"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Moon Walk

I know what you're going to say, that "Mythbusters" did this and other shows and discussed it. I don't even mind that FoF is going to put their own twist on proving the moon walk, but I have to say I'm disappointed this subject was chosen. It smacks of SyFy desperation because that channel is one large dork and dorks have a tendency to think if one action figure doll is good, then a whole bookcase of them is better and a room devoted to them is the best! So, they are pretty simple at getting from point A (making a show) to point B (getting viewers). Hell, look at their original movies!

I want this show to stick with the viral videos and shit that I get in my inbox from well-meaning folks who ask me "is this real???" I wouldn't even mind an urban legend now and again, but the moon walk, really? Okay, said enough.

SyFy is being a gang of dorks on this one.


  1. Either I am out of touch with most of their viewers or they are. I simply don't get SyFy sometimes. Why do they air wrestling?? Why do their movies suck harder than a hooker in overtime (is that too PG-13 for this post??)?? And why do they continue to treat their audience like mindless nincompoops?? They changed their name from SciFi to SyFy to encompass their wanderings and mediocrity. They've even taken to "embracing" their horrid movies via a they're-so-bad-it's-good marketing campaign. Why not just make good movies? And why not let shows like Fact or Faked actually tackle the viral clips that each week come and go without investigation despite the collective roar of a dissatisfied audience?

    Okay. Rant's over. :-D

  2. Cullan you have put your finger on the problem with SyFy. Scifi was increasing its viewers until the second year of its name change to SyFy. Since that time they have flatlined (source: TheFutonCritic)and their content has turned into a second-rate USA network.

    Notice that there are no SyFy shows in the top 25 !

    FoF could be a good program but it has been poorly executed.

    The whole network need an enema and then it needs to LISTEN to the fans !!!

  3. Cullan;
    Dude, you said it all. What more can I say? I actually would rather see the movie about the thing that sucks as much as their movies. Har har. They might get more ratings! They are doing like Ghost Adventures and they're saying, "we're so dorky and suck so much, it's delightful. We're laughing along with you at our antics." The thing is, what kind of audience would SyFy carry? Do your usual action-figure collecting dorks want wrestling? Sharktopus? Mary Knows Best? Bluck! FoF, I still adore. I think the reason is that the premise is so pure and worthy, but they need to get SyFy's fingers out of their pie and run the show themselves. I'd like to see Ben produce the show. His vision of what us documentary-loving folks want, is a dream come true.

  4. Barry;
    I suggest a Fleets Phosphosoda Enema or GoLYTELY (the pre-colonoscopy colon blow industrial ones).

  5. I assume they do WWE because a ton of people seem to still watch it. I don't know what ratings they get for it. Doesn't make it a good fit, but perhaps it was too good a deal to pass on.

    I happen to love the shitty movies, but it shouldn't be mutually exclusive to good content. It should be awesome filler that costs next to nothing (comparatively) and can be fun to laugh at.

    They do seem to be floundering to find themselves. These stations grow up as niche and then want more, which inevitably costs them the niche.

    It reminds me of radio stations that constantly change format. 95 FM changes to classic rock from talk radio to increase ratings they lost to 96 FM, who just changed from classic rock to talk radio. Rinse. Repeat.

  6. Pangs;
    Brillian observation. I'm not sure I'd be happy if there were no more "Ice Quake" movies (next SyFy original) out there. There is a place for them to do those especially on a nerd's loneliest night on Saturday. The shows, however, I would love to see them just get a bit smarter. If people are going to forgo the things that the other cable channels offer (won't even talk about broadcast channels--not worth mentioning), then they need to have something that if it dresses as an intelligent show it actually acts like one. If they decide to do something that is reality about research or information gathering like FoF or GH, they need to take it more seriously and not pimp it out with whores and guest celebs doing cameos and take itself a bit more seriously. Putting Jael in a mermaid suit was a slap in our collective intelligence. Then, it became like preschoolers doing a Scooby Doo investigation. I want it to go the direction that Ben had mentioned to me, more like a mobile team that hits the road when the action is hot and goes there while the witnesses are fresh and more of a news/documentary format. He's so fucking smart, they really should listen to him and he'd have a tag of people following him like the pied piper.


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