Fact or Faked Reviewed

For our own entertainment, enjoy these deja vu classics...

(Breakfast Fact or Faked Club)

(Scooby Fact or Faked Doo)

(check the beginning--I'm thinking Fact or Faked might be The Goonies revisited)

(so, whatcha think? Inspiration from the movies?)

I love FoF, so I am having fun with them because I do that when I adore something. They do make me think of Goonies or Gilligan's Island maybe...

Okay, another episode of FoF is under our belts. The opening episode only teased us with what the season might be like. Now, we're into it. What did you think? I will expose my opinions in the comments with y'all. Here's what I'm curious about:

Do you think they picked good cases?
Do you think the right people were on the right cases?
Were the results clear-cut to you?

Come on, let's begin the review process...


  1. Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?

  2. You know, I never thought I would watch the show, but the floating humanoid test might convert me.
    Then again, the shoops and Goonie comparison might take me in the other direction. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME, AH YA YA YA YA YA!
    Your shirt kind of obliterates a "d".
    Fact Or Faked? I guess they look real!

  3. I'm really diggin ithis season so far. As much as that gilligan's island photoshop? Too early to tell...

    And look at me! No *insert boob jokes here* this week! Something must be wrong with me.

  4. Eric;
    I'll get back to you later, buddy. Apparently, something distracted you.

    They do some funny tests, I gotta admit. It really is Goonies/Scooby Doo/Gilligan's Island, but I watch for Velma, the professor, and Data. Oh and as for my shirt obliterating a d, funny you should say that, my shirt actually is a d...

    Must have been a long week, dude. I'm excited for the ectoplasm one. I believe that's next week. Something I've always wanted to see someone recreate on video.


  5. I should have realized I set you up for that joke..

  6. Perhaps Sis you should post the "fact or faked" tank shot at the end. It seems like many of the boys are distracted and can't remember what you wrote, lol.

  7. RR;

    Yeah, but I suspect that all the good information at the beginning would be forgotten. I wonder if it would have the same reaction if the answer was faked? I bet it would!

    Seriously, last night's episode was a super snooze fest for me. I don't know. I'm getting tired of the same old/same old. There's only so many ways to test a UFO and so many times you can ghost hunt without looking like you cook too many different foods without conquering one specialty. I would like to see an episode where they simply show us how a bunch of online vids and sit in front of computers and show they're obviously faked ones. I'd be thrilled to see them recreate using Joe-Blow's home computer and programs because I doubt Joe Blow is out there making Latex aliens and using military flares...

  8. goonies pretty good show. i never seen it before.

  9. Hey! I specifically went out of my way to not lead in with a boob joke. I was well and truly intrigued by the floating boob test. I mean, floating humanoid test.

  10. Echo;
    I like them with the Fact or Faked faces. They fit the roles pretty well.

  11. hahaha. I did a google image search for Fact or Faked and one of the pics was a woman with enormous implants--it's a shot I used for one of the reviews. Just goes to show that boobs bounce around the internet ad infinitum.

  12. Got the photoshop addiction going, eh?

  13. MM
    It's now a new kinda theme on my blog to do the absurd and cut-out heads technique. You should see the one I did for Destination Truth on Tuesday of what Josh and I's babies would look like.

  14. This is why I read the comments.

    Floating boob test? I'm so totally there.

    For research purposes, of course.

  15. L.I.I.;
    The problem with the floating boob test is that fact and faked ones both float. Hmm...

  16. Forgive me Sis, but I have a VERY hard time getting into FoF. The "investigators" for the most part truly grate on my nerves! I don't know why. I haven't quite put my finger on it, but I'm not a fan. I love the concept! But the people....I can't get past them!

    However if you need random boob shots, I'm your woman! LMAO!!!

  17. Lil Sis;
    Big sis will be the guest breasts next week! I get where you're coming from. I'd like to keep Bill for his smarts, but I wish he'd get more balls. He's a helluva smart guy but not assertive about doing things his way. I want him to take a Jason Hawes POV. I love Ben because he's the balancing piece of the equation and I think he's got the ideas and the concepts going. I love the new guy Devin way way too much! I think I have a bit of a nerd crush. I tend to do that with geeks. I get why they have Austin, but Ben is not small guy, he could manage the physical stuff. Both women are just dead weight. I would like a woman on the team, but I'd like to see someone with some personality and who is comfortable in her own skin and with her own POV. Like I said, I want to scruff them up. They're too cute and bland. They need a grouchy old guy, a brassy lady, some people with seriously diametrically opposed POVs. I think they could do it, but without a force like Josh Gates for personality, it's a tough one. I'd honestly like to see them showcase Devin and give him another uber nerd to counter him and the two nerds like the dudes in "Revenge of the Nerds" take over and do computer recreations and speculation and make it into a 2-dude Mythbusters of viral videos. Now, that I would get a serious mad addiction to.

  18. LOL, you're yummy...

    Well I wanted to actually see at least one of the episodes before I poked back in to bug you, and I hate to say this, but I was pretty disappointed with Fact or Faked. I think you hit the nail right on the head by comparing them with Scooby Doo and the gang.

    The investigation at the Florida Theater was handled like a bunch of high school kids on a field trip, and I am 70% certain that heat signature was a cat.

    Which brings me to another point, if spirits supposedly create cold spots as they manifest, how would a thermal camera be useful anyway? The heat signature of that anomaly was hot enough to be a living breathing mammal, but that was not even addressed.

    Now the UFO case. In addition Jael's lack of bending over to pick things up, I was disappointed in that one too. Did it REALLY not occur to them to call the local Army base and ask if there were any jumps on that date before they spent all that money on flares, airplanes, and other stuff? I mean REALLY? Seems like that would be the first thing I would do before packing up the van. Oh well...ratings right?

    Meh, I know I sound like a grumpy old man with this review, but I think Destination Truth is alot better of a show and their crew alot more skilled. But, hey, it's not like Syfy will ever give me a show, so maybe I shouldn't complain...

  19. Aaron;
    I'm with you, buddy. I see the premise as a great one, but honestly for a show like that and a cast like that, I'd rather see them on big dormitory sofas sitting around a bank of big screens, a bunch of computers nearby and have them look vids, debate back and forth their efficacy, test some shit on a computer with a total geek-a-zoid recreating it and then have the team a bit of the extremes so they bicker and argue between believers and nonbelievers. I'd rather not see them in the field and they're too freaking young and adorable to be experts at anything except going "oh my!" and gushing a lot. Oh, and don't get me onto thermal imaging! Once again, without a controlled environment, it's all environmental variables. Something that got sunlight on it all day long is going to stay warmer, things that aren't near vents will stay warmer. There are just way too many unknowns. Pretty much any instrument you take into the field, you're taking into an uncontrolled, unshielded environment. My take on the whole damn thing? Make the ghosts come to you--to a controlled room. Set a trap of sorts.

  20. Just don't LOOK at the trap, I do know that much...

    Thanks for your patience, I know I seemed cranky today.

  21. Aaron;
    You're not cranky. You and I think almost exactly alike, so you can imagine how popular I've been in the GH community. I'm a skeptic, but I also have experienced enough genuine phenomena to know it's out there. I just don't let TAPS define what a ghost is, how it works, and how to detect it. I tend to think more practically. And, I am planning a controlled EVP session in which I think the questions for one minute each without speaking it out loud. We'll see what the results are. Your comment on my post about Why Do Ghost Hunters Do That? spawned the idea. This is why I love the readers comments--they give me so many great ideas.


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