Saturday, January 15, 2011

Road Trip!

So, I'm too restless. Got a new car. Need to make a road trip. I talked Julie into hitting the road with me even though we have a big trip planned at the end of February. So, looks like the end of this month we're going to hit the AZ roads to photograph a ton, make insanely creepy and cool vids and share crazy stories with you.

Our goal is to reach Prescott, AZ, Hotel Vendome. I've stayed there before in the haunted room and had experiences I was not at all expecting. The legend of the room dates back to around the 1930s when a woman was abandoned by her husband when she had TB. She and the cat died there supposedly.

The room is haunted by her and her cat often heard scratching around in the closet. Guests who stay in the room leave gifts for Abby and her cat. The room is totally creepy and looks like a demented grandma's parlor with dolls and cat toys staring at you all night long. I hadn't expected a lot except to have fun sitting in the bed reading the huge album they have of stories and pictures from past guests of the room and the things that happened to them there. It makes for moody reading and lots of shivers of delight.

I set a digital audio recorder into the closet on the floor and announced in the recorder "I am closing the closet door." I then shut the door and went to bed where I promptly tore the sheets and blankets free from the corner of the bed. I hate feeling tucked in and tight in my bedding. So, my ghost hunting buddy chuckled and I sighed. She was used to my antics with bedding. She was lucky I at least slept in PJs which also freaks me out when I sleep. I climbed in, set my camera near me, just in case, as I do on hunts. I fell into a much-earned sleep (we stopped at 8 cemeteries on the way there).

I woke up in the middle of the night in the darkness. I heard scratching in the closet and as I awakened, I still heard it. Then, I noticed the sheets and blankets in the corner of the bed were tucked in so tightly that my toes were pointing and I couldn't barely move. I freaked out and kicked myself loose and then grabbed my camera, swung around and shot a picture towards the scratching was heard. I put the camera down and slumped into the bed and fell into a deep sleep again.

The next morning, I opened the closet door as we prepared to leave and I announced to the recorder, "it's me getting the recorder." I turned it off and then packed it away. We hit another 6 cemeteries on the way home.

Later, I was uploading the pictures and then I realized I had taken one in the middle of the night. I was sure it would be hilarious because I didn't even try to hold the camera straight. I just shot in the right direction. I pulled up the picture and my mouth dropped open. The closet door was wide open! I not only announced the closing of it on the recorder, but announced the opening of it in the morning. Still, during the night, it was wide open.

So, Julie and I are headed up there to stay the infamous room, but on the way we plan to stop by Vulture Mine--you know, made famous on Ghost Adventures! We will stop by Wickenburg where there is an excellent cemetery and a haunted train depot. On the way back, we plan to stop by a genuine ghost town called Congress and a lot of very creepy old west cemeteries.

Expect some crazy shit because you know me, and I'm going to treat y'all like you're in the back seat of my car and riding along with us. There will be goofy ass videos, creepy dark things, wish you were here moments and lots of awesome pics. I'm stoked. This gal is having cabin fever. It's not a pretty sight with someone as spaz-y as me.

Wish us luck when we roll out. We will be taking you along. Maybe I'll even read some entries from the scary guest book while we sit amongst the creepy dolls staring us down. We also have plans to tackle our investigation in a more researched way. Perhaps I'll finally sit still long enough to do a psychic read on an object while it's filmed.


  1. Good luck with that! Keep us updated =]

  2. You've got my attention. I'm especially interested in how much you can do in the way of research and in tightening up the recording. Sounds like it'll be fun for us too.

  3. those pictures are soo creepy :x

  4. I am looking forward to our adventure at the end of the month and staying in Abby's room.

  5. We have something not a lot of ghost hunters get to have and that is a huge log of experiences people have had in that room. Using that book to find commonalities in conditions, places, types of activity, we can then adjust our studying with these things in mind. I'm all for long-term studies in places so that you can find patterns and things that aggravate and alleviate haunting features so we can perhaps have more interactive experiences. The road trip is as creepy as the room. This one cemetery we're going to in Congress is the best western cemetery I've ever been to. It sits in the middle of a huge open desert and crops up from the sand like a mirage of wrought iron and turn-of-the-century adornments. If I had a clothing line of Steampunk stuff or a Steampunk band, that is where I'd film!

  6. The Hotel owners don't have a creepy son do they?

  7. Sucio;
    A cross dressing taxidermist, perhaps? Not to my knowledge, but the guy at the desk is rather charming. I'll just be sure to have Julie stand guard when I shower.

  8. gl, and try make few posts from road :P

    and creepy pics

  9. you wake up with your feet tucked in tight, you hear a scratching noise so you take a photo? and then drop off into a deep sleep again..................
    Did you dream at all?
    maybe of something scratching it's way across the floor to nibble on your toes?

  10. Cindi;
    I really freaked when I woke up and my toes were pointed and pressed down by tightly tucked sheets. I woke up my friend with my kicking and then I warned her I was taking a picture because I knew the flash might surprise her. I have to admit, I considered this inn as a place with a tall story. They even tell you at the desk, "we don't rent Abby's room unless someone asks for it. We've had people very upset when they didn't realize it was haunted." I took the extra skeptic precautions of clicking the locks on the door to the room so no one could use a house key and mess with us. Ironically, the audio recorder I had in the closet? Stopped working. There was nothing on it, change of batteries and everything didn't save it. It was dead. Had to get a new one. We had EMF spikes in that closet that were insane earlier in the evening when we got goosebumps but never had a spike again after that. I am one to believe that perhaps all the freaking dolls and bad feng shui made the room haunted. :-)

  11. You can use for creepy sound effects for this story song "TB Sheets".

  12. I got an idea. Is there any way you can do a live streaming thing from one of these places?

  13. CB;
    Good question. This for a woman who still will not get a cell phone. I will be online with my laptop and putting up pics and vids, but live? Jeez, I gotta figure out how to do that. My new laptop has a camera. Now you have me thinking...

  14. good luck!

    and dang, those pics are scary as hell

  15. Have fun! It's good to get out every now and again. Oh, and about your current quiz - neither of my options really appealed to me. Sorry! ;)

  16. HN;
    That's totally cool. I'm curious to see how many people decide to vote.

  17. The Sheets tucked back in...Now that would freak me out..I'm like you..i hate my damn feet encased in a bed..Gotta have those babies free to run...
    I've got my Suitcase packed can't wait to join your Creepy road trip!!

    SpOOky Dreams my Friend

  18. Adele;
    It will be fun to share it with y'all. I plan on filming it and photographing it in such a way that everyone feels like they've just jaunted around AZ's backroads and ghost towns and stayed in a creepy inn. It will be so much fun! I hope to do some experiments, as well.