. I checked first the tires set-up. Nothing had been taken. The trash bag I left was still in the same spot, but with a hole in it. I decided to remove the bag on the way out today. I still could find the peanut butter container.

When I came close to the set-up area, I saw what looked like another arrow directional pointer made of limbs. Just like before, I put my back to the arrow and moved forward. Again, as previously, I walked a few feet, looked to the left and saw a ball and what looked like another foot impression. I did a verbal "thank you for the ball." I lined up with the pointer again and moved off. I was in a hurry and found nothing.

I then went over to the set-ups, etc., and messed around at the spot for a while, but decided to go back to the pointer and take more time and be more focused. I was amazed. I found 3 more balls and next to one of the balls was a sharpie black felt marker. The marker still had plenty of in it.I took the balls and moved them to the main grouping.

With the marker, I wrote my name on a white plastic container. I also set up a blue plastic container next to the white one. I left the marker on a log between both. My hope was that the marker would be used to mark on either of them at some point.

I moved the tires again, left more food and sweet treats. I also moved the toys again. I took glass bottles found in the junk/trash pockets and used shoe strings to attach to tree limbs as chimes. I put together 2 sets of 3 glass bottles. I also took plastic bottles and stuck sticks in the ground with the bottles over them. I started three different designs shapes; a cross, a triangle, and a star. I wanted to see if any sticks and bottles are added.

(my new formation)

(my own formation)

I did a general walk around the area with my camcorder. My main goal today was to video some of the junk/trash pockets.

In the process of doing this, I was near one of the pockets to the southeast of the main food gifting tree. As I was under the low trees and bushes, another limbs arrow directional pointer was found. I was stunned. I could hardly believe it! Amazing! I was led to 2 more balls. Again, I verbally said "thank you for the ball." I then added them to the main grouping of balls.

(this arrow lead to balls, interesting feather placed there)

Today, I left 2 apples and 2 bananas, 1 bottled water, 2 sweet treats. It seemed in the past that food left at the main tree were taken, but ones left on tires and crook of other trees, were not taken.

I did the video work today, but not the full 2 hours. I also decided to bring trash bags and haul out bad plastic bottles, containers, paper trash, etc., but I'll use the good plastic bottles to make letters, numbers, designs, etc. The bottled water was still not taken or used. The amount of balls gathered or directed in this area to date is 101. I aso had found a small amount of scattered toys.

When I left the site, I was satisfied purposeful interaction was occurring and with regularity. The question was, what were their parameters? They took food only from one location, even when other food was presented in other places. What did that mean? They were giving me balls, was this realizing that was an adequate "trade" for the treats?

There is still much to learn about these interactions, but I am fully assured now there are purposeful interactions. The question now becomes, just how elaborately will this evolve?