Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Reviewed & Zombie Walk Contest Winner!

First of all, let's get right to the winner of my zombie walk giveaway. The winner gets to choose which 2-dvd set they would like from these three choices:
"Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" (Romero versions) OR
"28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later" OR
"Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland"

They ended the season on Thursday night. It was a good episode. I would rate it much better than the school bus across the railroad tracks episode but not as good as the UFO hoaxer in Washington who pimped his hoaxing video and make a shitload of cash off it and got exposed or the episode with the freaky walking sticks in Fresno. I was not pleased by the moon walk one in the least or the mermaid. There are certain subjects that should not be entertained and I wish, wish, wish they'd pick more dark and spooky videos of ghostly things and Bigfoot and X-file'ish type stuff. I like when they wander in the night. I like when they have to deal with freaky witnesses and sketchy people.

I am very very pleased at how they handled the supposed swampy Bigfoot. Sometimes, I feel like these guys are sort of taking Santa away from us. No one likes the person who debunks. I know that as a ghost hunter. I've had people become downright angry at me when I show them the real-world explanation. I want to see them tackle some ones that they simply are baffled by, excited by how unexplainable it is and maybe even a little ruffled and unsettled.

The cast doesn't seem quite as uncomfortable being filmed. I sort of wish there were more spazes and outright nerds in the group. I think they'd be more endearing if they were a ragtag mix of smart but odd people of all ages and sizes and types. That may sound like just a visual issue but it's also a personality issue. I simply want to see people get grumpy, stick to their ideals, believe with child-like wonder and generally sort of bounce off each other like they've been together too long on the road and are driving each other nuts. In other words, endearing characters. It's not necessary for a show in which the team goes around testing things and debunking, but "Mythbusters" does it and we can't get enough of it or Josh and the gang on "Destination Truth." Nerdish characters really do rule in this particular subgenre as they are less self conscious and don't take themselves too seriously.

Strong Points This First Season:
The beginning when they review videos
Breaking apart into two teams
Interviewing and going into the field to try facsimiles
Reviewing and coming to a conclusion

Needs Next Season:
Video hoaxing--they really could do a lot of these hoaxes with video effects like most guys at home who can't rent helicopters and jet packs.
More dark X-files likes episodes and no more friendly ones like mermaids and the moon.
Consider a cast change--take a couple pretties out, put a couple quirkies in.

Season Two will begin and I will be watching it avidly to see what they change in that time. I didn't like "Destination Truth" the first season, so I'm holding out a lot of hope because I already like FoF the first season. I just feel like it's R-rated when I really want NC-17 (and I'm not talking about sex, although if Ben wants to go shirtless, I will not complain to the sponsors). I'm talking about a lot darker like those really haunting creepy videos on the Internet when you watch them in the dark and don't want to go to bed any time soon. Even if they went to the situation room at nighttime and things were kind of dark outside the room and you felt like they were meeting in some covert hiding spot...

Now, what do y'all think of that episode and the first season in general?


  1. That's not make-up.
    I pushed Dale into a ditch.

    Alright, I tried to bury him.
    How that bastard got out is
    freaky !

  2. I'm also interested in the changes they make for the next season. I thought the first one was rather so-so.

  3. I agree: change up the roster some. I think Chi Lan is good to keep. As a professional on-air personality, she has a presence that is a professional balance for some of the rougher members, which would include Larry. Still, you gotta keep him because he may be quiet and reserved, but he's one of the few bringing some mad skills to the table. Just look at his work on the Obelisk/Alien Body case. Jael is a certified scuba diver. That's about all she has going for her. She's as cold as a as the fish among which she swims. She needs to bring more energy. I would say the same for Austin who seems to be dead weight. I'm reminded of the boys' adventure series The Three Investigators and how one was a brain, one was good at research, and the third was just a jock. That's what he contributed: muscle. Austin fits that bill. He's the one who usually gets in the monkey suit or what have you. Bill can be kept. He knows the paranormal. In fact, we could use another Bill in the lineup. I say Jettison Austin and Jael and replace them with some good people out there in the field right now who would have on-camera presence. I disagree, however, with conflict among the team to create drama. Enough drama from the videos themselves. I like that they get along and behave professionally and don't quarrel about stuff. We don't need the Real World. And I don't think the audience for these shows wants it either. Remember, GH started out with inter-member "drama" in those early seasons (I guess trying out the typical reality show mode) before coming to the conclusion the viewers weren't there for that.

  4. Wow, this is a great blog! I'm loving the whole ghost theme thing here!
    Supporting and following! :)

  5. Max;
    I believe it. I swear if he put that on himself, he had to have done it in the dark--it was miserable.

    Great idea-some of the characters are ideal for the task. They could do a lot more at approaching the darkers subjects more creepily so we get sucked in. I want more nighttime too.

    I agree with most of your observations, definitely. However, I don't want more pretties for the camra on there because then they are all self conscious and have no personality. They need an Adam and Jamie like Mythbusters who are smart, but not necessarily camera-beautiful. Someone has to be the absolute skeptic and someone needs to be naive and hopeful. I want to hear the same discussions I hear amongst people who saw a video online and have a stand on it.

  6. Memeaday;
    Welcome! There's a search bar on the right-hand side of the screen in case there's anything in particular you're curious about. I've covered a lot of paranormal subjects.

  7. made this little zombie happy...
    thank you, thank you!

  8. Why did they leave out the part where Ben handled a baby alligator?

    Why did Larry wear a tie to the swamp?

    Why did they leave after the strange howl?

    Did Jael use the same camera, as was indicated in the show, or did she use another camera?

    If Bill is a "lead scientist" why didn't he know about methane gas?


  9. Barry;
    They all have their expertises. I'm not sure about Jael's, but we'll look at Larry. Larry has style. I'm absolutely certain he sleeps in his tie. He learned how to tie the knot and is afraid to undo it. I like Larry. He doesn't have a lot of personality, but he's a quiet smart. I can appreciate that because I'm a loud smart. We need more like him. They didn't mention if they used the same camera, but I'm sure that was the intention. They have finally caught on that their own gear is way too sexed up for normal folks' video taping quality. So far as the methane, that's actually Ben's area of expertise. He mentioned once that he is sort of an expert in researching all things crop-circlish. I'm still not sure what Jael brings to the table and I honestly thought she was the best sidekick for Josh because she could interpret and she wasn't a pussy about climbing up mountains and such.

  10. I really like this show. I just wish the SyFy producers would keep their little grubby- stained fingers off of it.

    They should concentrate on continuing to ruin Ghost Hunters like they have this past season.

  11. James;
    I'm with you about SyFy. I've talked with Ben and I get the feeling that his vision for the show would take it over the top for those of us who adore this premise. I wish they'd have him produce it like Josh produces Destination Truth and see it turn and jet upward in the ratings.


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