Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mexican Alien baby: Hoax or Real Life Ancestor?

I stumbled serendipitously (don’t I always have this syndrome?) upon an interesting article on unexplained-mysteries. It was the picture of the skeleton of an algeripithecus from 50 million years ago that caught my attention. It’s present-day relative is the lemur (photo above) found only in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. Do you notice how the skeleton and the lemur seem very similar to the supposed Mexican alien baby (photo above)? When I saw the skeleton and heard of the algeripithecus’s size (3 oz and could fit into your hand), I couldn’t help wondering…smart locals in Mexico making a really cool hoax using the skeleton from an ancient creature for reference or perhaps an actual still-living ancestor?


  1. This is really fascinating Autumnforest!! thanks for posting and updating -in some ways I could see something develop over this like that time in the early 90s when those two older guys said they were making all of the crop circles in England-hahaha what i joke!!
    they are discovering new forms of life on this planet continually-(unfortunately so many are also dying off!!) so who knows what is out there!!
    I picked Mothman for my favorite cryptid -I think some of that is because that whole situation in W Virginia in the 60s was just so Fortean and bizarre!!
    all the best in the world to you my friend and i hope your party went great!! I also hope I can convince you to keep writing some spooky and paranormal short stories when you can-those were wonderful!!!!

  2. Hey Dev;
    I did decide to occasionally write a short story. I might consider doing it on a certain day of the week, like maybe every Sunday or something like that. I would like to take my theories and put them into the stories. Fun stuff! Thanks so much for enjoying them so much. Ya'all have given me a lot of confidence about my writing. I always saw it as a secret pleasure and hobby, but I see that others might really like to hear the weird stuff rattling between my ears. I really really loved yours! I want you to write more--please!

  3. You never know when some of that weird stuff just might make you a million.

  4. @eloh;
    I'd rather make a million off one of my horror novels going to film. The transfer of written to visual intrigues me beyond belief. However, if someone wants to give me public notation for catching this strange correlation...I'll take that. I'm like a kid, a lollipop and a pat on the head and I'm in heaven.

  5. I don't know what to make of it. Very weird looking.

  6. There are so many hoaxes out there with many trying to get famous from it. Sad, but that is how it goes. I'm glad there are many scientist and others checking these finds and proving them real or not. I hope that it is the skeleton of an algeripithecus and not a lemur.

  7. BTW, I agree with Devin about your writing skills and stories. I hope you do continue to grace us with a spooky short now and then.

  8. Hey Julie;
    Yeah, the skeleton is the ancient dude. The lemur is the furry critter. The ugly thing is the Mexican alien baby. It intrigues me how much it is similar to a very early life form. You hear a lot about Chileans and Mexicans reporting these things in caves around mines and that makes me wonder. Could a distant relative be alive there? That'd be totally awesome! Maybe I should send Josh Gates out to lasso one and tell a great joke. Oh my gosh, when he said "this isn't a bottle of wine, this is an investigative tool" about the werewolf wine's informative label, I about wet myself! Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I will definitely be writing short stories occasionally, especially when something I posted about intrigues me for a horror story. The fun thing about kicking around theories is being able to put them into fiction. Well, now I'm finally back to finishing off writing "The Thicket" for submission.



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