Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mexican Aliens and Fairies???

This post is so freaking creepy and awesomely unsettling, that I suggest you watch it tonight in a dark room--I double dog dare ya!

Were dead aliens found in Mexico?  In the Sonoran Desert, skeletons were unearthed in an ancient cemetery over 1000 years old that possessed skeletons with elongated skulls.  The elongation of skulls was present in other cultures, but apparently not in this region.  Many mysteries were left, like why there were dental mutilations in those over 12 years old, that in all the bodies present, only one was a female, and why none were adorned as "important" people who had the special elongated skulls, in fact, they all them.

The Starchild Skull and a supposed farmer killing a baby alien are just some of the other stories of this region's alien encounters.

Fairies in Mexico too?  Supposedly lots of these are showing up in backyards and being caught and examined -

But wait! It's not just Mexico - Chile supposedly found a baby alien -

An article about the supposed Chilean alien baby above was found here. The story is that in 2002, a vacationing family came across this little creature that was just under 3” long. Apparently, a child found it under the bushes, wrapped it up in paper and it the thing lived for 8 days, sometimes opening its eyes. For now, the family keeps the little mummified “thing” in their own keeping. There’s talk of having it tested but it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere.

Real? Faked? Hysteria? Internet urban legends? Photoshop? Aliens from inner earth in a geologically active location? Aliens looking for their Mayan friends again? What's going on? You be the judge. All I know is, please keep giving us more!

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