Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fact or Faked Reviewed

Why? Why? Why?

Rods--Re-ally??? Bugs, solved long ago!

Bad UFO--Re-ally??? U-F-Os?????? `nuff said! I am quite done with UFO episodes. I know Ben is excited by them, but Ben, honey, there are only so many ways to test these and we're are soooooo sick of them all!

This new team member (I'm not bothering to learn her name because they will change the cast around if they make another season) is so posed and spokesmodel'ish that she doesn't fit in with the geeks. She's also overly perky which makes her seem kind of dullwitted since the others are trying to pretend what they're doing is important. The chemistry on the show is shot to hell. None of them seem to blend together at all.

They put a huge fan out in the desert and tossed shit in front of it (likely scenario--just bring me my generator) and then tried hanging a top hat on a fishing line (top hat, really?) and then they got a large Mylar balloon shaped like a spaceship and flew it overhead (remind you of another episode?)

Bugs in a netted tent, lights, camera--rods! Yada yada yada.

Fellas at Syfy--get with the program--totally revamp and make Ben the producer and let him fix this runaway train of tedium and repetition. `Nuff said.




    It all started going to poop when they changed their name from SciFi... to SYFY.


  2. I hate it when shows change up the characters...

  3. I couldn't help but laugh at the attempt to blow-up the balloon. The explosion sounded like it was added in post production and the balloon slowly lost gas and started to sink. I noticed that they quickly cut away from the balloon. How inept can you be???

    If the photos were returned to the man because the ufo was declassified, wouldn't we know what the declassified object in the photo was by now?

  4. What is the new Sci-Fy movie of the week that's coming up? 'Sharktopus?!?!?!' LMBO!!!

    My daughter and her husband spent their anniversary at The Myrtles... a haunted plantation down around New Orleans... she said they had a blast!!

    Are you familiar with that place?


  5. Hey shoes, as if realizing this month is cryptid month on GHT, Syfy on the 12th will be playing a movie "Rage of the Yeti." Wicked awesome. I don't know where they come up with this stuff, but I want in on the planning! The Myrtles is one of the most famous of the haunted locations, though I suspect it is more a romantic mystique than a true haunting. It's missing some important elements to make it a really haunted locale, but I will reserve that explanation for my upcoming book about why some buildings are haunted and others are not.

  6. I think a better episode of FoF would have been walking around California, feeling boobs.

    "hmmmm, yep these are fake."

    I was disappointed. Felt too regurgitated.

  7. LMBO @ 'Lost.In.Idaho'...

    Boobing feeling... real or fake??

    I like that idea...


  8. I think the way they sit on the body tells it all. You could just look, especially if they're anorectic and have round globes. You gotta wonder about that. We don't need to recreate that scenario to know. Still, the image of Ben cupping breasts all over CA beaches sounds like a fun show. I'm sure the men would like to see Jael give it a try too.

  9. I generally fall asleep halfway through. Never have seen the end of the Nightcrawler episode to see if they ever figured that out.