Tonight's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" SyFy

The team tries to walk through a video with the man who filmed the unexplained. A scene set among evergreens in the forest causes the man to feel immediate sickness and pressure when coming in contact with an unknown creature. Everything that happens leaves the man lost for logic.

*Don't forget tomorrow's review on here with the tank top shot.*


  1. Wait...isn't that the dude from the new "Good Guys" TV show? I don't think I would trust this guy to tell a fish story. ha ha

    Still luvin' this blog!!!

  2. CC;
    Probably good instincts. I do recall Ben saying something during his phone interview that there was one case that he went into with an open mind and found the witness to not be credible. I'm taking a wild guess, this is probably the dude. As a psychic, I could have interviewed him and broken him easily. But, then, they wouldn't have had a show. Well, the story is intriguing enough that you couldn't pry me away from hearing it. I do love tall tales.

  3. Oh my lord, how can they say this guy sounds sincere?

  4. Pangs;
    Are you watching it? It's not on here until 11!!! I'm fucked! I'm dying to see it and I want to review it for tomorrow, so I'll sit through it with my eyes held open with toothpicks, but I do believe this is the one that Ben said he approached with an open mind but found the man to be not at all credible. No duh! Still, I love a good story telling and watch this guy tell the story with no emotion about something horrific. Hilarious!

  5. Oh Pangs, you always a tease. I am so restless awaiting it. I do hope they continue to do some asanine ones. If they can barely bite back their disbelief, they suddenly have much more credibility than when they take these things too seriously.


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