Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stalker Between the Worlds: Overview

Installment #1 Walking Dead
Installment #2 "Dem Bones"
Installment #3 "Too Close To Home" 
Installment 4:  "Encounter"
Installment #5:  "Roadside Horror"
Installment #6:  "Baffling Kills"
Installment #7:  "Not By a Long Shot"

The series is taking a hiatus this week as new things are occurring and we are scrambling to make sense of them. Here are some of the things we know as we study this unusual case of the unexplained.

Territory - this "person" (I refer to as "It") obviously has found a territory. It comes and goes often in yards, sheds, messing with cars, family dogs, killing strays, snakes, boars, and deer. It has been there a long time, so It considers this his place.

Killing - It seems to have no issue with killing creatures, but not eating them. The snakes were stripped of everything with their spine perfectly articulated. The deer skull and mandible were aged and old. But, the baby boars were new kills, slit open, but not eaten, not even bloody. It carried them by the tails down the road because the tails were left in the road a good 30 feet or more from their bodies. The dog had a piece of hide removed from it and a makeshift leash around its neck. It was replaced by a dog that had been dead a long time and was all bones. The terrier was the only bloody kill. Still, not one of these creatures was eaten. It was killing, leaving them near the road in hopes of being seen, and yet removing them fast, as if it only wanted the Walker to see them and once he did, they were removed. It also has no issues with things in various states of nastiness, smell and decay.

Fixation on dogs - It moved the dog kennel into the woods. It moved the dog food bag and left a drop of blood on it. It left a drop of blood on the dog food bowl. It killed 3 dogs. It seems to attract strays to that area. It popped the eye out of two dogs. Of course, we cannot prove it did all these things, but these are rather obviously connected events in one small area that follow a pattern.

Probably not a local - It would appear by the cobbled leash made together of tied up duct tape. Anyone living there, would simply utilize something on hand, twine, belt, rope, or whatever, not take pieces of duct tape rolled up and tied end to end. It also went into the Walker's shop in his yard and took a large industrial magnet, but no tools. It's a very odd bunch of squirreling away of things here and there to utilize, as if It lives in a feral manner.

Wants some kind of interaction - Even if It just wants horror and reaction, it seems to want an interaction by leaving these items on display and then removing them. The chances are, It watches the area to see if it gets reactions and then gauges its next move. 

What is the next move? Well, this ongoing interaction is not over. Expect more coming up. The Walker has shown extreme maturity and level-headedness in handling this long-term terrorizing of his quiet country roadway and even his own property. We continue to hope that this Stalker just gets bored and moves on, and mostly we just hope the Walker and his family and pets are safe!

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