Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Season Finale! Tomorrow's Zombie Walk

*Tomorrow is a special event on the blog; the Zombie Walk. So, the review of the show will be on Saturday instead and there will be no Lonely on a Friday Night. Come on tomorrow and be sure and see me do a video makeup series for you on how to become a zombie and then click on the links to see the other bloggers doing a huge assortment of zombie posts. If you are one of my followers and comment tomorrow, you will be entered in a SWEET giveaway. So, tomorrow, be here!*

Okay, I'm excited. I will be watching this one excitedly. Here's what SyFy has to say about this season finale for FoF:

The team ventures through the bayou. A baby alligator is found, but they don’t think that can be the culprit of large logs moving near the water. In fear of a much larger cold-blooded creature following close behind the baby, they head back their traps that they originally set out. A monstrous shriek is bellowed from the forest and causes the team to stop in their tracks. Watch the clip and tune in on Thursday at 10/9c on Syfy to find out if they come face-to-face with the creepy noise.


  1. I'm excited. I'm hoping they spend more time on the dark side of things. I like them better when they're doing creepy things and not happy things like the moon and mermaids. I want thte X-files feel.

  2. You would think that a former FBI agent would not break state laws by handling a baby alligator.

  3. I'll take a wild guess the gator wasn't harmed in the filming of the show. I was pleased to see them show how it looks on FLIR so people can realize how helpful that instrument is in picking up heat or lack thereof in living creatures.

  4. they found out later the aligator was infact eaten by the bayou beast.its that damn food chain sometimes you hang at the top but sooner than later you end up at the bottom.......sorry if i ruined your day....aligator yum yum

  5. Robert;
    That would have been funny if Ben tossed it back in there and the monster ate it. That would have made for a great episode!


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