Bullying in the Bigfoot World

Those in the Bigfoot online community might have noticed an absence of Autumnforest and many more people like me who want to have intelligent dialogue about something of great anthropological and social significance.  Here's the basic reason:

You can't argue with the village idiot because it's not going to make him smarter.

I left because of the massive troll hits on such sites and the fact that there was no discussion, only immature bullying by vague anonymous people who hide behind having no name or face so they can just take pot shots at everyone else. These little men are pathetic creatures and a fine example of why we might not be ready as a society for the introduction of Bigfoot into our accepted family.

I've watched some wonderful contributors in the field retreat, especially the female population in the Bigfoot world who have taken some of the worst threats and bullying.

It has come to my conclusion that when Bigfoot is proven and recognized by our society, he is in for a monster load of disappointment and embarrassment to possibly be related to such primitives.

If we use Bigfoot sites as a gauge of the culture of our society, we can only assume that we are not ready for the bigger questions. Proving Bigfoot is not the big issue. That will be done with DNA eventually, but what will be our true dilemma is how to categorize him, respect his space, allow him freedoms, while still learning about his life and culture.

How is that going to be possible in a society of people who are scared, angry, and hateful? 

As well, the very people who consider themselves journalists, researchers, and hunters, are rife with some of the most despicable types imaginable. There is lying, cheating, greed, egos, sleeping around, drinking, drugging, and sinister arrangements in some of the most "respected" organizations. There are ones who tout we should kill a Bigfoot and others who threaten anyone with a differing opinion. There are more than enough hangers-on who affiliate with a "big" figure in the field and hope to ride his coattails, and there are those who act like rock star groupies.

What I have to say to these people is simple. Get a real job. Work a real industry.  

Bigfoot is not an industry.

It will be left to the universities and scientists to deal with the anthropological significance of his unveiling. You are not big-game hunting. You are in entirely the wrong field if you want fame and fortune. Your behaviors and how you comport yourself in the industry are no secret. Everyone knows the dirty players and they will have no part in research or anything of legitimacy. It is best to fold up your tents and go home. We know who you are and we know how you roll.

It is not an issue of whether there is a Bigfoot, the real issue is how we greet a newly accepted citizen because so far on the Bigfoot sites, it's pretty evident we haven't come far since the past several hundred years when we hit the shores of North America.


  1. ***NODS***

    I completely agree with you.
    I'll make the cute joke here or there...
    But, I will never knock down something I can't explain.

    My favorite line, that really ties into this...
    "Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? NO? Neither have I... but I know they exsist."

  2. "If we use Bigfoot sites as a gauge of the culture of our society, we can only assume that we are not ready for the bigger questions."

    Replace Bigfoot with "any online community"

  3. I never would have known there was bullying in that field...

  4. The tone of this piece leads me to infer that you feel we are very, very close to the proof we need. And I despair along with you at the ways we can eff this up.

  5. Very good post. I totally agree with what you are saying about Bigfoot and trolls. It is too bad a few bullies have to spoil it for the rest of us.

  6. I agree that "You can't argue with the village idiot because it's not going to make him smarter." And though I'm not sure this is relevant, I've heard it said that it takes a village to raise an idiot. Or an urban or suburban neighborhood could raise one, I suppose. Anyone need a subject for a sociology or anthropology dissertation? ;)

  7. Sadly, yes... the village idiots have taken over. I would hope we've come much further since the misguided eradication policies of indigenous populations that were so prevelant from BCE to 1900 (for the US). Germany, Bosnia, (insert any African country here) still had and have lessons to learn.

    The same people that clamor for a body will disregard any DNA evidence presented. Yet, they would completely accept the guilt of a killer based on DNA and circumstantial evidence alone. Then in the next breath defend the 'fact' that the earth is 6000 years old, and evolution is just a 'theory'.

    Maybe the Old Testament God was right. Just about time to load up the Ark and separate the wheat from the chaff. LOL

    Simply frustrated with the closed minds of the world.

  8. Gotta love the Old Testament. I once asked a minister whether he believed God created the trees in the Garden of Eden with growth rings. He said sure, why not, and that the same principle could also explain all those dinosaur bones, the Grand Canyon, etc. He said that God, being omnipotent, could've created the entire universe 6,000 years ago to appear as if it were already billions of years old. I asked him why God would have done anything so deceptive. He replied that he didn't see it as deceptive, only as "divine attention to detail." I pointed out that by the same principle, God could've created the entire universe (and the Bible with it) only a nanosecond ago. He agreed, but said he simply took it on faith that the Bible's chronology was correct. Faith, okay, no arguing against faith. I next asked him why he thought God (via the prophet Samuel) had told the Israelites, "Now go and completely destroy the entire Amalekite nation -- men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys." I mean, even if all the human Amalekites had to go, why also their livestock? And he answered with a completely straight face, "The livestock might've been diseased, and they might also have represented a sexual temptation to the Israelite warriors if they'd been allowed to live."

    Yep, could've happened just that way.

  9. Ugh. This is why I have never bothered to comment on most blogs. I rarely even read any of the comments because there's nothing worth looking at there.

  10. Yes, I totally agree with you, Sharon, about the bullying and utter lack of respect of so many of the commenters on Bigfoot blogs. Sexism is completely rampant, as is unchecked hatefulness in general. I've never seen it so bad as on these sites. It's as if the boys from Lord of the Flies have taken over and intelligent dialogue is rarely given an opportunity. That being said, I'm particularly glad to have discovered your site! You GO, Sister!!!


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